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Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/TheBluestHedgeroo (capes)
Civilian name Christine Sevini
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBreaker/Changer (Blaster, shaker, Mover, Thinker)
Born (1997-04-04) April 4, 1997 (age 25)
Status NPC
Residence Shared Apt.w Jayna
Partner(s) Jayna Myers (Harlot)
Reddit Sheet

Public Info: Has a mild reputation as an independent hero, tied to her duels with Fiber and Skullfucker's Crew (in which she got fucking clowned on after giving some 7/10 banter), as well as the duel with Harlot and Sparkat which ended when she inadvertently detonated the wisps Sparkat's power creates. Members of the Protectorate/Wards might vaguely recall the time she had to be talked down from prying Starving Artist's plaque from an Endbringer monument, although they are unlikely to recall her motive.

Additionally, she has often be seen accompanying Tipireth (The Artist Formerly Known As Fiber), both in her cape identity as a bodyguard and in her civilian identity working as an intern at her clinic.

After recovering from her thankfully brief battle with the plague and finishing out the most of her degree, she decided to depart from Ashton along with her squad (Harlot and Tipireth). A quaint Midwestern town seemed to have openings available at the local hospital, and it'd be a nice change of pace....

Character Sheet


Personal: Around 6 feet tall and lanky as all hell. White with a light tan, long straight black hair, blue eyes that usually have bags under them. Frequently wears a green jacket.

Costume: Consists of a dark blue jacket and jeans combo, along with a set of fingerless gloves, discreet kneepads, and a creepy rubber bat mask she is far too attached to.

Breaker State: Natural lankiness is exaggerated to the point where she has proportions like the inflatables outside of car dealerships (stretches to about 8 feet tall). Long, thin, and surprisingly flexible featureless body with angular limbs that each end in three fingers/talons (can still walk, has some trouble grabbing and manipulating small objects), curls herself into a ball to fling herself using her power. State is colored a similar navy blue color as her jacket, produced smoke is a chalky white. Breaker state appears to consist of a rough rock-like substance.


Commonly stressed, high-strung, and overly cautious prior to getting her powers, Outburst still heavily values caution and having her actions go unnoticed despite her powerset being anything but discreet.

Her mentality is influenced by her end of the Kiss/Kill effect of her cluster, in that her pre-existing anxious and overcautious tendencies are dampened when around fellow cluster-members for a prolonged period of time and gradually exacerbated into full-blown paranoia when away from her fellow cluster-members for a prolonged period of time. Because of this, she is often more willing to defer to the judgement of her clustermates (which given that half of her clustermates are deceased, means that she is willing to follow Jayna's lead on matters that don't seem especially crime-y).

Equipment and Resources

  • About $300 in cash, $2,600 in savings
  • Low-tier sedan in pretty solid condition
  • Replacement components for a costume (minus the knee-pads and bat mask)
  • Apartment in a kinda shitty area of town nearish Ashton University, shared with three roommates
  • Swiss Army Knife (corkscrew is broken)
  • Rudimentary medkit, consisting of a roll of bandages, some antiseptic, and a bottle of over-the-counter painkillers.
  • Cell phone

Skills and Specializations

  • Basic knowledge of how to set up, operate, and maintain common sound systems
  • Basic knowledge of how to administer First Aid and diagnose injuries via premed degree.
  • Can cook pasta and heat up prepackaged frozen foods like nobody’s business


POWER Trigger Type: Multi (Cluster A/ The Rave Cluster, with Kathleen (Shriek), Kevin (Malaise), Magos_Nashoid (Harlot), and myself (Outburst)

  • Primary Power: (Sound and Disorientation, Breaker/ Mover): Enters a breaker state that blinds her completely in exchange for gaining a much more detailed awareness of nearby sound within about a 3 block radius. (Can determine the rough location of a distinct sound in her radius, hearing it just as clearly as if she was right next to it. However, her “mental map” of sound takes time to form, and particularly loud sounds partially drown out other sounds nearby.) Can quickly fling herself in a straight line to particular sounds, producing a loud blast of disorienting noise on impact that also clears her “mental map” (Noise induces vertigo and brief flares of tinnitus aside from being pretty loud, effect is harshest on those closest to her). Other senses are unaffected, and she can speak unimpeded. Can maintain Breaker state for a solid 30 minutes without refueling, though that shortens drastically if overexerting herself through repeated use of her Mover power. Injury imparted on her Breaker state does not physically carry over to her body, though she will be incapacitated for a solid 10 minutes or so and ejected from her state if her breaker form is destroyed.
  • Secondary Power: (Apathy, Striker): Upon physically touching people or directly impacting people in her Breaker state, drains physical stamina and mental "will to fight" from said person to fuel her Breaker state. Effect is more "poison-based" than "mental-based", so one with immunity to poison powers would be immune to it entirely and one with immunity to mental powers would somewhat resist the effect. This effect is also present to a minor degree if someone is fully immersed in her smoke or inhales her smoke. Physical effect usually manifests as the targets finding it more difficult to move their extremities, becoming out of breath much more quickly than usual, and/or becoming lightheaded, with effects increasing in severity until they collapse (after about 45 seconds of uninterrupted physical contact or about 4-5 impacts)
  • Secondary Power: (Shadow, Shaker): When actively throwing herself, breaker form leeches a thin trail of opaque smoke. Upon impact, a thicker smoke cloud is released that spreads and clumps over a small radius. Smoke will harmlessly disperse after being left alone for 15 minutes, can be manually scattered prior to that.
  • Secondary Power: (Time dilation, Blaster): Can fire a small, roughly cubic patch of slowed time in a straight line towards distinct sounds while in her Breaker state (time slowed by a rough ratio of half a second outside the field=a second inside of it). This patch slows both inorganic and organic objects, with the effect lessening over the entire body/object once part of it exits the field. Can only have one field active at a time, fields cease to be active after she exits or is forced out of her breaker state.

EXAMPLE: Outburst was perched on the rooftop of her apartment building in her breaker form, trying to relate the various huffing breaths of the Trash Tyrant to the various sounds of glass, metal, and plastic clinking together as the contents of several dumpsters were emptied in a parking lot below. She was thankful that the strange gremlin’s huffing was loud enough to not be drowned out by the resounding crash of glass being torn apart and metal being bashed into place as the Tyrant made his hive, though the stream of plastic bottles bonking against each other faded from her hearing.

She took careful aim at what she assumed to be the center of two of those streams of trash leading to the hive and flung a patch of slowed time there, succeeding if the much less rapid noise of garbage bonking against each other in that cube was any indication.

When he surfaced out of that hive, huffing breath rising in frequency, she flung herself towards him. She didn’t quite manage to directly hit him, but judging from the first thing she became aware of after that thunderclap of noise being the characteristic raw choking noises inhaling her smoke, she’d gotten close enough. She lunged unsteadily atop the mound of trash, slipped one long limb around his neck, and pulled him back into where she assumed her smoke to be until he passed out.