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Harlot 2 Electric Boogalo.jpg
Notoriety Criminal
E / ?
Author /u/Magos_Nashoid (capes)
Civilian name Jayna Mayers
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBreaker (Mover, Brute), Shaker, Striker, (Stranger), Master
Status NPC
Height 6 ft 6 in (198 cm)
Partner(s) Christine Sevini (Outburst)
Reddit Sheet
Blu C | Duelist A$ | Packrat D+ | Phalanx A | Vigor C-

The earliest reports of Harlot on the cape scene was a prolonged campaign to terrorize the drug dealers of Ashton, chasing them till she feels they have learned a lesson, before beating them up, and leaving them for the police.

The exact nature of her prior affiliation with EVIL is unknown, but she took part in a small robbery with Sparkat. This would be the only reported crime on her record, before shifting towards heroism in a new city, having apparently cleared her name with the PRT at somepoint in the interim.

She is now living in the city of Devilfish, working closely with Outburst and Tiphereth as Independant Heroes.

Character Sheet


Jayna is a rather tall woman standing at 6ft 6inches, she has an athlete's body, as she is a wrestler at Ashton University. Jayna has black hair and blue eyes. She has extensive tattoos all across her body, the only clear space being her face. She is attractive in a slightly intimidating way. In her civilian life she is sorta low-key a goth, only wearing clothes that fit her aesthetic.

Jayna’s Original costume is simple, consisting of a rather nice Hockey Mask (resembling that of her favorite Slasher), she wears dark clothes, over a cheap ballistic vest, and a pair of sturdy work gloves

Equipment and Resources

Jayna has about 3,000$ in savings from her various part time jobs. She lives in an on-campus apartment by herself, and has a full sports scholarship, which has allowed her to finish a 4 year theater degree, and is working on a public relations degree. Her somewhat wealthy parents help her out with some of her expenses, giving her a small allowance for food and gas, to help her avoid dipping into her savings too often.

Jayna is between jobs at the moment, and drives a reliable hand-me-down truck.

  • Bowie Knife
  • Butterfly knife
  • Switchblade
  • 15 throwing knives
  • Machete
  • Fire Axe (usually kept in her truck)
  • Taser
  • Burner phone
  • Medkit
  • 30 zipties
  • Brass knuckles

Skills and Specializations

  • Good enough at Wrestling to have earned a Scholarship.
  • Excellent at throwing Knives and Darts
  • Can play the Keyboard with competency
  • Basic first aid


Jayna is a very different person after her trigger then she was before. She was always on the quiet side, but her powers have had a rather pronounced effect on her emotions, leaving them feeling dull, compared to before, almost as though she were slightly sedated. She still experiences the full range of emotions, they just feel… wrong somehow.

On the Contrary, when she is in the presence of those involved in her multi-trigger, her power reverses the effect, granting her an addictive emotional high. Jayna is still able to function relatively normally in her life, but feels a degree of dissociation from things almost constantly.

Jayna is a rather grim person even pre-trigger, but always felt content with her life and situation. She is trying desperately to get back that feeling of contentment, trying anything to feel things normally again, experimenting with dangerous new experiences in order to feel something new or different.


Trigger type: Multi-trigger (with Shreik, Outburst and Malaise)

Primary Power (Self-time dilation)

Harlot is able to manipulate her body’s passage through time. She can do several interesting things with this ability

She can fast forward *individual parts and sections * of her body, by up to 50 times its regular speed (she uses this to fast forward her bodies natural healing, allowing her a form of pseudo regeneration.)

Alternatively she can fast forward her entire body by up to 3 times the normal speed, allowing her to move up to 3 times her normal speed. Allowing her to run up to 45 mph for short durations. She can use this to dodge slower projectiles, and to hit faster/harder in melee.

She can Slow down individual parts and sections of body by up to 90 times its regular speed, allowing her to tank wounds for short periods and tend to them after combat.

She can Freeze her body in time. She does this by selecting an amount of time up to a maximum of 5 hours and activating this ability. Her body becomes completely frozen, (mind included) Her body is functionally invulnerable (Just like something frozen by clockblocker) Every time she uses this ability she must wait an equal amount of time for it to recharge, as she froze herself.

Secondary Power (Shadows)

Harlot is able to both dim and flicker lights within an 100ft area of her. This ability comes with the ability to perceive the location of light sources within her area. This ability lets her see in darkness as though it were lit. and to prevent damage from changes in light levels (meaning a flashbang’s bright flash won’t hurt her in the least, or even make her flinch. She could use an arc welder without goggles and experience no discomfort or damage)

Secondary Power (Apathy)

When an enemy is wounded by Harlot in melee. Her power kicks in. This ability prevents an opponent from feeling concern or worry regarding their wounds. Meaning she could stab you, and you’d not feel any overt concern to try tending to your wound, prefering to do whatever you were doing, whether it be negotiating, running, or fighting, etc

This can be quite dangerous if she creates a wound that bleeds heavily, or in the off chance her attack is poisoned.

Secondary Power (Sound and Distraction)

Harlot can create Auditory hallucinations. Often choosing to create noises such as phantom footsteps, heavy breathing, quiet music that sounds like it's coming from another room, the sound of wind, whispers, etc). She uses to make an opponent paranoid, and to throw them off. She tends to use this to cover up sounds of her actual movements while stalking an enemy.

This vector of transmission for this power is line of sight based. Meaning that if she get a direct visual of you, she can lock-on to you. Even after leaving her line of sight this effect lasts for up to a maximum of three hours (reacquiring a visual starts the timer over to its max) This power grants NO awareness of an individual's location. She can only affect up to 20 people at a time with this ability.