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Shepherd First pass.png
Shepherd Masked
Notoriety Criminal
E / ?
Author spamwingduck (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Jessica Henderson
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Denver)
Age 16
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver the4bestgame
Trigger Type Single Standard Trigger

PRT Information

Publicly Available Information

General Info: First appeared in Atlanta shortly after the October Pride-Parade 2021. Seems to be a teenager.

Power Information: Shepherds Power creates solid constructs of Physical nature reminiscing Ghosts or Specters. They can take the Shape of People she knows, but often they are just faceless Creatures, made to fulfill a purpose and vanish afterwards.

Imagine striking up a conversation with superstar or wanted serial killer and not taking it seriously because it wasn't listed anywhere how significant or easily recognizable that person was.

PRT / Government Information

Costume Appearance

The Shepherd wears a casual Costume. A long sleeved, Oversized Hoodie, internally reinforced by some kind of Armor. And their Mask is a Horned Skull Mask with different Adornments, with dark auburn hair flowing out from their hood.

She usually carries a Weapon on her, often times a Sledgehammer.

In and out of Costume she is always surrounded by ghosts of different kinds. Little girls are playing Games, dancing around, shady creatures of humanoid appearance lurk in her vicinity, Walls grow limbs, grasping and always seeming to try to help Shepherd achieve her Goal.

Civilian Appearance

Jessica is a slender girl, athletic, and very thin. She has auburn hair, an infectious smile that seems to come from her heart. She looks like she hasn't slept in days and seems to be always on the move.

Her Clothes always look a little bit ragged, not because they are bad quality but because they seem to have been worn for ages. They are very meticulously cleaned.


Jess is a generally very happy gal. She tries to be quirky and good with people, looks out for others and is very selfless in her behavior towards money.

She is often tired, due to the fact that her power works day and night she rarely has a long rest cycle and often offloads some of her exhaustion onto her spectres just to get it back double the next time she takes it on. She tries to be a good person, but her power is very obvious and looks like someone called a necromancer to get the ghosts out of the house. Many people react very badly to her powers appearance and she has learned to be a bit on the guarded side when interacting with adults outside of the Gutter.

Skills & Training

  • Basic Fight Training from her time before coming to Denver
  • Fluent in English, German, leaning Dutch, although very slowly.
  • She likes to occasionally go fishing, often resulting in several of her Spectres sitting around a lake, like a ghost fishing party.
  • Basic Movement Control techniques, like how to roll with an Impact, how to break your fall by rolling, etc.
  • Had very good grades in school, sadly school is not an option once you are a public cape (Or is it)"

Resources & Wealth

Shepherd has no home, she sleeps in Alleys and on benches, oftentimes.

Certification as Bail Enforcement / Fugitive Recovery Agent

Equipment & Gear

  • Costume (An Animal Mask, a Black Sweater)
  • Bulletproof Vest, worn under her Sweater
  • A Sledgehammer with a very worn head
  • A Smartphone
  • 2 Burner Flip-phones

Parahuman Power

Shepherds Power creates solid constructs of Physical nature reminiscing Ghosts or Specters. They can take the Shape of People she knows, but often they are just faceless Creatures, made to fulfill a purpose and vanish afterwards.

They form whenever she thinks of a simple goal, seeping out of her form into shape, as if a ghost stepped out of a piece of armor. If that goal is not clearly defined, or Carefully structured in her Mind, the resulting specter is distracted and fumbling at best, or casually destructive at worst.

When she actively moderates her Thoughts and wants though, the shades she can Summon are dedicated and Versatile servants with a diverse skillset.

Through training and careful experimentation Shepherd has learned how to nearly exclusively produce helpful specters, with a few fuck-ups here and there, but also replicating certain specters, making it possible to tailor the distinct talents of her specters to best suit the task at hand.

She has to spawn the Spectres one at a time, taking roundabout 6-10 seconds per combat spectre, although she usually tends to stay closer to 6 seconds, as otherwise she leaves very big holes in her defense, and for reasons of concentration will always disperse her whole flock of spectres in fight situations. Usually in combat situations she only has up to 3 Spectres around at a time due to the pure chaos bigger amounts of Spectres would cause, maybe resulting in less targeted spectres.

