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Wormrp Lodestar.jpg
Notoriety Criminal
A /
Author Leah (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Denver)
Status NPC

Lodestar was a powerful hero in the Denver scene, first appearing 17 years ago, and retiring 10 years ago for unknown reasons. She was a powerful 'flying brick' cape, and her encounters were known to be ended rather quickly. She demonstrated great strength, speed, quick flight, and general invulnerability. Lodestar had a reputation for ending her encounters swiftly, and she was a public icon in her time. Lodestar memorabilia is still sold today.

PRT Information

Lodestar is a breaker of some kind, with a stranger ability hiding the details of her private identity, despite never having worn a mask. She has never demonstrated long periods of engagement without intermittent pauses out of sight for precisely one minute. It is speculated she is not classically invulnerable, but damage to her instead damages her ability to maintain her powers in some form as it has been demonstrated that she will typically engage in one of these pauses after taking significant damage or many hits.