Pink Ranger

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Pink Ranger
Pink ranger.png
Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/Magos_Nashoid (capes)
Civilian name Kiki Kubo
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Nagasaki)
Born Kenjiro Kubo
(1993-12-01) December 1, 1993 (age 29)
Nagasaki, Japan
Status NPC
Residence Blossom Heights Suburbs, Ashton
Nationality Japanese-American
Height 6 ft 6 in (198 cm)
Weight 210 lb (95 kg; 15 st 0 lb)
Spouse(s) Hannah Kubo
  • Bao Kubo (father)
  • Minako Kubo (mother)
  • Akari Tanaka (maternal Grandma)
  • Ryu Tanaka (maternal Grandpa)
  • Daiyu Kubo (paternal Grandpa)
  • Jing Kubo (paternal Grandma)
  • Hozumi Kubo (older Brother)
  • Ayano Kubo (older Sister)
  • Shinji Kubo (little Brother)
  • Tomoyo Kubo (little Sister)
Reddit Sheet
Blu C | Duelist A$ | Packrat D+ | Phalanx A | Vigor C-

Pink Ranger was a somewhat popular cape in Nagasaki, Japan. Known to be rather useful for keeping heroes in shape, the Japanese goverment often had its wounded heroes sent to her to patch them up. She has attended several endbringer events. She later moved to Ashton, Washington and joined the Protectorate.

She is currently the Senior member of the Ashton Protectorate (which is known for its constantly changing Hero Roster) Having been on the Team for over a year and a half. She is a rather public and popular spokesperson for the Trans and LGBT community. She is known to be the Official Mentor of Quicksilver and is publicly Married to Rosebud as well as the adoptive mother of the popular case 53 Kendygar.

Character Sheet


Kawaii Right? Don't answer, its rhetorical.

Kiki is at the peak of physical health and fitness, she has the body of an athlete, with a rather generous amount of Muscle tone. She is Mixed race, 50% Japanese, 50% Chinese. She has long healthy brown hair, and soft brown eyes. Despite her age of 25, she doesn't look like she's changed much since she was 18-19 (whether this is a side effect of her regenerative abilities, or just good genetics, has yet to be seen).

Kiki dresses in a Pink armoured Sentai uniform (A throwback to her roots as a former member of the Nagasaki Sentai Rangers) She was very clear when she joined the Protectorate that she'd have a large amount of say in how the PR team portrayed her Image. Her costume features an LGBT Pride flag patch on one arm, and a Transgender Pride flag on the other sleeve.

In her civilian life she almost always wears a variation of the following: A long pink skirt, Black stockings/thigh highs, A Pink leather Jacket, Assorted Vintage Band and Anime T-shirts, and High-heeled boots.

Equipment and Resources

Kiki has a rather hefty salary from the Protectorate (and a completely unnessicary Medical/Dental plan).

(200,000 a year | 16,666$ a month | 4,166$ a Week)

Kiki has '217,829$ in savings' (updated as of 12/13/18)

She owns a rather nice jeep, and lives in a lovely suburban home with her Wife and children (Kendygar, and Yuki)

Gear (On-duty)

  • Protectorate Badge
  • Combat boot knife
  • Type 3 Body Armour (Costume)
  • Helmet contains a HUD, an Encrypted PRT Radio, an Audio recorder, a Video Recorder, and a High Quality digital Camera.
  • High Quality Katana
  • Police Issue Taser
  • Police Issue Stungun
  • Police Truncheon
  • Police Issue Pepperspray
  • Durable encrypted PRT phone
  • 50 Police grade zip ties
  • 2 sets of Police Handcuffs
  • Multi-tool
  • Medical kit

Gear (Off-duty)

  • Protectorate Badge
  • Pair of Emergency Domino Masks
  • Concealed Combat Knife
  • Personal Phone
  • Durable encrypted PRT phone
  • Police Issue Stungun
  • 9mm Handgun (Legally owned)
  • 1 extra Magazine of Ammunition.
  • Multi-tool
  • 10 police Issue Zipties

Skills and Specializations

  • Extensive military-grade and police-grade, first aid Training.
  • Trained and Registered as an EMT (in both Japan and the USA).
  • PRT level Firearm Training.
  • Professionally trained in Kendo.
  • Black belt in Karate
  • Can competently play the Flute




Single trigger

  • Ranger possesses regeneration that she can toggle between 'Self Only Regeneration' to 'Area of Effect Regeneration Aura'.
  • Her ability comes with built in pain dampening, as it interferes with nerves during the process of regenerating, turning agony into a dull ache.
  • When it is toggled to its AOE mode, it heals in a 20ft sphere around her in all directions.
  • Her healing is quite effective at healing wounds and illnesses.
  • It is capable of fixing limited brain damage but it is *Extremely* time intensive taking days to heal, in addition her power cannot affect the Corona/Gemma.
  • Ranger's power works on Animals, but doing so is not advised
  • Rangers power will push out foreign bodies that are in the way of flesh that it is regenerating (This includes bullets, shrapnel, and most cybernetic prosthetics and addons.)
  • her power does not however revert/alter biological adaptations/Biological implants/gene treatments/hormone treatments, as long as they are completely biological.
  • It is also quite effective at destroying dangerous chemicals like drugs/poisons from a person’s system.
  • Her power has the unfortunate side effect of replacing a patients regenerated tissue with tissue matching her own DNA and physical appearance. (A regrown arm will resemble Kiki’s own arm, etc etc) this only effects the wounded areas that have been regrown/replaced.
  • This can have unique results when Brain damage is repaired, as the damaged portions of the brain and its neural patterns are overridden/replaced with those of Pink Ranger.
  • The effect of her power replacing your DNA/Cells is unfortunately permanent (minus the intervention of a biotinker/biokinetic)

Wound/Illness | Exposure time needed

  • Repair Open Veins/Arteries | 15 seconds |
  • Shallow cut | 30 seconds |
  • Deep cut | 1 minute |
  • Hangover | 30 seconds |
  • Toxin Purge | 2 minutes |
  • Light Bruising | 30 seconds |
  • Heavy Bruising | 1 minute |
  • Shallow gunshot wound | 2 minutes |
  • Effects of Blood loss | 3 minutes |
  • Deep gunshot wound | 5 minutes |
  • Fractured bones | 3 minutes |
  • Broken bones | 5 minutes |
  • Common cold | 15 minutes |
  • Flu/Common Illness | 30 minutes |
  • Infection | 1 hour |
  • Major Illness | 1 Hour |
  • Simple Disease | 2 hours |
  • Major Disease | 4 hours |
  • Cancer | 2-6 hours |
  • Brain damage | 2-6 days |
  • Regrow Hand/Foot | 5 hours |
  • Regrow Full Arm/Leg | 10 hours |
  • Regrow Organ | 5 hours |