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Julia Hendricks.jpg
Notoriety Criminal
E / +
Author Leah (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Bethany Smith
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Denver)
Age 16
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver the4bestgame
Trigger Type Double Standard Trigger

Publicly Available Information

Little to nothing is known about Bethany Smith (Publically calling herself and Introducing herself as 'Julia Hendricks'). She has displayed the ability to create minions out of people and animals that are known to be missing, caution in engagement is advised

PRT / Government Information

Costume Appearance

Julia wears a set of relatively normal clothing, generally in the style of the image of a pokemon trainer she found online, however as said image does not have a pair of glasses she has opted not to wear the glasses that had been prescribed to Bethany for her Hyperopia, meaning Julia is Long-sighted, and has trouble seeing things up close, as they are blurry.

Civilian Appearance

Julia is a 16 year old, standing at 5'4", she has brown eyes and hair, which she has cut short with a knife. She's relatively skinny, and in general looks somewhat gaunt / dirty due to living in the woods and not having much to eat.


Bethany after her trigger has largely dissociated into the personality of a Pokemon trainer by the name of Julia, so that she does not need to process their trauma.

Normally she is a relatively shy girl, but sweet and wouldn't harm a fly. While she is shy, she is earnest.

Her personality of Julia is a simple one, an epotomy of the Pokemon Company slogan; "Gotta Catch 'Em All", she is primarily interesting in obtaining more minions, especially ones she percieves as unique in some way. She is also largely interested in training her minions, though this has no noticable effect on their performance more than the minor skill gain that is normal, and will challenge others to battle, especially those she knows are parahumans and who make eye contact with her. Julia is also largely more aggressive than Bethany, and can have a vengeful streak. For example, she has captured her father Alexander Smith. Instead of using him to battle, whenever he comes off his damage cooldown she has her other minions beat him to within an inch of his life, and then recalls him to heal.

Julia trends to following "Pokemon Battle Rules" when using her power, meaning that unless overwhelmed or facing multiple opponents, she will only use one minion at a time.

Skills & Training

  • Fairly experienced with the game "Pokemon Emerald"
  • Knows the basics of how to use a gun. No license.
  • Knows the basics of how to drive. No license.
  • Skilled at deception and hiding feelings.

Resources & Wealth

Julia currently has access to next to no resources other than the clothes on her back and about $100 that Bethany had collected in a shoe box underneath her bed. She is currently homeless, living in the woods West of Denver.

Equipment & Gear

  • Civilian Clothing
  • 3/4 empty bottle of Pepper Spray
  • 3Pistol with 2 Bullets

Parahuman Power

Julia (Bethany Smith) triggered with the ability to generate silvery liquid gelatin spheres. She can hurl these spheres manually. When one of these spheres hits and is splattered against a willing or unconscious living creature (Including humans), the sphere will subsume them, and then shrink back down into a hardened ball of silver. Julia has a weak telekinetic control over these hardened spheres, enough to call them back to her hand, throw them to a precise location within her line of sight, or have them orbit her or stay still relative to her within arm's reach. The force behind this is weak and easy to knock aside.

Afterwards, Julia can throw one of these Hardened spheres to cause the creature absorbed to reappear where the ball struck. The creatures appear entirely normal except for one difference- they are entirely loyal to Julia, and will follow her verbal commands. The only noticable difference is that, if damaged, instead of blood the creatures will begin to leak a silvery fluid. The creatures retain all their traits such as intelligence, strength, etc. except they are loyal to Julia, and will do their best to protect her and follow her instructions. Minions with less intelligence may have trouble following complex instructions.

Julia can have a maximum of 6 of these Minions out at once, and can at any time cause them to collapse back into their silvery forms and return to her hand from any distance. She can 'release' the balls at will, causing them to pop out of existence and releasing the creature as they were before. They will have no memory of their time as a minion, and will be in the state they were initially 'captured' in. There is no maximum amount of the hardened balls she can have at once, though she can only control 12 at a time so she limits what she brings into battle to that maximum. Killed minions/Destroyed balls will pop out of their state, as if they had been released, exactly in the state they were captured in.

A minion when damaged will be able to be recalled to its ball form, after which it cannot be recreated for a full week. After that time, it can be recreated and is fully healed. Undamaged Minions do not have a timer to recreate them.

Julia's power cannot be used against parahumans, failing to capture them. Julia's power can be used on pieces of technology, up to the size of a large car. The technology will retain its function and gain an intelligence comparable to that of an intelligent dog or young child, and be able to control its functions independently and with skill. For example, a car could drive itself around with relative ease.

"Julia's power works on powered constructs / tinkertech on a case by case basis. Generally the powered construct needs to be on its own or the tinkertech left unaffected for her to affect it. Tech or minions that is, at her genner's discretion too powerful / she is not able to keep cannot be recalled, and instead after 1 hour automatically breaks from her control.

Powered Constructs/Tech generally retain their intelligence if they had any. If they did not have any, they gain the standard intelligence her power grants objects. She is limited to copying 1 powered construct/tech/effect from a given power at a time, I.E. if she captured one of Bonemancer's Skeleton Minions, she cannot capture another of his Skeleton Minions, but she could capture another cape's minions."

Background & Trigger

Bethany was a sweet girl caught in a bad situation. Between relentless bullying at school and an alcoholic, abusive father, things were tough. She was a shy girl, and ended up bottling away her feelings so well that even she sometimes didn't realize how much there was. But there was a beacon of light and hope in her life- Bethany's mother, Elizabeth Smith, was a good woman, trapped in an abusive relationship with her husband she often shielded her daughter from the worst of it.

As long as Bethany could get back to her mother at the end of the day, it was manageable. Between her mother and her games, she could deal with it, it would eventually end and she could get herself and her mom out of this situation. It would get better. It had to.

Her father was driving her mother to a doctor's appointment, something he endlessly complained about, and was a bit wasted.

The accident luckily didn't kill anyone in the other car, though they suffered extensive injuries. Her father was nearly untouched, by some skew of luck, getting away with extensive bruising, a couple cuts, and not much more. Elizabeth Smith died.

Things got.. worse. She was left alone for a while at school in light of the news, but after that it redoubled, jabs at her dead mother. Her father became more abusive, beating her, though he was smart about it. Not in visible places.

It all came to a head when she returned home one day to see her dad having shattered the little memorial she had created for her mother in her room around her mother's urn, seemingly looking for any money she had hidden away to fuel his alcoholism some more.

Suddenly she could bottle it in no more. Trigger.

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