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Slowball costume.jpg
Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author SlitheryrelicReborn (capes)
Pronouns He/Him
Civilian name Jack Simion
Alignment Hero / Mercenary
Affiliation None (Denver)
Age 31
Status NPC
Nationality American
Approver UnknownMercury
Trigger Type Single Standard Trigger

Publicly Available Information

PRT / Government Information

Costume Appearance

This hero costume features a sophisticated and striking combination of sleek black and deep red hues, creating an aura of professionalism. The ensemble consists of a meticulously tailored black suit and pants, seamlessly integrated with subtle yet captivating red undertones that accentuate the hero's presence.

Beneath this visually appealing exterior lies a layer of Medium Carbon Fiber Armor, adding a remarkable layer of protection without compromising agility. The armor offers a unique blend of flexibility and durability, enabling the hero to maneuver effortlessly in challenging situations.

The hero's helmet serves as a testament to advanced technology, boasting a design reminiscent of a modern motorcycle helmet, yet elevated to an awe-inspiring level. Its high-tech appearance conceals a practical functionality - with the simple push of a button, the helmet can create an environment of isolation by shutting out external stimuli, especially targeting sound and light. This crucial feature allows the hero to focus entirely on their mission, enhancing their concentration and situational awareness.

Notably, the costume incorporates a seamlessly integrated built-in Comms Device, although its potential has remained untapped thus far.

Civilian Appearance

Jack boasts a robust and well-defined physique, with a commendable 22% muscle mass and a mere 12% body fat composition. His confident stance exudes strength, accentuated by his impressive 6'3" height and 210-pound stature. His striking appearance is further marked by jet black hair that crowns his head, framing his face above piercing yellow eyes that demand attention. His complexion, a deeper shade of olive, lends a touch of mystery to his overall demeanor.

Across his countenance, a tapestry of scars varying in size and intensity tell stories of past battles, adding an intriguing ruggedness to his features. His attire, often treading the line between casual and professional, typically consists of semi-unbuttoned shirts that permit both style and comfort, a nod to his desire to not confine his chest. A monochromatic palette dominates his wardrobe, with a harmonious blend of whites, blacks, and subdued gray undertones that mirror his confident yet enigmatic aura.

Minimalist in adornment, Jack opts to forego jewelry, reserving his affinity for anything reflective that adorns his clothing, catching and casting light in a subtle homage to his preference for understated elegance.


Jack is a rather calm and confident person. He doesn’t have too many notable habits, however one he has from his days as a bodyguard are that when voices end up raising he places himself in between the loud person and the one they are verbally assaulting. Only because screaming fights turn into real ones under his experiences. He has a solid moral compass, and he doesn’t want to hurt people who don’t deserve it. He doesn’t want innocents to be hurt either, and will throw himself in harms way if it means to protect someone else.

He is agnostic, and doesn’t care much for the prospect of religion. But he doesn’t dislike others for having certain beliefs. He just thinks it isn’t for him. One of his biggest goals is to simply make a living, and be able to make enough cash to buy some place in an urban area and settle down. He values integrity and honesty above all else, to the point he can be rather blunt in what he says. It can make him seem mean at first, but it’s not intentional. He isn’t afraid to show his emotions, but at base he is a rather reserved and calm person who doesn’t emote too strongly.

He believes that he exists to be a barrier between the weak who can’t fight back, and the powerful who seek to abuse that power. He doesn’t consider himself a hero, but just a decent person who is just doing what he thinks anyone should in that situation.

Skills & Training

  • Bodyguard Certificate & Training
  • Judo Training
  • Endurance Training
  • High Reaction Speeds
  • Trained Stamina & Athleticism
  • English, Spanish, Irish
  • Highschool Diploma
  • Breath Control
  • Dietary Knowledge / Nutritionist Skills
  • Bravery / Nerves of Steel
  • Pain Tolerance
  • Speed Eating

Resources & Wealth

  • Low Cost Apartment
  • Motorcycle (Harley)
  • Personal Bodyguard Business
  • Small Weapons Cache (All Legal, primarily low caliber handguns and Intimidating Melee Weapons such as Brass Knuckles and Metal Bats.)

