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Peek-a-Boo Image.png
Notoriety Criminal
F / ?
Author Lightning (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Samantha Walsh
Alignment Rogue
Affiliation None (Denver)
Age 15
Status Active
Nationality Irish American
Approver Spectre
Trigger Type Single Standard Trigger

Publicly Available Information

PRT / Government Information

Costume Appearance

Peek-a-Boo wears a long, dark grey hooded cloak with rips, holes, and tears tactfully added to give the cloak a tattered appearance. Beneath this cloak, she wears tight, black leggings, a longsleeve black shirt, and black work gloves. Her shoes are dark brown hiking boots. On her head, she's sown a black veil to the inside of the hood which can be fastened to the neckline of the cloak. When fastened, the hood and mask are secured to the rest of the cloak, making it difficult for the hood to come off without using force. She tends to wear a domino mask beneath the veil just in case it gets damaged.

The entire outfit was designed to resemble that of a faceless ghost, with the tattered cloak fluttering like some wispy spirit, even in slight breezes.

Civilian Appearance

Samantha is a lean, athletic girl of below average height, coming in at about 4'11" (150cm). She has straight, blonde hair that falls to about shoulder length. Her skin is pale, and her eyes are a light brown.


Samantha, or Sam/Sammy, is a rather competitive girl, with a love for testing herself against others. Often, this takes the form of sparring against others in her dojo, or attempting to sneak up on or past her friends and parents, respectively. She is rather happy-go-lucky, not really looking at being a cape as a particularly serious thing and instead treating it as a game. For a while, she had bad anxiety due to the gang members she was stuck with, but since cutting them off, she's far more relaxed.

In her civilian identity, she is often bored with school, thinking its too simple to really keep her mind occupied. This has caused her to get in trouble many times over the past couple years as she looked for ways to occupy her time in class. She has, recently, started spending her spare time in class doodling in her notebooks. She is easygoing towards her classmates, not really part of any clique or group, but familiar with and to most of them. Outside of school, her friend circle is pretty small, consisting of a few people from her dojo who she occasionally hangs out with after training. She used to hang out with a group of gang recruits from school, but has distanced herself since her trigger. At home, she likes binge watching cheesy horror flicks.

In her cape identity, she spends her time messing with various heroes, cops, villains, and criminals as a means to challenge her own skills. Her competative spirit comes to the forefront, leading her to take risks she normally wouldn't and behave far more boldly than in her civilian identity. She also always keeps something to snack on on her person, generally hidden in pockets sown to the inside of her cloak.

She doesn't strongly believe in any specific religion, but if asked, would lean towards Christianity. She believes that serious crimes (assault, murder, etc) are morally reprehensible, and generally tries to be a good person, but thinks that minor crimes that don't really hurt anyone are okay. She doesn't currently have any real driving goals beyond challenging herself and alleviating her boredom.

Since her trigger she has felt subtly drawn to the idea of sneaking up on or otherwise scaring people.

Skills & Training

  • Moderate self-defence training in karate.
  • Moderate experience with gymnastics.
  • Basic skills in parkour.
  • Moderate talent in regards to drawing.

Resources & Wealth

Lives with her parents in a nice, upper-middle-class home. Her elder brother left to attend college out of state earlier in the year, but comes back for the summer, winter, and long holiday weekends. Her parents both have demanding jobs that require them to travel, meaning that at any time, one, both, or neither of them are at the house. The family itself isn't as close as they'd like due to the physical distance often found between them all, but their relationships all tend towards positive.

She has a minor allowance which she uses to buy snacks and other conveniences.

  • Standard smartphone
  • Laptop computer

Equipment & Gear

  • Cheap flip-phone (while out as a cape)
  • A small bottle of pepper spray

Parahuman Power

Peek-a-Boo is a mover with a minor thinker aspect to aide the mover power, with the ability to move through flat surfaces at extreme speeds.

The mover aspect of her power is based on flat, contiguous surfaces. When coming into physical contact with one, Peek-a-Boo is able to smoothly "melt" into the surface, effectively merging with the material. The moment she comes in contact with a viable surface and begins to enter it, her mind speeds up enough to choose a viable exit location. This location cannot be changed at any point after being chosen, until she exits and reenters the surface. When she reaches her destination, she must exit the surface, "melting" back out of it. Leaving the surface can be done in any way she desires, walking, crawling, falling, etc, and is not determined by the way she had entered it. She can wait at the destination for a short period of time before being forced to leave, but doing so is incredibly uncomfortable, and she is unable to breathe while doing so. She must be able to physically enter the chosen surface. If she wants to enter the ceiling, she will need a ladder or other method to actually reach the surface and enter it. Simply jumping up and touching the ceiling with her hand will not allow her to enter it.

