Magnum Opus

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Magnum Opus
Magnum Opus Suit.jpeg
Maggie in her Magnum Opus costume.
Notoriety Criminal
C /
Author /u/Magos_Nashoid (capes)
Civilian name Magnolia 'Maggie' Blue
Alignment Hero
Affiliation New Horizon (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker
Born (1994-06-15) June 15, 1994 (age 28)
Stanford, California
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Blu C | Duelist A$ | Packrat D+ | Phalanx A | Vigor C-

Character Sheet


Maggie in civilian attire.

Maggie stands at 5’8, but with a nigh-perpetual glare that makes her seem like she’s 15 feet tall and looking down on others like insects that have inconvenienced her. She has a small and somewhat wiry frame, but is more toned than you might think underneath her sleek business casual.

Maggie has somewhat short, curly black hair, having cut the majority of her hair off to accommodate her new lifestyle wearing a tinkertech helmet.She wears little to nothing in the way of makeup, but has clear and healthy skin (beyond occasional dark spots under her eyes from long hours coding and tinkering)

As Magnum Opus, Maggie wears a high quality suit of armor, that resembles a vintage Cosmonaut suit, the suit itself is a mix of mundane material science, and bits of tinkertech. The suit features an Emerald/Gold gradient, with detail work in one of the two base colors. As well as a reflective black visor.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 6

Provided with a Tinker lab by the Siberian Touchstone Foundation, located in their corporate team’s headquarters.

Bought a small but exceptionally nice home in town, fairly near the University campus, and drives a Hi-Vis yellow M3 Sedan

They have an office in the HQ where they can do coding for the game that had been so central to their trigger.

  • Green) Domino Mask
  • (Gold) Facemask
  • (Green) Jumpsuit
  • Cellular Phone
  • First Aid Kit
  • Handcuffs and Zipties
  • GPS (built into their Hair clip)

Skills and Specializations

  • Bachelor in Computer Science, specializing in game design.
  • Phenomenal Game Developer, almost 10 years of experience.
  • Excels at all-things Coding.
  • Proficient in First Aid, keeps up-to-date.
  • Has begun taking in-house Martial Art classes, and is learning quickly.
  • Good driver.
  • Pilots License.


Magnolia is an extremely smart woman, prom queen and valedictorian in Highschool, she made top marks in college, and easily set herself apart from her peers as both a game developer and a creative lead. Undeniably a remarkable woman, she is also an unrepentant megalomaniac with a god-complex. She isn’t all bad, she’s just vicious, looking down on others unless they can prove themselves in her eyes, meeting a standard she sets for them in her head.

Throughout her life, she has been compared on several occasions by her co-workers and classmates as being a bit like Herbert West from the film ‘The Re-animator', something that when it trickled up the grapevine, she took as a compliment having watched the film in response to the gossip.

Magnolia is the kind of person who considers it an honor to hangout with her, and that anything she creates is something to marvel at.


Trigger type: Single Natural (Liberty Tinker) Trigger (waivered)

As is typically characterized by a Liberty tinker, Magnum Opus’ power allows her to bypass any restrictions related to specialty, allowing her to tinker relatively unrestricted, in much the manner of a Free tinker.

Upon reaching approximately 70-90% completion in the building of a project, the shard cuts off Magnum Opus’ ability to finish the project, and the shard finishes the project itself over the couple days, usually 1-3 depending on the complexity of the project.

The Shard does this via a combination of tweaking physical properties, extra-dimensional connections, and sometimes mechanisms that it quietly slipped into the designs (typically without Magnum Opus’ awareness)

The end result always differs from the intended result that Magnum Opus sets out for, this is rarely ever straight-up worse than what he wanted, retaining the thematic function of a device, just designed and implemented through the lens of something alien.

META This will be played out by me (Magnum Opus) come up with an idea for a piece of tech, then present it to a group of players/staff (The shard) on the discord, and they suggest ways to twist and tweak the device into something similar but distinct, and I write up the equipment in accordance to those tweaks.


Maggie has worked hard to get where she is, lead developer and creative lead for a video game, that she believes to be her Masterpiece, even more so than any of the other projects she's worked on this is going to be her Mona Lisa.

Maggie's project has been in development hell for years, the ASSHOLES on Team C had produced another Flop, and corners have been cut yet again, manpower shifted, Maggie even being forced to work on the absolute rubbish projects of Team B and C.

But after so long of barely any progress, the Masterpiece is back on track, things look clear at last, her Masterpiece shall be completed according to schedule, recognition and appreciation of both her and her stunning project.

Then she received work that the company had been bought-out, and her and her team laid off entirely, apparently another larger studio had set its eyes on that abysmal fighting game series Team B had been so keen on.

