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Julia Swift Cleric.png
Julia in costume, without mask and with mask.
Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/unknownmercury (capes)
Civilian name Julia Swiftwater
Alignment Mercenary
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationStriker Trump
Born (2002-06-10) June 10, 2002 (age 20)
El Paso, Texas, USA
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
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A group of Nuns has been seen taking part in battles recently. They've been witnessed helping both heroes and villains, and are always accompanied by a woman in a gleaming breastplate and a froofy skirt. The nuns seem to have a variable power set.

Character Sheet


Red-brown skin, dark brown hair, and bright brown eyes. Cleric stands at 5’4, and is very petite. Out of costume she dresses very plainly and conservatively.

Her costume consists of various pieces that she may or may not wear depending on her mood and the job. She usually wears a billowing ankle-length dress with a shining breastplate. She either wears a white and blue cape and hood with a blue facemask, or a gold diadem and necklace with sapphire stones and blue lipstick.

Equipment and Resources


  • Does mercenary and healing work for pay
  • A squad of Battle Nuns
  • A van to drive said Battle Nuns
  • A cache of guns to distribute to Battle Nuns and for herself and Priest.
  • An unused warehouse somewhere within Devilfish


  • 2x Beretta M9 Pistol
  • Military-grade binoculars
  • Burner phone
  • 3x high-yield smoke bombs
  • Maglight
  • Armored breastplate


Skills and Specializations

Due to repeated exposure to Priest's Optimizer power, Cleric has picked up a plethora of skills.

  • Driving
  • Computer setup
  • Lockpicking
  • Weapon maintenance
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Climbing
  • Mapping
  • Decent marksmanship
  • Knife throwing and similar techniques
  • Sewing/knitting/stitching clothes
  • First Aid (Why does she even have this, she has a regen power?)
  • Wilderness survival
  • Lying


Quiet and submissive, Julia is not one to rock the boat. She is obedient to those she perceives as an authority due to conditioning from a young age. Due to repeated exposure to her brother’s power, she is especially submissive to him and will do whatever he wishes without question.


Cleric can touch a person and grant them a single power from the following list:

  • Marksman: Gives someone excellent aiming skills. Steady hands, breath control, and a minor telekinetic manipulation of bullets/arrows/thrown weapons to keep them on course. Still have to aim, still have to lead.
  • Mender: Rapid healing of wounds and regeneration of lost limbs over time. Blood clots instantly, flesh knits together over a minute or so (get that bullet out first!), broken bones set in no more than four hours, and limbs regenerate over the course of a day.
  • Lookout: Can make 3 regular senses (smell, touch, taste, hearing, touch) into super senses, enhancing them beyond human limits OR can make one sense into a new sense (sight becomes X-ray or Infrared or ultraviolet, hearing becomes super/ultrasonic hearing, etc.)
  • Pew Pew!: Lasers! Fires burning hot beams of energy that will ignite flammable objects like wood or cloth. Repeated uses might melt through a car door with enough time. 300 foot range, bright blue beams.
  • Blink: Line of sight teleportation. Not blocked by physical barriers, so can teleport into a building. Can take one passenger. Works through binoculars and scopes, but not video feeds.
  • Bruiser: Brute strength, they punch real hard, caving in walls and fucking up anyone they hit.
  • Chameleon: Tactile camouflage. Blend in with the background when not moving, takes a few seconds to readjust after moving.
  • Hamster: Creates a bubble force field 5 ft radius around the person. The bubble moves with the person. It is incredibly durable to attacks from both the outside and the inside, standing up to small arms fire with ease and drastically slowing larger caliber bullets (making them feel like paintballs.) If somebody is touched by the bubble, they are gently pushed. If the bubble presses against something that doesn’t move, it will pop and take a round to regenerate. The bubble pushes back anyone who's not the person generating it. It does allow for smaller things like insects to enter, and while it's forming it seems to ignore static objects like parked cars or bushes, unless those would be caught halfway, in which case they get pushed back or the bubble pops. Bubble resists energy light electricity and fire, but light and air pass through just fine.

Each power can be given to a single person, and a single person can have only a single one of these powers at a time. Once powers are granted, they last until Cleric either takes them back (requiring another touch), or either the person or Cleric fall unconscious or die. The recipient has an intuitive understanding of how the power works.


Julia and Carter were the children of a parahuman who ran an “underground church.” They were expected to be perfect by their father, and the rest of the organization saw them as a pair of messiahs in the making. From a very early age their days were filled with intense training and lessons on how to manipulate people. Despite this, they never felt they had their father’s approval. Everything they did seemed to displease him at least a little bit.

Until one day, Carter woke up with the power to grant people powers. Suddenly, he was the favorite child, Father’s right-hand with the holy gift to bolster their soldiers. Julia was left by the wayside, rarely seeing her father or twin up close except at the weekly mass where she stood as the overseer to the altar servers.

Everyone knew. Everyone knew she didn’t have powers like her twin did. She could feel the disapproval, and it kept her up at night. Knowing she was only second place in her father’s eyes, that her twin was better than her and that the whole congregation knew it.


Once she demonstrated that she had powers as well, it didn’t take long for their father to put the twins to work granting potent combinations of powers on soldiers, or powering each other for missions requiring a quieter touch. After a few years of this, Carter, for his own reasons, left the church, taking a contingent of the flock with him. Julia stuck around for a mere few days before going after him with her own followers.

They were free.