Breaks in the material, such as a crack wider than a millimeter, disrupt the power and prevent her from moving past the break. Furthermore, the surface must be contiguous. She cannot enter the surface of a door and appear somewhere on the wall that the door is set in. Similarly, the surface must be flat and at least an inch thick, preventing her from melting into glass panes, grates, corrugated metal, the surface of cars, etc. If the surface is more than three feet thick, she can only exit on the side of the surface that she entered on. If it is less than three fee thick, she may choose which side of the surface to exit from. If the surface has a flat edge, she may also exit from that edge, so long as it is less than three feet thick, but thick enough to squeeze through. If the surface is damaged significantly enough to no longer be considered a surface (such as a brute shattering a concrete wall), Peek-a-Boo is immediately ejected from said surface wherever she currently is within it. While she only gets a headache and disorientation from such an event, she may still be injured based on how and where she is ejected from the surface. The power cannot enter any surface that is considered biological.

While melting into and within a surface, the thinker aspect of her power provides her with a sense of everything that is within five feet of any viable exit location on the surface, allowing her to choose her exit destination safely. This sense extends to both sides of the surface if it is less than three feet thick. The specifics of the sense are something between vision and a sense of touch. Sound, scent, taste, color, and temperature are not transferred through that sense.

Background & Trigger

With her parents spending more and more time out of state and her brother away to college, Samantha was, for the first time, completely alone at home for more than a few days at a time. Of course, being alone for long periods of time meant no one was around to warn her off when she started hanging around the rougher crowd at school, drawn by the novelty of their personalities and experience of being the only one at home that she shared with many of them.

She found herself being drawn deeper into the group each time she hung out with them after school. They took over her social life, pushing her further and further into doing worse and worse things. First was drinking, something she'd never done even with her parents gone so often. She ignored it because "everyone does it at some point". Then they convinced her to smoke, which thankfully didn't take. But she ignored the warnings in her head, reasoning that it was only one cigarette. Next week, while out with a couple of the group, they ducked into an alley and started spray painting graffiti on the wall. Half way through, they tossed her a can and told her to give it a try. It wasn't any worse than drinking or smoking, so she helped vandalize the wall. A few days later, while out with the group driving around in one of the older member's car, they stopped behind a small shop and got out. Confused, she joined them and was told to head in from the front and distract the shopkeeper. She knew what was going to happen without having to ask, and she knew that this step was way bigger than what she'd done before, but she'd already done so much with them, she belonged, so she ignored her worries. While she chatted with the friendly old man, the others slipped in the back door and took the place for everything it had.

She knew where things were leading. The signs had been there almost from the start. Tight knit group, matching colors, rougher personalities, an air of danger, she knew they were part of a gang way before the theft, but she ignored her worries. Each night she told herself she needed to cut them off, yet she never did. But this had gone too far. They'd already made subtle references to "initiation". The graffiti was okay, and the theft was.. bad, but at least they didn't hurt the guy, but she knew something worse was coming. They were going to make her do something that she couldn't stomach, something to make her feel like leaving them wasn't an option. She had to cut them off.

The doorbell rang, followed by a text telling her that they were going to be late. Initiation day had finally arrived, staring down Samantha, inevitable if only because she never acted to get away from everything. The doorbell rang again, this time followed by a fist pounding on the door. Her breaths came quick and short, she had to get away from all of this. She couldn't do whatever terrible thing they were going to make her to. Her phone rang. It was the man sent to pick her up. She had to get away.

(Optional) Misc Lore Snippets

Parahuman Intelligence Report

Note: The following information has been transcluded from the PRT Online Information Services SAGA Database. For more information, please see your PRT-InB point of contact.


Parahuman Intelligence Report
DEN-2023-812a 2023-07-10

  • Subject ID: Unknown Parahuman (Designation: Geist)
  • Classification: Mover/Breaker(?)

Geist is believed to be a mover or breaker able to phase through solid materials. As of this time, the mechanics and limits of this movement are unknown.
Subject capabilities and limits are currently unknown. Contrary to classification SOP, subject is to be engaged in open areas with few obstructions.
All known information regarding subject is from the internal security cameras of the Denver Police Department station located on Washington and Colfax (Ref:DEN-2023-812b). Around 10:10 pm, subject was seen walking out of the wall into an unused office, before placing a manila folder on the desk. Approximately 10 seconds later, they reentered the wall. No further video evidence is available.


Parahuman Intelligence Report

Note: The following information has been transcluded from the PRT Online Information Services SAGA Database. For more information, please see your PRT-InB point of contact.


Incident Report
DEN-2023-812b 2023-07-10

  • Short title: Parahuman Infiltration at Denver Police Department - District 6

At approximately 2215, Geist (ref:DEN-2023-812a) entered the Police Department District 6 station, office 4, through unknown means. Interior security camera footage indicates the use of a parahuman ability, allowing the subject to move through solid objects. While in office 4, the subject placed a manila folder on the office desk before leaving using the same ability through the exterior facing wall. At approximately 0145, the folder was discovered by the night shift janitor and brought to the attention of the nearest officer. Inside the folder were a series of documents and attached photographs depicting a 10 teenagers, aged 15-17, and 3 adults, aged 20-27, as well as a number of graffiti tags, vandalized public surfaces, and illicit materials. The documents provided names and suspected crimes of each individual, as well as a brief outline describing a currently unknown street gang, of which the document names the above individuals as members.