Sister Steel

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Sister Steel
Notoriety Criminal
F / ?
Author Koishi (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Emma Dawson
Alignment Villain
Affiliation The Court (Denver)
Age 16
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver ALargeHairyDerp
Trigger Type Single Parallel Trigger with, Payback

Publicly Available Information

A for now unnamed tinker has been stalking the back alleys of Denver as of recent, charging into battle with a large armblade and high pitched screams that make even onlookers feel unwell. Info is patchy at best due to the cape's recent debut.

Her most public outing so far featured her fighting, then getting her ass handed to her by Sovereign until he talked her down from fighting.

PRT Information

The PRT knows mostly the same as the public, though interrogated criminals reveals that right before impact, they suffered intense vertigo and how the tinker could easily manhandle them despite their short stature.

Costume Appearance

As of currently, her outfit is little more than a hoodie with partially torn sleeves with a metallic frame encasing her limbs

Civilian Appearance

Emma is a shortish girl with shoulder length dark brown hair. She’s a bit on the thinner side and perpetually looks like she’s dressing up for a semi formal event.


Emma is a perfectionist. One who is constantly looking for the approval of the people she considers important. Which mostly ends up being her parents. Having partially been gaslit, and partially convinced herself to be their perfect daughter that meets their constantly rising demands.

As such, she’s gotten used to doing what is expected of her, rather than what she wants. Ending up confused and feeling lost when unsure what she should be doing.

Skills & Training

  • Can speak fluent English
  • Currently a senior in high school, doing AP classes through sheer effort
  • Not immediately collapsing under extreme pressure
  • Fairly proficient violin player
  • Mediocre at spanish (extracurricular at school)

Resources & Wealth

Lives with their parents in an upper middle class house A couple hundred dollars in a bank account A bicycle An income of 25 dollars a week in pocket money

Equipment & Gear

Tinker Tech & Major Equipment

  • A spare phone
  • A slim backpack
  • A screwdriver
  • Zipties
  • A bottle of water and snacks

Parahuman Power

Sister Steel is Focal x Magi tinker with a specialty on reactive improvement. Implanting and adding their tech into/onto themselves. Their tech is mediocre at best on its own, but they can make upgrade modules for their tech after gathering combat data on issues said tech encountered in combat. Allowing them to augment the tech to better deal with an encountered issue and being able to switch out said modules in their workshop. Each piece of tech generally only being able to slot in one module at a time.

For instance, fighting a cape that covers themselves in armor made out of ice will allow them to make a module to heat up an arm blade to melt and better be able to cut through it. (This is not intended as a ‘silver bullet’ tinker, as the actual power of their opponent is irrelevant in most cases. Rather, the modules make the tech incredibly good at fixing one issue Sister Steel encountered during combat using said tech.)

Background & Trigger

Sister Steel didn’t trigger on her own. Rather, it was her sister that triggered. Her twin sister. The two grew up in a pretty rich household with result oriented parents that pushed the two of them hard to perform. She rose to the occasion, despite the crushing pressure, but her sister didn’t. She became the golden child of the two. Basking in praise and pushed ever harder to perform. It became her everything. Hoping to make their parents proud.

A test came up. An electronic test for a subject that she somewhat struggled with, but one of the few where her sister excelled. Only during the test itself, the teacher had accidentally mistaken them for one another. Emma being given the near flawless score her sister had earned, while her sister got her much, much less flattering grade. Her twin triggering when realizing what had happened, and Emma got powers alongside her. She’d sneak out to tinker in the garage after realizing, but her twin had unknowingly had the same idea. Coming to blows on the night that both of them wanted to go out as capes for the first time. With her sister fleeing into the night. Leaving Emma under greater pressure to perform than ever, and alone.

(Optional) Misc Lore Snippets

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