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Devilfish: The Very Model of a Unionized Community

Devilfish has a long history with Labor Unions, historically the city was host to what was called by many the 'Union Wars' between the Devilfish 'Brotherhood of Miners' and the Grand Portage Mining Company. Which resulted in hundreds of lives lost over a two decade period.

In the modern-age Devilfish and the surrounding area is very heavily unionized, to such a degree that Unions in the Minnesota area often point to Devilfish as an example when touting the advantages of an organized work force.

Greater-Devilfish-Area General Union (GDA-GU)

The Greater-Devilfish-Area General Union is far from the only Union in Devilfish, but is certainly the one with the biggest and furthest reaching presence in the local community. As the name implies The GDA-GU covers the city of Devilfish as well as a number of the small unincorporated settlements in the surrounding county.

As a general Union, the GDA-GU represents workers from a wide range of industries and companies, rather than focusing on a single organization or a particular sector or Trade. The GDA-GU fights for a number of goals, the core three being; Better Wages, Reasonable Hours, and Safe working conditions. These are far from the only goals they are striving for, but are arguably the most important.

The GDA-GU has close ties with the Minnesota branch of the AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations) who help the GDA-GU to collaborate with other Unions in the Minnesota area. As well as to ensure that they are represented (Along with many other Unions) in decisions on a state and federal level.

GDA-GU: Officers and Staff

President: Tiffany Wilhelm, a short and stout, Black-haired, Caucasian woman in her late forties. Tiffany Wilhelm has worked in the GDA-GU in some capacity for over 25 years, being promoted up the chain of command for her calm collected demeanor, and extreme competence with organization.

Tiffany is not just someone who goes through the motions, she has experienced first hand what being a worker in poor conditions and no representation is like, and genuinely believes in the tenants of the GDA-GU. She is not the kind of leader who yields to bribes or threats.

Secretary-Treasurer: Cameron McCarthy, a grey-haired twig of a man, standing at 6 feet, calling him worryingly skinny is a slight understatement. But appearances can be deceiving, Cameron is the picture of health, even at the ripe age of 57, and his mental clarity is superb.

Cameron is excellent at what he does, running his loft position in the Union with the kind of efficiency and gusto that an organization like the PRT would kill for in administrative staff. Alas Cameron has sold his soul to his work, having served in his position for the past 25 years with a steadfast dedication. Managing to manage his workload, and still have time for his family and friends, and even to go fishing or camping with his grand kids every other weekend.

Parahuman Liaison Specialist: Haylee Shields, a woman of an average height and build, with dark red hair, and a easy to get along with demeanor. Haylee possesses degrees in Parahuman studies, Labor Relations, and Human Resources Haylee is the GDA-GU's Parahuman Liaison Specialist. A role that advocates and represents Parahumans, regardless if the Parahuman is a 'Rogue' who operates a business of their own, or a Parahuman who has chosen to continue to work in the civilian workforce.

Considering the sporadic nature of Parahumans, Haylee's workload is equally sporadic, alternating between tiny and vast quantities almost on the whims of the GDA-GU's superpowered minority. But if they pay their union dues, and everything is above board then as far as Haylee (and the Union) is concerned they deserve representation, and Haylee isn't gonna let them down..