Her work her Masterpiece, so close to completion, and yet again she is denied the recognition and appreciation that she so rightfully deserves.


Things are different now, Maggie has designs in her head, she's not stupid, she's clearly a parahuman, and that gives her options. After exploring her power she learns that her power is potent, but so infuriating to work with, why could her projects never turn out like they are meant too, denied the perfection in her minds eye.

She makes inquiries looking for work among the corporate sector, eventually she comes across one willing to hear out her rather odd terms, she has a helluva power, but the oddness of her terms had put off several of her prospective employers.

The request to purchase the rights and the data from the half-finished game from the studio that had made her trigger, that she may finish it herself, hell she would let the new company release it, she just NEEDS to finish this, compulsively drawn to complete what had broken her.

The company saw an opportunity to make money, and another leash to keep her on their side should she become discontent, after all she needs their cooperation to finish her masterpiece.

Agreeing, purchasing the game, and hiring her on, she becomes Magnum Opus, a fitting name, and in her spare time she alone, with no team to speak of, works on her Masterpiece, triple checking that her power isn't influencing it in the slightest. This would take a while... it hadn't exactly been going quickly when she had a team of 30 to pass the grunt work onto either.


Electrical Reaction Cannon Mk2

  • Source =
  • Creator = Magnum Opus
  • Appearance = A fire extinguisher sized cubical weapon, with a short but thick barrel. The Weapon is mounted on a prehensile 9 foot long, 3 inch diameter mechanical arm, which connects to a harness, this harness can slot over regular clothes or into magnums power armor.
  • Intended Abilities = Harnesses Electricity using a powerful chemical reaction, caused by a incremental drip of one meta-material acid onto a meta-material base, then fires that electricity using a laser as a channel of least resistance.
  • Actual Abilities =Utilizes powerful meta-material chemical batteries, each battery powering one 'shot', the cannon can hold 12 shots at a time, with large magazines of batteries that can be used to reload in the field.

Can be fired once per turn at max rate of fire. reloading a new clip of batteries takes an entire turn.Controlled via eye-movements, voice commands, or Neural Buffer.

The arm has 6 manipulator digits, and can lift about 100lbs. Has a battery to power its movement systems separately form the actual ammo. has a camera on the end that hooks up to her visor/neural buffer.

Shots come in one of three modes.

Direct: Firing a directional beam of energy with an effective range of 50ft before dissipating into the atmosphere. Easily on par with the lower end of naturally occurring lightning bolts. (Deadly, but usually survivable barring extenuating circumstances/conditions)

Burst: Transmits a burst in a 150ft area that violently and erratically charges the atmosphere, scrambling signals (radio, wifi, cellular, bluetooth, etc) by making the signals themself garbled and useless, rather than actually damaging components. the atmosphere remains charged for approximately 5 minutes before disappaiting. This effects her own communication systems as well.

Rationed: The Batteries constantly release small amounts of electricity passively, and rather than burning out the chemical reaction all at once like the Direct and Burst modes, this mode simply directs the passive jolts via a laser channel. Basically a wireless taser. 30ft range. Doesn't use up a battery, but requires at least one full battery to leech off of.

  • Duration = Arms internal battery can power the movement systems for up to 2 days. Can burn a chemical Ammo battery to fully recharge that internal power supply.
  • Notes = A helmet bustling with sensor nodes. Considered a part of her undersuit, and is worn underneath her suits protective outer helmet'. when set to passive it glows faintly green, when set to active it glows much more vibrantly.

Scan Helmet Mk2

  • Source =
  • Creator = Magnum Opus
  • Appearance = A helmet bustling with sensor nodes. Considered a part of her undersuit, and is worn underneath her suits protective outer helmet'. when set to passive it glows faintly green, when set to active it glows much more vibrantly.
  • Intended Abilities = A ton of sensor readings passed through a filter allowing real time sight through walls, surfaces, and creatures.
  • Actual Abilities = Bustling with even more sensors than intended, providing extremely mindbogglingly comprehensive scans, to the point of pointing out individual atoms, electrons, protons, photons, waves, etcetera.

As well as the makeup and all the material properties of anything scanned.

Scans need to be passed through comprehensive software and filters to be useful, requiring time and effort to sift through it all, this can be done in the field, but requires attention and is generally to a much lesser effect.

Passive scans cover a 200 meter area around the helmet, which makes it good for basic radar, motion detection, and area mapping, but is slow to give more comprehensive esoteric readings.

Active scans cover just what is in Magnum's immediate field of vision, and provides quicker, more comprehensive, and more detailed information, though it still needs to be filtered to get much more than a vague idea in the field.

