Tabula Rasa

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Tabula Rasa
Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/ShellMerc (capes)
Pronouns she/her
Civilian name Samantha "Sami" Jones
Alignment Hero
Affiliation New Horizon (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationThinker, Changer
Born (1998-10-31) October 31, 1998 (age 24)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Celestial Wind E- | Division E | Phase E? | Wake F

Character Sheet


Sami’s physical appearance is fluid, at least the less permanent aspects are. When using her power her hair and eye colour shift as part of the minor changes to her body, after releasing an aspect her hair colour does not shift back, but does change again when she uses a new one. Her eyes are affected by power-caused heterochromia, shifting one at a time whenever she uses an aspect. Her height fluctuates between 5’2” and 5’8” as she uses her aspects.

Samantha had leather black hair and sable eyes before her trigger, and stood originally at 5’4” but always wished to be taller.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 6


  • Cell phone
  • First aid kit
  • Handcuffs and Zipties
  • A company SUV, loaded with minor (non-tinkertech) versions of her Aspect gear.
  • Top of the line laptop for research purposes (Definitely not used for games)

Skills and Specializations

  • Loves musicals, knows the words to many of them by heart
  • Can play the guitar, read tablature
  • Power enhanced researching, categorization, and analytics
  • Aspect dependent (Listed in Aspect posts)


A mousy personality, non-confrontational but driven to succeed no matter the odds. Sami is ready to face the facts when laid out before her, but is always looking for more; the evidence, the understanding of the situations she’s in… Unless she’s relying on her Aspects, their personalities are built by her, they become the people she wishes to be, the people that her research says these legendary figures are meant to be.


  • Trigger type: Single Natural Thinker, Changer

Her thinker power is a broad spectrum skill thinker, allowing her to develop 'aspects' based on personalities of fictional or non-fictional beings and install them to gain access to the skills and abilities developed within the aspect 'file' of that specific persona. She can develop any number of these aspects but requires time for research and development of different designs, the profiles can be only be used one at a time and in order to be used at full effectiveness they need gear as their power does not have a trump rating.

The changer aspect of her power tweaks her body slightly to be more in line with the aspect as designed, changing her hair and eye colour while also increasing muscle mass or flexibility to allow her to make use of the physical skills of her aspects.

E.g. Arthur Pendragon would help with her Eloquence, Leadership, and a skill in Sword fighting along with blonde hair and a single blue eye while Sherlock Holmes would give her increased Cold Reading or Investigation and brown hair with a single grey eye.

  • Example:

“Set,” there was a short pause as she cycled through her options… Sherlock, Arthur Pendragon, Helsing; and so many others that she’d only begun working on, smaller and less solid than her core choices. “Start.”

Bidden into her mind Tabula Rasa’s view changed, her body flexing with muscle memory she’d never trained for, skills taking hold as though she practiced them every day. Her left hand rested on the blade at her hip; it wasn’t Excalibur but it had served her well so far. The shield on her back didn’t feel like Wynebgwrthucher, but that didn’t matter at the moment. The smell of the building, this wasn’t a time for combat or heroics, she was here relying on Arthur for his statesmanship, his eloquence, and his leadership.

She already felt taller, as she did every time she called on Arthur, her muscles filling out. Out of the corner of her eye she watched as Sherlock’s brown was washed away by the King of Knight’s blonde. A few feet and she was stepping out onto the stage, into the heat of the lights, the flashing of press cameras going off in her eyes. She smiled, head held high with the power of the Pendragon.


