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Priest Model.png
Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/ShellMerc (capes)
Pronouns he/him
Civilian name Carter Swiftwater
Alignment Mercenary
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTrump (Master)
Born (2002-06-09) June 9, 2002 (age 20)
El Paso, Texas, USA
Status Deceased
Height 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
Reddit Sheet
Celestial Wind E- | Division E | Phase E? | Wake F

A group of Nuns has been seen taking part in battles recently. They've been witnessed helping both heroes and villains, and are always accompanied by a man dressed in a priest's garments. He carries a P90 and wears a full face mask.

Character Sheet


Red-brown skin, light brown hair, and green eyes. Priest stands at 5’4, and is thin, almost waifish. Out of costume he wears tailored suits, during business or casually.

His costume consists of simple armour pieces that he always wears no matter the job taken. He covers the armor with a long set of priest’s robes, as his name implies. He wears a black full face mask with removable mouth guard for communication outside of his cell.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 4

  • Does mercenary work for pay
  • A squad of battle nuns (Sisters of Battle)
  • Assorted weapons and ammo, managed by Cleric


  • 1x FN-P90 “Agony”
  • M82 Rifle Scope
  • Burner phone
  • 1x Fragmentation Grenade
  • 1x C4 Pack
  • Maglight
  • Kevlar body armour


Skills and Specializations

  • Deception
  • Proselytizing
  • Memorization
  • Empathy


Confident and boisterous; Carter charts his own path, leading the way forward. He chaffs under when under submission to others from his experiences during his youth. He dotes on his younger sister, knowing that his power has brought them closer together and is fiercely protective of her.


Trigger type: Natural Second Generation (Trump (Master))

Priest can touch a person and grant them a single power from the following list:

  • Mender: Rapid healing of wounds and regeneration of lost limbs over time. Blood clots instantly, flesh knits together over a minute or so (get that bullet out first!), broken bones set in no more than four hours, and limbs regenerate over the course of a day.
  • Marksman: Gives someone excellent aiming skills. Steady hands, breath control, and a minor telekinetic manipulation of bullets/arrows/thrown weapons to keep them on course. Still have to aim, still have to lead.
  • Optimizer: Slow increase in "skill" available may be allocated to allow for expert level abilities.
  • Breaker: Attacks pierce or ignore defences. Only applies to the first layer of armour/shields/defences. IE a cape with a forcefield, power armour, and a Kevlar vest, it would take three hits to get through all three to get at the person underneath. Applicable to melee/striker effects only.
  • Burner: Subject is wreathed in flames, they are not affected (protected) but may direct them in the form of a blaster power or as a bonus to melee as a striker power.
  • Tank: Brute durability on par with structural steel.

These powers have an addictive quality, driving the receiver to crave repeat exposures. Repeat exposure to Priest’s granted powers can result in a sympathetic, submissive, or deferential personality trait to arise in the user.

Each power can be given to a single person, and a single person can have only a single one of these powers at a time. Once powers are granted, they last until Priest either takes them back (requiring another touch), or either the person or Priest fall unconscious or die.


Julia and Carter were the children of a parahuman who ran an “underground church.” They were expected to be perfect by their father, and the rest of the organization saw them as a pair of messiahs in the making. From a very early age their days were filled with intense training and lessons on how to manipulate people. Despite this, they never felt they had their father’s approval. Everything they did seemed to displease him at least a little bit.

Waking up everyday was misery; repeating the same classes over again and the disappointment in their Father’s eyes when they didn’t have the highest marks despite being privately tutored. After all he “Just wants the best for you both, Violet, Julia. My girls, you’ll succeed me when I’m gone.” It made Carter sick to hear, uncomfortable in the clothes on his back.


But then he had them, the gifts he could give out to the flock and raise them up. He could see them glow, how their faces changed when they would feel the warmth from his touch. Their Father wasn’t so harsh, at least not on him… He tried to keep Julia distant, to keep Father’s watch off her until her light ignited, he knew she could, she had to.

After all, every congregation needed an Angel.