Can be operated with eye-movement, voice, or Neural Buffer.

Has a mundane gasmask filtering system incorporated into it.

  • Duration = Re calibrated Daily. Has a battery for 3 days @ max power.
  • Notes =

Absorbtion Plate Mk2

  • Source =
  • Creator = Magnum Opus
  • Appearance = A chest and back-plate covered in energy redistribution nodes, can be worn on its own in a plate carrier, or slotted into a compartment beneath her power armor's exterior-most armor plating.
  • Intended Abilities = Reactive energy field deflects all the energy of attacks. each hit draining 20% of an internal battery, regardless of the strength of an attack.
  • Actual Abilities = The Energy emitters have been repurposed into redistribution nodes. Which absorbs energy instead of deflecting it away. Each hit charges an internal battery by 20% regardless of the strength of the attack.

When the battery is at full capacity, it must be discharged, dumping as much of the power as it can into the batteries of connected equipment, and venting the rest as ambient static and heat. Taking about a minute (10 rounds) to vent completely.

It is reactive, and only actives to hits roughly at or above the strength of a baseball bat swing. And does not activate to 'sustained' attacks like fire, crushing, grinding, etcetera, instead only reacting to large individual 'hits'.

Its construction is sturdy and acts as Level III armor. Has a secondary battery that powers the actual absorption nodes.

  • Duration = Secondary Battery can power the redistribution nodes for 6 days.
  • Notes =

Propulsion Boots Mk2

  • Source =
  • Creator = Magnum Opus
  • Appearance = Sleek Futuristic knee-high boots, slimmed down to be worn underneath a bulkier exo-suit, when active creates a shimmer crimson halo around each ankle and knee
  • Intended Abilities = Projects energy fields that allow extremely precise and graceful flight, the fields will dampen and repel outside forces that try to move them while hovering in a stationary position.
  • Actual Abilities = Instead projects energy fields that allow extremely swift and unrelenting flight, the fields will dampen and repel outside forces that try to knock them off their trajectory. Magnum can still be damaged by attacks, but the fields ensure they don't go careening off into a crash landing even if they would normally be thrown around.

They trajectories are chosen either via eye-movement, voice commands, Neural Buffer, or a manual laser target designation (clipped to gloves and/or helmet)

Accelerates from 1mph to 100mph in a couple of seconds, before maxing out at around 150mph. Energy fields keep the deleterious effects of g-forces at bay.

When disengaged (IE upon landing) the field dissipates, and needs (3 rounds) for the power coils to charge back up. Their ability to juke away from danger is offset by the attention needed actually setting a trajectory, otherwise headfirst crashes can be expected.

  • Duration = Internal battery can power for 12 hours @ max power
  • Notes =

Tinker Tech for Teammates:


  • Source =
  • Creator = Magnum Opus for Tabula Rasa
  • Appearance = Color depends on the flavor, but not in an intuitive way, otherwise looks like cocaine in texture and all other respects.
  • Intended Abilities= Ingest-able capsule intended to increase the user's spacial awareness to its limits, causes migraines after extended use
  • Actual Abilities = Snort able/Smoke-able substance that pushes a user's speed-of-thought and perception-of-time to its limits.

Every one (1) second of real time is perceived as Fifteen (15) seconds in Bullet Time. Lasts for 3 rounds In-game

Slightly addictive (Closer to Liquor than Cocaine.) Gives a strong Cocaine-like high. With repeated uses in a row causing vivid Synesthesia, which lasts for hours afterwards.

Can be used as smelling salts. Comes in a variety of flavors and scents.

  • Duration = N/A
  • Notes = Comes with a fun little Sherlock Holmes Pipe.

Vivisection Looking Glass

  • Source =
  • Creator = Magnum Opus for Tabula Rasa
  • Appearance = An ornate six (6) inch magnifying glass, with a bronze finish, the handle is longer and thicker than most, in order to account for the processors and sensor equipment.
  • Intended Abilities = Sees inside objects. Capable of Focused or Passive scans of objects, organisms, or a structures internals. (Designed to do what MO's Scan Helmet does.)
  • Actual Abilities = Uses a whole slew of sensor technology, pass it through a filter, and allows real time sight through walls, not unlike the 'X-ray' vision seen in the Superman Comic series.

A nob allows them to determine depth, like seeing individual layers of an onion or something made of paper mache. Has a maximum depth of 69 feet from the surface of the Looking Glass. Can be adjusted easily in the field, within those parameters.

