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Notoriety Criminal
C /
Author /u/Shimme (capes)
Civilian name Sarah Inhoffe
Alignment Hero
Affiliation New Horizon (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTrump 7 ( Mover 3, Shaker 4, Brute 7, Master 1, Striker 4)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Chicane F | Shredshot B$

She was a Ward in the Quad Cities, then became a member of a small indie hero team in Duluth. As the second in command, she was someone who made a lot of competing personalities work cohesively, and in the hero scene was known as someone with a good head on her shoulders. Then, a fight with a dangerous villain went very wrong. Some survived, many died. She disappeared for a while, before returning with the new moniker Pioneer and some very wealthy corporate sponsors.

Powerwise, she’s a potent grab-bag, showing some kind of conditional extreme durability, Master resistance, telekinesis, flight, and poisonous strikes.

Character Sheet


A tall, imposingly strong woman with clearly defined muscles beneath her costume, her brunette hair flowing from underneath her mask and a single scar crossing her face from near her left cheekbone to her right jaw, across her lips. Bordering on Amazonian ideals, her costume is solid and armored around certain parts and skin tight on others. Likely she’s taking steroids to achieve her kind of muscle tone.

Equipment and Resources

Wears a green costume embellished with red armor, keeps a sword at her side. Cop stuff hidden in several pouches.

Typical upper-middle class lifestyle. Big house, car is always within three model years.

Skills and Specializations

Professional Cape. Adult life is spent being basically a super-cop. Regularly takes leadership seminars. Has plenty of PR training. Power lifts as a hobby.


In another life, she could have managed a plethora of K-Pop Stars and Child Actors. Has an eye towards keeping things “presentable” and “shipshape.”

Pioneer is a deeply professional woman, here to have prestige, make money and find personal fulfillment, in that exact order. You need her to mom you up? Yeah she can do that. You need to get motivated, get a kick in the ass? She’s here to push you in the direction you need. She’s here to make you better, as long as you’re not a liability.

If you’re a liability, she’ll drop you like a bag of bricks.

Once upon a time, she was part of a far more idealistic person. Then she saw years of idealists getting horrible deaths, and those hopes of a better world seem stupid. She’s here to help her people.


The Pursuer Pioneer designates a Target. This target must be in her line of sight. While she has designated a target, everyone who is not the target gains extremely reduced efficacy in fighting her. Blasts of Thor-style lightning merely shove her, she’d stand straight up after being run over by a semi-truck, mental compulsion effects seem more like vague whispers. Effectively, she gains extreme resistance to all damage, environmental effects and power caused conditions to anything not her Target.

She gains a degree of mental tunnel vision on her Target, becomes extremely aggressive and violent towards them, and while under this effect has little consideration for enemies that are not the Target. She instinctively knows which direction her Target is from her. Successfully defeating, capturing, subduing etc her Target allows for her to reset and instantly designate a new Target. Giving up the chase requires a ten minute wait before she can choose a new Target.

Festering Wounds Landing a hit in melee attacks start off as normal, but then her power “chews” their way in like a flesh eating bacteria eats at someone. This process can take minutes to hours to take effect, but almost none are immune to it, even those typically with regenerative effects. Attacks matter for this cape.

After the engagement is narratively ended, this effect ends.

Vortex: Pioneer designates up to two targets that they can see. That target experiences a telekinetic effect, where Pioneer can either move towards that target or pull that target towards from anywhere between 0-120 mph, accelerating at 20 mph/s. This effect stops pulling things towards her at roughly 60 lbs, at which point she can only move towards it. She can lower the top speed of something while telekinetically moving it/herself towards it so that she doesn’t constantly face plant into things or bean herself in the head like a masochistic baseball pitcher.

This target has a slightly different effect on living targets. Rather than be directly pulled towards her, they feel a force that makes it more difficult to move away from her. Think of it like trying to run up a steep hill - you’re moving away but it’s always more difficult than it otherwise would be. This effect works against powers as well, although the effect isn’t always predictable. Metaphorically, she’s like a black hole shifting the orbit of a distant asteroid, and while not being capable of capturing the asteroid she can shift it’s course. A teleporter might be placed slightly off where they intended to be, not quite as far away as they anticipated. A speedster would find themselves being pulled towards her slightly, as if they’re starting to orbit her. More esoteric effects are case by case basis.

Tinker Tech


Sometimes you just want a little bit of revenge. “Bullies” is such a gentle word, something that minimizes what in reality was months of harassment, abuse and humiliation for you and your friends.

So you got the bright idea to extract some pain in return, to show enough was enough, to beat the little piece of shit that was -

The ringleader of the little group of monsters wasn’t so tough without half a dozen fucking jocks behind him. He’d be even less tough after he’d been hit with a baseball bat a dozen or so times.

But that’s not how it goes. It’s confusing, then painful as your body twists itself and you find yourself facedown in the dirt, like something had hijacked a piece of your brain. Your friends are there too, spitting out dirty and shouting in a panic. They’re taunting you, and then they’re taking your bat and breaking your hand with it. The beating continues and you take a hit over the head, not even able to cover your skull, absolutely numb except for the flashes of pain as you get slowly broken apart, listening to the mix of screaming and hysterical pleading of your friends, completely helpless.