Arthur Pendragon

  • Source = Starting submission
  • Creator = Tabula Rasa
  • Appearance =

Blonde hair

Blue eye

Taller 5’8

  • Abilities =

Expert sword and board fighter

Tactician and leadership

  • Duration = While using the Aspect
  • Notes =

Sherlock Holmes

  • Source = Starting submission
  • Creator = Tabula Rasa
  • Appearance =

Brown hair

Grey eye

Taller 5’6

  • Abilities =

Power enhanced deduction

Minor power enhanced intuition

Cold reading

  • Duration = While using the Aspect
  • Notes =

Van Helsing

  • Source = Starting submission
  • Creator = Tabula Rasa
  • Appearance =

Red hair

Blue eye

Taller 5'8

  • Abilities =

Surgery / Medical

Brawling / Fighting

  • Duration = While using the Aspect
  • Notes =

Jack Frost

  • Source = Starting submission
  • Creator = Tabula Rasa
  • Appearance =

White hair

Silver eye

Shorter 5’2

  • Abilities =

Ice Skating

Folklore and Meteorology

  • Duration = While using the Aspect
  • Notes =


Vivisection Looking Glass

  • Source =
  • Creator = Magnum Opus for Tabula Rasa
  • Appearance = An ornate six (6) inch magnifying glass, with a bronze finish, the handle is longer and thicker than most, in order to account for the processors and sensor equipment.
  • Abilities = Uses a whole slew of sensor technology, pass it through a filter, and allows real time sight through walls, not unlike the 'X-ray' vision seen in the Superman Comic series.

Maximum depth of 69 feet from the surface of the Looking Glass. Can be adjusted easily in the field, within those parameters.

  • Duration =
  • Notes = Thank you to UnknownMercury for the rough base concept.


  • Source =
  • Creator = Magnum Opus for Tabula Rasa
  • Appearance = Color depends on the flavor, but not in an intuitive way, otherwise looks like cocaine in texture and all other respects.
  • Abilities = Snort able/Smoke-able substance that pushes a user's speed-of-thought and perception-of-time to its limits.

Every one (1) second of real time is perceived as Fifteen (15) seconds in Bullet Time. Lasts for 3 rounds In-game

Slightly addictive (Closer to Liquor than Cocaine.) Gives a strong Cocaine-like high. With repeated uses in a row causing vivid Synesthesia, which lasts for hours afterwards.

Can be used as smelling salts. Comes in a variety of flavors and scents.

  • Duration =
  • Notes = Thank you to MO-Shard-Chat for the rough base concept.

Frost Spear Staff

  • Source =
  • Creator = Magnum Opus for Tabula Rasa
  • Appearance = A Staff designed to look like its made of Ice/Crystal, Thicker towards the end, before it tapers into a pointy snowflake end. Contains a long reservoir for storing water.
  • Abilities = The staff instead fires its full fluid reservoir in one blast, in the form of an Ice spike/Ice orb, before taking 3 seconds to sap the ambient moisture from the atmosphere, refilling the reservoir in the process. Rapidly dehydrating the air around it to do so.

The Ice projectile is fired with the force/velocity/etc of a beanbag shotgun. while the exact shape and size of the projectile can be altered on the fly (if Magnum Opus) or using provided pre-programmed shapes (if Tabula Rasa)

  • Duration =
  • Notes = Thank you to UnknownMercury for the rough base concept.


Intended Abilities:

A Tungsten alloy sword, with a mono-filament 'engine' spread throughout its length that allows it to vibrate at such a velocity that it becomes a blur. capable of shearing through steel and concrete.

A powerful gyroscope in the handle ensures it is not unwieldy for the user.

Actual Abilities

A Tungsten alloy sword, with a mono-filament 'engine' spread across the edge that gyrates in a line such that it causes what seems to be a blurry plane of something outlining the edge, the edge being able to cut through stone and concrete, but more like a chainsaw through wood than a clean slice from a sword.

Can cut through armor and flesh far better than any mundane sword. And still functions as a perfectly capable and traditionally razor sharp sword even when the blade's edge is not active.

This edge vibrates air molecules in such a way that can be used to extend the reach of the sword's cutting edge by up to 6 inches.

The Vibro-Chainsword has maybe a couple hours of use, but can be charged in a wall outlet at a reasonable rate, or using MO's suit to charge Very quickly.