  • Duration = N/A
  • Notes =

Frost Spear Staff

  • Source =
  • Creator = Magnum Opus for Tabula Rasa
  • Appearance = A Folding Staff designed to look like its made of Ice/Crystal, Thicker towards the end, before it tapers into a pointy snowflake end. Contains a long reservoir for storing water.
  • Intended Abilities = Intended to be a simple Freeze Ray, made to draw moisture to an effected target, and sap the heat from the target, and flash freeze the moisture.
  • Actual Abilities = The staff instead fires its full fluid reservoir in one blast, in the form of an Ice spike/Ice orb, before taking 3 seconds to sap the ambient moisture from the atmosphere, refilling the reservoir in the process. Rapidly dehydrating the air around it to do so.

The Ice projectile is fired with the force/velocity/etc of a beanbag shotgun. while the exact shape and size of the projectile can be altered on the fly (if Magnum Opus) or using provided pre-programmed shapes (if Tabula Rasa) A sharpened projectile hits a lot like a crossbow bolt, though not as good against armor as a traditional bolt.

  • Duration = N/A
  • Notes =

Particle Lock shield

  • Source =
  • Creator = Magnum Opus for Tabula Rasa
  • Appearance = Appears to be a six (6) inch disc with an adjustable handle, projects a field of 'stasis' in the shape of different types of Shields.
  • Intended Abilities = Designed to project a hardlight shield in the shape of various pre-programmed shield-types, the adjustable handle helping give an authentic grip, balance, and feel. Intended reform after breaks quite quickly.
  • Actual Abilities = Instead projects a field of 'stasis' in front of the projection disc, this locks the gas or liquid into a perfectly unchanging form. Physically this effect resembles a distorted but rather aesthetic crystalline appearance.

This gives the field absolute durability by making it somewhere between an unstoppable force, and an unmovable object. Does not conduct electricity,

This is quite power intensive, Requiring the user to replace the charge pack every 10 minutes, with 5 of the power cells provided. The cells can be recharged in the field by being slotted into Magnum Opus's suit.

  • Duration = N/A
  • Notes =


  • Source =
  • Creator = Magnum Opus for Tabula Rasa
  • Appearance = A 35 inch Tungsten sword, with a strange white blade edge. The pommel has several small recessed buttons, and a slot for its battery, with an attached power cable inside a compartment.
  • Intended Abilities = A Tungsten alloy sword, with a mono-filament 'engine' spread throughout its length that allows it to vibrate at such a velocity that it becomes a blur. capable of shearing through steel and concrete.

A powerful gyroscope in the handle ensures it is not unwieldy for the user.

  • Actual Abilities = A Tungsten alloy sword, with a mono-filament 'engine' spread across the edge that gyrates in a line such that it causes what seems to be a blurry plane of something outlining the edge, the edge being able to cut through stone and concrete, but more like a chainsaw through wood than a clean slice from a sword.

Can cut through armor and flesh far better than any mundane sword. And still functions as a perfectly capable and traditionally razor sharp sword even when the blade's edge is not active. Though when its active it 'bites' into the surface like a traditional chainsaw does, this can sometimes make it harder to dislodge quickly without turning it off first.

This edge vibrates air molecules in such a way that can be used to extend the reach of the sword's cutting edge by up to 6 inches.

The Vibro-Chainsword has maybe a couple hours of use, but can be charged in a wall outlet at a reasonable rate, or using MO's suit to charge Very quickly. A powerful gyroscope in the handle ensures it is not unwieldy for the user.

  • Duration = N/A
  • Notes =

Tesla Lance

  • Source =
  • Creator = Magnum Opus for herself & Tabula Rasa
  • Appearance = A 6ft spear made of a bone-white Ceramic substance, with grooves every 2 feet along the length, the head is 6 inches long and razor-sharp, the edge of the blade is sharpened chemically, giving the edge a black sheen.
  • Intended Abilities = Harnesses Electricity using a powerful chemical reaction, caused by a incremental drip of one meta-material acid onto a meta-material base, then fires that electricity using a laser as a channel of least resistance.
  • Actual Abilites = Weighing about as much as a wooden spear, the tinker-tech ceramic has a density and durability more on par with depleted uranium. Inside the haft are sealed pockets of a tinker tech acid, that reacts with the Ceramic to generate vast amounts of electricity. The entire haft being a hyper efficient chemical battery.

Inside the head is a hard-electricity emitter, capable of projecting a 12 ft razorsharp blade of solid electricity. the Blades sharpness and length can be adjusted with slightly recessed buttons on the haft. Striking an object with the blade imbues an electrical shock. At standard it has roughly double the voltage and amperage of a police taser, though this can also be scaled down via buttons.

The actual spear itself folds, at its smallest it is about 2ft (plus the 6inch head) and can be partially folded to 4ft, and then fully released to its 6ft length.

  • Duration = N/A
  • Notes =