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Psychologist civ.png
Out of costume
Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author Tomorrow (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Sarah Harris
Alignment Unknown
Affiliation None (Denver)
Age 20
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver the4bestgame
Trigger Type Single Standard Trigger, Second gen from Shadenfruede

Publicly Available Information

PRT / Government Information

Costume Appearance

A white labcoat made from recylced motorcycle gear with buckles in place of buttons or clasps, with a number of pockets lining the inside, worn over a thick black turtleneck. As well as black motorcycle pants, leather gloves, steel-toe boots, and a respirator gas mask to cover the bottom half of her face. Her hair kept in a tight bun.

Civilian Appearance

Standing at 5' 9" Sarah is an African American woman with dark brown eyes and similarly dark hair which she keeps long and typically lets hang down her back. She maintains a slim figure and puts a decent amount of effort into the health of her hair and skin. She's typically seen slouching her shoulders and moving around slowly in her civilian life. Favoring larger more comfortable clothing and muted colors.


Sarah is timid, preferring for the spotlight to be on others and typically freezing up when put under a large amount of social pressure. Avoiding things like parties or most social gatherings. Though she finds her voice more easily when acting online or behind a barrier of anonymity. With her body language typically following this trend, slounch and moving slowly so as to avoid attention.

Skills & Training

  • First Aid Training
  • Practiced at finding niche information online
  • Plays a bass
  • Psychology degree in progress
  • Can finish a rubix cube
  • Regularly drives a motorcycle

Resources & Wealth

Living in an apartment in Glendale, going to community college. Living on stipend from brothers death and scholarship to cover college expenses.

  • Motorcycle
  • Brothers costume

Equipment & Gear

  • Medical supplies (bandages, sutures, antisceptics, antibiotics, activated carbon,etc.)
  • Half Mask Respirator
  • Steel Toe boots
  • 40ft fiber rope

Parahuman Power

Sarah is a trump, who’s power allows her to temporarily influence another parahuman’s shard, specifically the shard’s ability to subtly (or not so subtly) effect its hosts Psychology.

The ease and flexibility of the changes she makes varies from parahuman to parahuman, but generally involves simple tweaks to the pre-existing changes the shard is already making such as changing a host’s conflict drive to make someone more or less confrontational, although depending on the individual, this can involve more unique or specific tweaks and alterations. Such as Interfering with Skitters multitasking capabilities, or a tinkers desire to create. Whether that be increasing such things or reducing them to near non-existence. With a significant amount of time and effort she can make brand new changes to someone's psychology, such as developing an aversion to fire or a desire to surround themselves with other people. However the changes she makes cannot act as powers themselves. IE: while she can interfere with skitters multitasking she cannot replicate it.

Her ability allows her to make these alterations to any parahuman within (50) meters of her. Additionally her power includes a thinker ability that grants her an intuitive understanding of how any particular shard is choosing to influence its host at any given moment. This includes an understanding of the effects on any connections between clustermates, masters and their thralls of the moment, and trumps and their targets.

While generally speaking her tweaks and alterations are temporary, nonetheless the changes can be made permanent through an extended, repeated, reapplication of her power over a period of one or two years depending on the intensity of the shard’s own baseline alteration of the host. For obvious reasons this is not particularly feasible as a tactic in combat.

Sarah’s ability is limited to parahumans, and while her power can allow her to perform a good imitation of a social thinker while engaged with another parahuman, it has no effect when speaking with an unpowered individual, this leaves her out of her depths when attempting to manipulate a baseline human.

Additionally she can experience a thinker headache when in the presence of a large number of parahumans, typically (8) or (9) is the limit of what she can deal with before sensory feedback becomes too much to deal with.

Sarah’s shard is especially suited to receiving ‘pings’ from shards that she interacts with on an extended, and regular basis (approximately one month). This functions similar to pinging off of a parahuman when triggering, and allows her to develop a permanent minor ability. (although similar, this does not actually necessitate the need for Sarah to trigger) After recieving a ping Sarah cannot recieve another for one month afterwards. After Sarah has recieved a ping from someone she cannot receive any further pings from that individual. Any Pings gained from trumps or tinkers cannot manifest into trump or tinker powers.

Background & Trigger

Sarah's childhood was always marked by her older brother, his uplifting personality constantly brightening her days. His income as a New York ward always ensuring that the family was never struggling for long. While she took pride in her brothers accomplishments, she always worried for him, and the danger he faced in his work.

After years living with the idea that her brother's a hero, that he can fix anything with his powers, Sarah was faced with reality when her brother was diagnosed with cancer. Despite the efforts of her brother, doctors, even the PRT her brother's condition continued to worsen with each passing day.

Sarah was all but forced to watch as her brother wasted away in bed, nobody able or willing to help him, watching as he died over the course of months.

On the final day, the day that her parents had given in, given up on her brother, her hero. In the final moments of her brothers life, when he couldn't even spare the effort to talk to her, Sarah watched as the final light left her brothers eyes, she watched as the doctors declared him dead and zip him into a bag, she watched as her brother left her life forever, and she triggered.

Sarah spent the next few years experimenting with her powers, finding her limits (sometimes painfully), eventually gaining a ping from one of her brother's ward friends as they attempted to help her with her grief. Recently she has moved to Denver, for college and to distance herself from the many reminders of her brother.

Post-Trigger Pings

Ping From: Flightplan [NPC]
Original Power: Can Fly, Invincibility while Flying.
Abilities Gained: 3 seconds of invincibility after falling any distance that would significantly harm her.

(Optional) Misc Lore Snippets