A powerful gyroscope in the handle ensures it is not unwieldy for the user.

  • Duration =
  • Notes = Thanks to Leo for the rough concept.

Kinetic Reverb Shield

Intended Ability:

A tungsten alloy shield covered in a fine mesh panel, that upon being struck absorbs about half of the energy of the attack, shifting it into a micro capacitor bank, where it is stored, and eventually released as a kinetic bolt (from a deployable antenna in the center of the shield)

Actual Abilities

A tungsten alloy shield covered in a fine mesh panel, that upon being struck stores the force of a hit in kinetic/mechanical capacitors.

Softening the blow for the wielder, and releasing it immediately after as a wide, reverberating shockwave in the vague direction it received the hit from.

This shockwave can be supressed and stored in a small kinetic battery via a trigger on the handle, but can only suppress about 3 strikes before it fills up and HAS to release the shockwave.

Only the strongest hits will do much more than knock the attacker back, but easily cracks and breaks rigid materials like concrete caught in the blast

  • Duration =
  • Notes = Thanks to Specter for the concept.

Tesla Lance

Intended Abilities:

Harnesses Electricity using a powerful chemical reaction, caused by a incremental drip of one meta-material acid onto a meta-material base, then fires that electricity using a laser as a channel of least resistance.

Actual Abilities:

Weighing about as much as a wooden spear, the tinker-tech ceramic has a density and durability more on par with depleted uranium. Inside the haft are sealed pockets of a tinker tech acid, that reacts with the Ceramic to generate vast amounts of electricity. The entire haft being a hyper efficient chemical battery.

Inside the head is a hard-electricity emitter, capable of projecting a 12 ft razorsharp blade of solid electricity. the Blades sharpness and length can be adjusted with slightly recessed buttons on the haft. Striking an object with the blade imbues an electrical shock. At standard it has roughly double the voltage and amperage of a police taser, though this can also be scaled down via buttons.

The actual spear itself folds, at its smallest it is about 2ft (plus the 6inch head) and can be partially folded to 4ft, and then fully released to its 6ft length.

  • Duration =
  • Notes = Thanks to Spectre for the rough concept.


Samantha Jones; straight A student, 4.0 GPA, valedictorian, and scholarship winner. All through her youth she’d been told that she was capable of great things, of changing the world… And she was going to, her studies ranged from comp-sci to mythology to law, she’d spent her free time that could have been used for socializing with her peers to make connections in the academic community and in the business world.

After she triggered, once she understood what her powers represented she created her first Aspect, Sherlock Holmes, and with her power she tore her way through the red tape, through the investigation that her school claimed to have done into the counter plagiarism claim she’d made. She crushed them, tore down their objections and presented her findings. She was contacted by New Horizon with a job offer within a week.

+++TRIGGER+++ Sami was repeatedly mocked and ridiculed by her compatriots in the academic community… ‘Why was she doing this?’ ‘What was she doing here?’ ‘Your work isn’t worth anything.’ People would walk through her in the hallways, her papers always seemed to be graded unfairly by the professors she studied under while others succeeded and advanced around her.

She was teetering on the edge of losing her scholarship with every report, every study, every exam that wasn’t standardized, and it was starting to eat at her. She finally had her chance with her Master’s Thesis, two years of her life was dedicated to the project. Every spare moment she had, every scrap of energy.

When the time came to submit her work, what felt like the culmination of everything she’d been pushing towards for the past six years of course work, of extra classes, of spirit breaking effort, the committee all but laughed her out of the room. They had already read everything she’d submitted, nearly a week before, when another student had finished their own thesis and when it was brought out they matched nearly word for word.

They’d brought the other student in, and he had stated with certainty that his work was original… After all, why would he wait a week after it was complete to submit it?

Fake. Copier. Lazy. Rip off artist. Plagiarist.