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Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/Jessica_T (capes)
Civilian name Sera Kincaid
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Ashton)
PRT ClassificationChanger, Brute
Status NPC
Height 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet


Standing at 5'4", Sera is totally a normal teenage girl. Well, except for the whole 'looking like she's made of metal' thing. Her coppery red hair is mostly tied back in a ponytail that just reaches down to the small of her back, contrasting sharply with her silvery skin. She has a slim build, still in that slightly gangley stage of adolescence, and she seems not entirely sure of her movements. Probably a recent growth spurt or something.

Quicksilver; Ashton Protectorate, Young adult, She stands at about 5'4", she certainly stands out from her fellow heroes with her silvery metallic skin and coppery red hair, which is currently tied back in a tight braid. Her eyes and the upper half of her face are mostly covered by a pair of chunky looking single lens goggles, the metallic red of the lens contrasting sharply with her skin.

It does match her uniform, though. A form fitting metallic crop top in a slightly darker red, with angular white highlights leaves her shoulders and midriff bare, the teen seemingly eschewing bulkier protective gear. A belt around her waist covered in various pouches and mounting points is clearly the classic hero 'utility belt', and lets Quicksilver hold the tools of her trade. Plus, you know, her cell phone. Stuff this tight doesn't really have pockets. The pants themselves are capri length, coming down to mid calf, and the flat soled boots on her feet almost more resemble high top sneakers, except without the laces.


Sera'd never really been much of a popular kid even before things went to shit. She'd had a few friends, but there weren't always a lot of people who wanted to hang out with the geeky kid. As such, she tends to be quiet and a bit cautious around new people, but opens up once someone expresses similar interests, or a desire to be friends. However, there's still a certain element drummed in from years of dodging bullies of keeping her head down, and attracting as little attention as possible. Public speaking and big crowds are still difficult. However, when it comes to protecting people, she tries to step in even if it's not in her best interest to do so. After so long being the one at the bottom of the food chain, she really wants to make a difference.

Equipment and Resources

Quicksilver's hero uniform has a standard PRT utility belt, although some changes and substitutions have been made. First off, the taser had to go. Too much chance of it being used against her in a fight. The telescopic baton and utility knife were also slightly redundant given her ability to shift her limbs into blunt and edged weapons. Zip cuffs definitely stay though, as does the pepper spray. In fact, let's get extra pepper spray, since that literally does nothing to her except make her more unpleasant to touch. Ruggedized PRT phone and radio stay as well. Plus, a silver sharpie, because it turns out people suddenly want autographs. Makes use of a Pepper-ball pistol, utilizing her changer form's immunity to the irritant.

Skills and Specializations

Cape Geek, Runner, sci-fi/fantasy literature enthusiast, tabletop game player.


Sera's power is best described as a Breaker/Changer ability that allows her to turn her body into a substance highly resembling metallic mercury, at least visually. This renders her entire body silvery except for her hair, which retains its normal red color, although with more coppery tones. This form allows shapeshifting, including selectively hardening portions of her body into rigid blades or clubs. On the other end of the spectrum, she can also allow objects to pass through her, or even carry them inside her mass (Limited about to about five pounds, and also have to displace an equal volume of her), although it "Feels really fucking weird!", and requires concentration on her part. Only her body is affected, not any clothes or objects she is wearing. She is volume and mass limited, in that she will always weigh approximately 115 pounds, and her volume is also constant. no matter is created or destroyed. In cases where portions of her are forcibly separated, the substance not part of the 'main mass' does not exhibit intelligence, instead single mindedly traveling directly toward Sera in an attempt to re-join her at a rate of approximately 2 ft/s. She requires at least sixty percent of her body mass to retain human level intelligence, and if she cannot reach that threshold within six hours of being dispersed, starts to weaken and smaller masses at a greater distance may die. She slowly regains lost mass over time at about five percent of her total per day, and cannot leave her breaker state unless the masses would be equal. She also demonstrates a weakness to electricity, electrical shocks causing her higher than normal amounts of pain, and making it hard to maintain her shape. She is still susceptible to temperature extremes, although less so than normal, and they primarily provoke a pain response, and reflexive movement away, to the extent of her body 'flowing' and deforming if it would be faster. Caustic substances also produce a similar pain response, although she is immune to normal drugs or chemical agents that do not rely on direct corrosion. Tinkertech drugs still work, because tinkers are bullshit. Sera's maximum hardness is comparable to hardened aluminum, with it taking approximately five seconds from 'baseline' to maximum, and harder parts of her are more difficult to change and manipulate. Fine detail also takes additional time, as do unfamiliar forms and shapes she hasn't practiced. She can lift approximately 150 pounds while in her state, possibly more with training, and at 'baseline' hardness is approximately twice as durable as a typical human. In addition, Sera doesn't need to eat, drink, or breathe while in this state, although she continues to mainly out of habit. However, she does require replacement mass if she loses some. Her state also seems to possess some kind of 'backup' sensory abilities, in that if her body does not have the requisite sensory organs formed, she retains a somewhat distorted version of her senses. For example, vision within about thirty feet, and distorted hearing. However, using these is disorientating and not preferable if at all possible.

Versatility: Sera's status as a breaker is a closely kept secret, quite probably known only to her and whoever was involved in her power evaluation. Her changer abilities are what she claims are her main power, and since she retains her Breaker form at all times if possible, may as well be. Her escape from her parents and subsequent travel to Ashton pressed her abilities to the limit, requiring a LOT of improvisation. (Turns out turning your finger into a key isn't that difficult, and it's a lot easier to sneak around when you can fit through extremely small spaces that would make better routes for mice. Also, random muggers are really scared of silver cape girls with scythe arms that would look more at home on a xenomorph.)