Dust Devil

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Dust Devil
Dust Devil.jpg
Dust Devil in her costume
Notoriety Criminal
F / ?
Author Leah (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Laureline Grey
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Denver)
Age 16
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver UnknownMercury
Trigger Type Single Standard Trigger

Publicly Available Information

Little is known about her, other than an unknown figure can occasionally be seen at Swim Beach in Cherry Creek park experimenting with her powers. Rumors state she seems to be able to control a decent amount of sand.

PRT / Government Information

A new cape in Denver by the name of 'Dust Devil', her activities so far have been minimal, simply to the extent of practicing her abilities at Swim Beach. Observed abilities include telekinetic control over sand, generation of sand, and the ability to teleport herself or objects she touches via sand, leaving behind a sand replica in their place. Her upper limits are not yet strictly known though she has not demonstrated a control of sand such that she is able to control the entire Beach.

Costume Appearance

Dust Devil wears a costume stolen from her school Drama department. It offers minimal protection. She wears a fully covering white mask with decals painted on it in a light red, and a blue wig. Her costume is a bit regall, but overall a tight fit to allow her full freedom of movement. It comes with a tearaway cape.

Civilian Appearance

Laura has hazel hair and eyes, and is pretty slim. She stands at 5'2", and likes to wear sleeveless T-shirts and ripped jeans. She typically wears brighter or more pastel colors.


More than anything Laura is unsure of herself. She hides this a bit with attitude and brushing things off, but she's not sure of herself or what she should do. Currently she just tends to drift through life, and doesn't commit to much. Being a cape is a chance to structure herself, give herself scaffolding, but she's not ready to fully commit to it, between her fear and uncertainty for which path to go down, she's in the prime spot where she can be influenced down either path. Especially with her living situation being less than nominal. However, she is fairly bright, and in a pinch is prone to coming up with creative solutions to her problems.

Skills & Training

- Very limited Women's Self Defense training - Speaks English and a bit of Spanish - Decent computer artist - Skilled at drawing by hand.

Resources & Wealth

She lives in an apartment with her mother, father, and younger brother. It's not a big or fancy place. She doesn't have her own method of transportation, but she does have a learner's permit.

Equipment & Gear

- Her costume, a barebones nylon costume fitted over her with a plastic mask and blue wig. - Flashlight-Baton - Water bottle. - Old iPhone

Parahuman Power

Dust Devil is a Shaker/Mover/Striker, she's capable of generating and controlling significant amounts of sand. She can only control her sand, and can only control 5 cubic meters of it at a time. Each cubic meter of her sand weighs 2 Tons. She can generate half a cubic meter of her sand per round of combat, old sand simply removed from her control. She can control her sand anywhere within a range of 100 meters, beyond that range it falls out of her control. If there is sand in her range, she can convert it into her sand at double the rate she would otherwise generate it, but it prevents her from generating sand for that round.

Her sand can move up to 30 MPH (~13 Meters/Second). She can 'fly' by carrying herself on her sand, but this is generally unstable and not something she prefers to do. She instead typically likes to ride on a wave of sand generated beneath her feet, riding it as it rises to get over obstacles, or ride it as it climbs up a wall.

She can swap places with her Sand in her range, displacing a volume of her sand equal to her volume and leaving a sort of delicate sand statue in her place behind her. The statue retains its shape if untouched but is easily crumbled. Teleporting this way can tire her, especially if done repeatedly. It's as if she was sprinting for a short duration, and she may become out of breath and unable to teleport further if she does so a lot. Generally this means she's able to do around 3 teleports a minute while maintaining an active pace, more than that exhausting her too much. She can choose to bring things she's touching with her in teleporting selectively, allowing her to do things like teleport out of handcuffs or restraints, or teleport with people she touches. Teleporting with a person counts as an additional teleport in terms of exhaustion, but teleporting things smaller than her is less tiring. The person does not need to be willing, and she can choose to only teleport something she touches, not bringing herself along.

Her control of her sand is precise, and it can hit with the force of a sledgehammer's blow when compacted. She can form constructs out of compacted sand held together by her power, typically this will have the durability of concrete that can reform and regenerate with focus, and she will need to actively focus on holding it together. She can precisely feel the sand in her range, even that which is not in her control, and is able to percieve shifts and steps in it, or things it impacts if she focuses on this sense. With practice she doesn't currently have and with a lot of focus she will be able to percieve sound through her sand, and be able to vibrate her sand precisely to respond back.

Background & Trigger

Laureline Grey (Laura) is an ordinary Denver teen, her parents while not the best off, provided for her. She went to a public highschool and had friends. One of those friends, Donald (Donny) Gomez was obsessed with Caving. But they didn't have the money to go to the sanctioned caves that were some distance from the city, so he convinced Laura to go to the next best thing- a nearby abandoned mine. He convinced her that tons of people went there and it was totally safe. While dubious, Laura agreed to go.

The mine was.. fine. Donnie was having a great time, talking about the rocks while she was mostly listening in and a bit scared by it all. That was until they got separated. Donnie walking down one path and she accidentally went down another. Not noticing for a bit, when she did she immediately called out for him, but it was no help. This place was a maze to her and she wandered aimlessly. That is, until she leans a hand on a pillar to catch her breath after running around. The pillar, already weakened by the passage of time and water decay, experienced the final straw that broke the camel's back. It snapped, collapsing the strut it was holding and sending a ton of gravel and rocks down around her. She wasn't crushed, luckily, but was enclosed, trapped. Her flashlight shattered as she began hyperventillating, not able to move a muscle and being crushed on all sides by rock and gravel. Trigger.

As she subconsciously activates her power the space around her begins to fill with sand pouring from her. In a panic she closes her eyes, stopping the outflow of sand, and in her mind's eye she can feel all the sand around her, a mental map with every grain. With focus she directs the grains through the crevices between the rocks and out into the open air of the cave, eventually coalescing enough sand to feel a new trigger. Pulling it, she's suddenly there- having left behind a sand statue in the rubble. Staggering away, heavily bruised and with her ribs cracked, she manages to use her powers to make it out of the cave, where Donnie is.

After recovering in a hospital, she began to tease with the idea of using her powers. Becoming a hero or villain. She visited Swim Beach in Cherry Creak park, and began to test her powers. To hide her face she wore a costume complete with Mask and wig she stole from the school Drama department. It felt.. good to stretch her powers, use them. She didn't know what she was going to do, but she knew that she was going to use them in one way or another. And hey, being a Superhero or villain is all plays and make-believe anyways, right? Like Wrestling on TV. She's gonna do fine.

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