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Mechakoloss Civ and Mask.png
Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author Queen Dee (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Maria Nesti
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Denver)
Age 27
Status Active
Nationality Russian-American
Approver LizzyB1t & Nashoid
Trigger Type Single Standard Trigger

Publicly Available Information

Little is known about the cape who calls herself Mechakoloss. An independent heroine who can summon a massive machine to her location to collect her and fight within. So far this "Mech" has only been spotted twice, and very little in the way of video or photographic evidence exists to offer much information on its capabilities.

Witnesses claim that the Mech is able to lift cars, and possesses a blade that can cleave through solid materials such as concrete and asphalt. These claims are without evidence, if you have any information to report please reach out to user Queen Dee.

PRT / Government Information

Mechakoloss has been approached by the PRT for possible recruitment and ended up in conflict with a member of the South California Protectorate, though the member who she came into conflict with has since been suspended for unnecessary use of force.

Costume Appearance

Mechakoloss' costume consists of two parts. The first part is a body suit that allows her to connect directly to her mechanized constructs. These bodysuits are typically covered by denim and leather. With a simple teddy bear mask concealing her identity. Attached to this mask is a massive mane of shaggy brown hair that goes down to her knees, reminiscent of a bear skin cloak.

Civilian Appearance

Maria is 6'3", broad shouldered, and muscled. Her natural hair is dyed bubblegum pink and has an undercut on the right side. Three jagged scars drag over her right eye in a way that makes it look like the eye should have likely been torn out with the skin. She normally does her best to cover these scars with makeup when out in public. Her right eye was actually damaged to the point of needing to be removed, she hides this fact with a glass eye.


Maria's upbringing, as well as her experience with the ins and outs with some of the worst people that humanity has to offer, has left her almost hermit like. With her power offering her the only companion she really knows she can trust. This isn't to say that she dislikes people. She just has an incredibly difficult time socializing and interacting with people she doesn't quite trust. Which is most of them.

Maria also has a distrust for high profile heroes, her past history with various very insistent recruitment efforts leaving her bitter.

Maria is also a recovering alcoholic, having earned herself a chip for a year of sobriety.

Skills & Training

  • Speaks fluent English and Russian, proficient in ASL and Morse
  • First Aid Certified
  • Motorcycle License
  • Home Repair Skills (Electricity/Plumbing/Drywall)

Resources & Wealth

Maria is a fresh face in town and has picked a secluded home on the outer edges of the suburbs. Pretty deep into the pine forests near the Hogback Ridge. It's secluded enough that few bother her, but has access to the highway in case she needs to travel. The home itself is a simple two bedroom cabin that is currently in the middle of heavy renovations that she's doing herself.

  • Triumph Rocket 3 Motorcycle
  • Ford POS Pickup Truck
  • Event organizer for an advertising company.
  • Her laboratory workshop is a large garage/hanger-like space with scaffolding to facilitate working on & maintaining her inventions
  • Has worked out some deals with local scrapyards for collecting bulk material, with cover stories about why she needs the material included for plausible deniability sake. Claims to be a sculptor in her spare time. Not entirely a lie.

Equipment & Gear

Tinker Tech & Major Equipment

  • First Aid Kit
  • Work Phone
  • Chain Belt

Parahuman Power

Mechakoloss is a Mech Focal Tinker with Support AI Subspecialty. Her construct is a massive twenty foot tall mech, complete with weaponry and a Co-Pilot AI.

The AI acts as a safeguard to protect her mind from her mech's millions of mental stimulations while in combat. Allowing her to focus on the dangers while the computer assists and manages the minutia of keeping the massive war machine moving.

Mechakoloss struggles to create any tech smaller than something her mech can manipulate. With a few exceptions. The first being an implant that allows her mech and her co-pilot to be integrated directly with her brain and nervous system. And the second being the location beacon that she wears around her wrist. The location beacon is neccessary due to the very nature of the size of the mechs. The mechs need to be deployed via teleporter, called onto her location and often appearing as if the machine had fallen out of the sky.

Full construction of a Mech is a long involved process, requiring at least a months worth of construction time & a large quantity of salvaged metals & electronic components.

Maintenance requirements call for a couple hours of tune-up & repairs each day, making it unfeasible to operate more than one at a time.

Background & Trigger

"Maria was a Child Protective Services caseworker, she saw three kids at risk who she knew were in danger but there was never enough evidence. She got so tied up in red tape that when all three of the kid's cases ended up on her desk at the same time, all three of them dead, she lost faith in the system that she'd trusted to save people in that instant and triggered.

Maria has done her best to keep under the radar as an independent tinker. Though the nature of her power has made doing so quite difficult.

In her hometown back in California she was doing her best to maintain independence and impartiality between vying groups who wanted her to join them. She refused them all, and assumptions were made that she was working with the enemy on a couple of sides. When a fight broke out near her home she went out with her mech to see what was happening. Finding a hero and villain group tearing into one another. Neither knew what side she was on so she was hit with attacks from both sides, eventually being ripped out of the mech's cockpit by a member of the hero team. Her eye being ruined in the struggle.

She fled from the city, from the state, and made her way halfway across the continent to re-establish herself. Moving her AI's server banks into a basement in her new home and slowly working on expanding her workshop. Since she left California she hasn't been active. Not having the opportunity to be active with the time it takes to get fully situated into a position."

(Optional) Misc Lore Snippets