Low/Medium Income:

  • Bodyguard Job (Cape & Normal)
  • Dietary / Nutrition Advisor (Side Job)

Equipment & Gear

Cape Costume Carbon-fiber Body-Armor Brass Knuckles Pendant W/Picture of Mother Inside Decent Smartphone Two Sets of Clothes (In case one gets Bloody) Various Energy Snacks Various Drinks W/Electrolytes

Parahuman Power

An always on Brute effect, which in its simplest terms makes the user stronger and more resistant the less they move. As well as giving them powerful insight and control of their own body.

For the brute effect, it is always activated, causing the user to be in a constantly fluctuating level of resistance. This resistance is around 99.99% from every single conceivable force, pushing, pulling. As well as all forms of damage outside of purely mental damage. This level of resistance is caused only when the user is completely still, and isn’t perfect because the users heart is still beating and they still need to breathe.

Their resistance drops to negligible amounts when the user is running and almost at full sprint. While when walking at a standard pace, they maintain roughly 25 to 30% resistance from all sources. However non-damage based effects can still effect him, such as muscle spasms from electricity, or drugs that make him high, things like that.

This type of resistance inadvertently grants them a form of pseudo super-strength. If they push against something like a door while moving extremely slow, they receive push-back. But while moving slow, they resist the push-back force, meaning that everything they touch gives them much less resistance. Allowing them to pry and push open things slowly but surely, also allowing him to break out of cuffs with relative ease, although depending on the durability might cause him to take longer.

The thinker aspect of their power gives them an acute understanding of their body, and anything that is inside it. Along with that, it allows the user to make their body lock up at any point in time. Allowing them to hold a specific position for many more hours than the average human could endure, allowing them to not exert energy to hold a position. Which in turn boosts their resistance heavily. This ability can even be used to turn off the users heart for up to 30 seconds, granting them 100% resistance to everything. This however does come with consequences, some of which are lasting. And is only meant to be used in a situation where something so deadly is about to happen that even allowing 0.01% of the damage to slip by could mean death.

This makes up the power in its entirety, making the user a nearly immovable but ungodly slow tank.

Background & Trigger

Jack Simions grew up in a world marked by challenges from an early age. Raised by a single mother, he developed a strong bond with her, finding solace and companionship in her love. However, tragedy struck when his mother passed away when he was still young, leaving him with a sense of loss that was difficult to fill. In the absence of his mother's guidance, Jack turned to athletics as an outlet for his emotions. He found solace in pushing his physical limits, dedicating himself to sports as a way to cope with his grief. His passion for fitness and his unwavering dedication transformed him into an exceptional athlete, and his sculpted physique was a reflection of his determination to excel. As he matured, Jack's yearning to protect others emerged as a driving force in his life. He recognized the fragility of life and developed an acute understanding of the need for safeguarding those around him. Driven by a desire to prevent others from experiencing the same loss he had, Jack decided to channel his athleticism into a career as a bodyguard. His skills and instincts aligned perfectly with his new profession, allowing him to excel as a protector. He honed his combat abilities, learned tactical strategies, and cultivated a sharp awareness of his surroundings. His clients valued not only his physical prowess but also his unyielding dedication to their safety. However, even the most skilled and vigilant can face moments of failure. It was one fateful day when a seemingly routine assignment went awry. Despite his best efforts, Jack found himself unable to prevent an attack on his client. The shock of this failure was amplified by the realization that he had let down the very person he had sworn to protect. To make matters worse, the assailants turned their aggression towards him, seeking to eliminate the witness to their crime. In the face of danger, Jack's emotions and adrenaline surged to a breaking point. The weight of his past, the memory of his mother, and the guilt over his perceived failure all converged at once. And that's when... he Triggered.

(Optional) Misc Lore Snippets