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Notoriety Criminal
B /
Author LizzyB1t (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Yvonne Summer
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Denver)
Age 23
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver Leah
Trigger Type Single Standard Trigger

Publicly Available Information

Home run's baseball card has her physical stats, some random info about something she has done that year, and is purchasable at the Rockies Baseball Stadium

Some news reels of interviews after stopping a crime, random fan uploads of her caping, and opening day pitches.

In general the baseball themed hero is shown in a positive light, though there is some talk that she is a huge sellout

PRT / Government Information

The PRT previously discussed with her being a member, but the contract with the Rockies happened before they could come to an agreement. They are aware of the basics of her power as she openly divulged them to the PRT

Costume Appearance

"Her costume is styled after baseball uniforms, and indeed sports a team logo and her cape name.

The current team name is the Colorado Rockies. There was some contention with that, but after she appeared wearing a Kansas City uniform the Colorado Rockies legal team approved her wearing their gear and even sponsored her openly.

She has several baseball outfits ready to go for different days and events. She has a special opening day costume for the local stadium.

Each costume has a quiver for a baseball bat held on her back and she is usually carrying an additional extra bat around."

Civilian Appearance

Yvonne Summer

Height: 5’7 Weight: 135 lbs Hair: Red Eyes: Brown

Yvonne has a crooked nose from getting hit, scars on her legs from a bad slide, but is otherwise pretty. Her hair is typically tied back and kept out of her face even during civilian times. She is usually wearing sporty clothing and is considered a tomboy.


Yvonne is all about being a star. Despite the guilt of the night that will haunt her forever she still pushes hard and tries to be better than everyone in the field. She knows she is good at what she does and that pushes her to try and be better. She fears that she will push someone too far again.

As a cape she loves the Homerun persona, adoration, spotlight, and getting to throw opening season pitches? Absolutely perfect. Plus what is more exciting than actually being out in the world and making it safer for everyone and becoming beloved by the people."

Skills & Training

  • College Softball
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Black belt in both Aikido and XMA
  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
  • Sculpting

Resources & Wealth

As she is sponsored by the local pro baseball team she does rather well in life, nothing extravagant, but she is kept in decent care.

Has an apartment that is paid for, a decent car, and a deal with a scrap yard on the outskirts that deals in crushing metal.

She tends to borrow some durability before going out on a patrol."

  • A 2019 Blue Mazda3
  • Downtown Apartment

Equipment & Gear

  • Baseball gear (Pads, bats, and helmet)
  • Baggies of Chalk
  • Notepad & Pens
  • Burner Phones
  • Heavy Duty Zipties
  • Medkit (Bandages, Tourniquet, Guaze, Etc.)

Parahuman Power

Trigger type: Single standard - Torch Striker

Homerun’s power allows her to touch a person or object and that spot becomes less durable for a period of five hours. That durability gets distributed into Homerun and her equipment. The longer she touches something the weaker that thing gets. Eventually this allows her to break steel or push her hand through concrete as though it were wet paper. Importantly it only impacts the area touched.

She can extend her power to an object she is holding, swinging a bat at someone causing the spot that is struck to become weaker as though she herself were using her power directly. This only works through one instance, such as her clothes and an object she is touching, to a reach of 6'. Her power only allows her to gain durability if she is draining it from something more durable than she currently is. In general it takes her one to two hits to steal the durability of hardwood and three to four hits for steel, scaling upwards as things are more durable. For the purposes of prolonged contact a second is equal to a single strike.

Background & Trigger

Yvonne, Sammy, and Charlotte were the closest friends on the softball team. They had been training together for years and this was their year. This was the year they were going to take it all. Yvonne was an all around star shortstop and scouted for some scholarships. After the semifinal win Sammy and Charlotte wanted to go out for a night out.

The three of them got wasted. It wasn't like it was hard for a few underage girls to get someone to buy them drinks. Yvonne pushed for more from the three of them, this was a celebration!

They spent the night drinking and talking about the next game. Scholarships. College. Life beyond their next adventure. They didn't have the forethought to take an Uber home. Sammy had hit another car head on. The crash was brutal.

Yvonne woke first, her side of the car left mostly intact due to the angle of the crash. She was dazed, drunk, and covered in cuts. She slowly tried to assess the situation. Sammy was... Bleeding. A lot. Charlotte's legs were pinned by Sammy's seat and one of her arms was twisted up badly.

She was struggling to think, more focused more on her scholarship. College. The championship these three were supposed to win. Charlotte was slowly coming to, but the screaming was so dull. Yvonne was going to lose everything she had worked so hard for. She looked back to Sammy. She watched her BFF stop breathing. As she watched her entire future threatened she triggered.

Yvonne was a star shortstop for Freefall Memorial Academy in 2019. She has a younger sister, Lilly, an older brother, James, as well as both of her parents alive and well, Alex and Linette. She partied too much and post accident everyone was just glad she was okay. Charlotte refuses to talk to her to the day.

Since that fateful day she continued to play and did get a scholarship to CU Denver, which she accepted gratefully given the stigma that had surrounded her. She started actively going out as a cape in college, which is where she got her name from. A crime in progress that she happened to show up to post practice. Bat in hand she swung hard into the crook. When reporters made it to the scene a bystander commented “You really hit that one outta the park!” The newspaper featured the cape Homerun the next day. She leaned into the name. The local minor league team sponsored her after she was seen in their uniform."

(Optional) Misc Lore Snippets