Shepherds power has a nearly absolute range of 50ft around her, making most specters disappear at this point. There is only a single specter that can bypass this limit, having a near infinite range, as long as it has a target to follow that does not notice them. Most specters stay in her immediate vicinity, unless told otherwise.

She can't create specters of non living beings yet, doing so requires more focus than she can impart, although she probably should be able to do it

The Specters have abilities apart from Shepherds expertise, giving her a very broad field of abilities and Skills that she can use. She has been observed using Spectres to open locks via lock-picking, kick in doors, help her climb small fences by boosting her up. Anything a normal human could accomplish can be accomplished by a spectre, if Shepherd puts her mind to it.

Spectres disappear as soon as their purpose is done. In combat they are able to land a single hit, or swing a single blow before they crumple to nothingness.

With experimentation Shepherd has learned how to offload parts of her mental and physical loads onto her spectres, at least for a time. She can stay awake, not eat or drink for up to 3 times the normally human possible, but once she indulges again all the backloaded needs will flood back onto her, stronger than when she put them off. She uses this very rarely for her normal bodily functions but often overstays her sleep deprivation. It can shield her from physical harm, keeping pain under control, but nothing beyond the Rush of Adrenaline could handle.

Background & Trigger

"Jessica was a good student, good Grades, a nice friend-circle, good familial ties. She liked to laugh and have fun with her friends, always having their best in mind. She was on the trackteam and regularly went swimming, not for sport, but for fun, often taking her 6 year younger sister with her to the swimming hall.

Trigger: Your sister means the world to you. She is much younger than you, but very able to watch out for herself. You two and your parents go to parades and theme/amusement parks regularly, and over the last few visits you have gained the privilege to go about with your sister unsupervised, meeting up with your parents later. Naturally you and your sister want to use it, when the next parade comes around. You go all the way to the front, looking at the parade from up close. Then you get thirsty, so you take your sister by the hand and start making your way through the crowd. It's tight, people push and shove in their effort to better their view. When you reach the Cart where they sell drinks, you notice your sister is gone. You turn around, but she is nowhere to be seen. You look around, retrace your steps, the horror dawning on you. Suddenly there is a loud noise, shouts and screams, and the mass of people begins moving in chaos. With the knowledge of your sister somewhere in the panicking mass, lost and scared of her surroundings, you trigger, shouting for your sister.

After the Trigger: Shepherd has triggered 2 years ago, and by now she has built a minor reputation as a Heroically inclined Bountyhunter/ Mercenary. She tried to stay with her family for a while, but since her Power knows no stopping she took a step back from them and went out into the world to not endanger them.

She hit several moments of bad in her last 1.5 years, ending in her basically ending up in Denver, no money, no opportunity, but she is a Cape, there is always work for Jack-o-all trades. "

(Optional) Misc Lore Snippets

Parahuman Intelligence Report

Note: The following information has been transcluded from the PRT Online Information Services SAGA Database. For more information, please see your PRT-InB point of contact.


Parahuman Information Report
DTT-2021-0689 2021-11-05

  • Subject ID: Shepherd
  • Classification: Master

Subject creates physical Constructs, commonly referred to as . The skill set and Physical attributes of these Constructs vary wildly, making the subject a versatile and effective Jack of all Trades in combat situations. Subject seems unable to stop the Creation of these Spectres for more than a few minutes, basically nullifying any attempts on subterfuge about their status as a Cape. Spectres have been observed to take humanoid forms, and do not seem able of coherent speech. Giggling, Groaning and other guttural noises have been observed. Spectres appear as pale, almost grey humanoids of varying sizes between 5 Year old Children and full grown adults. Size does not seem to correlate to strength.
SOP as per classification. Recommended tactic is focusing on dispersing Constructs until proper containment options can be used.
Shepherds Civ. Identity has been identified to be Grand Haven Citizen Jessica Henderson. An Interview with the individual is encouraged to determine their general tendency, but so far she has tried to not be a big trouble for the Force, so no active containment unless necessary.