Group Think

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Group Think
Notoriety Criminal
Author the4bestgame (capes)
Pronouns She/They
Civilian name Jane Brosborrow
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Denver)
Age 36
Status NPC
Nationality Italian
Trigger Type Single Standard Trigger

Publicly Available Information

Group think, AKA Jane Brosbarrow is a suspected Thinker or Master with previous connected to the Italian Mob. She has not been seen outside of rumors or on screens since she triggered in PRT custody.

PRT / Government Information

Costume Appearance

Group Think wears a well tailored pinstripe suit with a mask of tragedy on her face, to the sides of her head are matching masks of comedy, giving the appearance of having Three faces on one head.

Civilian Appearance

Jane is a tall Italian American with black hair in a pixie cut. She has a lip piercing with a small silver ring and two long arm sleeve tattoos, her left filed with scenes of love, her right with scenes of war. She prefers to wear similar clothes to her costume, well tailored suits and dress shoes.


Group Think is prone to making rash decisions, but this is tempered by her trigger event making her into a far more cautious and careful person. She seeks a way to return to the top of the heap and live a life of quiet luxury.

Skills & Training

  • Political Speech
  • Radicalization
  • Money Laundering

Resources & Wealth

  • Resources 3 (Poverty) 100-1000$
  • Cheap Car
  • Laundered Money

Equipment & Gear

  • Phone
  • Car
  • Tracking Devices
  • Multiple Computers

Parahuman Power

Group Think is a high level thinker capable of predicting the actions of large groups of people, with increasing accuracy based on the scale of the group, being easier to make plans the larger a group they are targeting. However, larger groups naturally require more extreme actions to manipulate them. The power only tells them the gross details on what to do, not the fine steps.

(EG it might tell you that a group could be manipulated through a large donation, but not when the best time or the exact amount of the donation.) The larger the group the more clandestine the details are. (Adding an extra 100 people might tell them to donate at 5 O'clock to hit the 6 O'clock news cycle, but not why thats important.)

Background & Trigger

Jane was the prodigal daughter, book and street smart, set to bring their little branch of the "Family" in to the big stage. She had it all planned out, the marks booked, the numbers run. Their little corner of hell was going to become so much bigger by bringing in Parahuman muscle and minds to do the hard parts for them.

For a month it worked, their profits went way up, the casino rigged to perfectly pay each person just enough to keep them from loosing, gang members happening to be out of town right before danger hit, their rivals ruined.

But there's a reason not to dip into Parahuman crime, because all of a sudden instead of the dirty cops they've already bribed to look the other-way, they where dealing with the PRT and Protectorate. Maybe they could have been bribed as well, but not this quickly, not thoroughly enough.

Thrown into a cell she was integrated by a thinker who seemed to co-opt every thought before she could think it, making it horribly clear how badly she has miscalculated, and how she's ruined her who0le family.

She triggered then, as she begged her mind for a way to convince the cops to let her go. Yelling out the Master/Stranger code though she had no idea what it meant, and she ran now known as a Parahuman.

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