Cumulus Girl

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Cumulus Girl
Cumulus Girl.png
Notoriety Criminal
D / ?
Author /u/PM_ME_UR_SIMURGH (capes)
Civilian name Elizabeth Sophie Delaney
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker (Shaker)
Born (2004-09-13)September 13, 2004
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Status Deceased
Died October 30, 2021(2021-10-30) (aged 17)
Elliot Lake, Ontario
Reddit Sheet
Asbestos C | Astrohaunt B? | Knockoff F? | Misfit A$ | Retcon E | Zettai C?

Minnesota was shocked by news of the tragic murder of beloved Minneapolis veteran Thunderbird, however PHO is full of rumors alleging that Thunderbird's daughter, a young woman with similar weather control powers, is running around Devilfish.

She is not a fan of her cape name.

Cumulus Girl died in the Famine attack in 2021.

Character Sheet


Sophie is a young woman with blue eyes and copper-colored hair kept in a ponytail most of the time. Calling her small for her age would be very generous. She tends to move around gingerly; on a good day she walks with a bit of a limp while on a bad day she can’t get far without the help of a carved wooden cane. She tends to dress in muted flannels and jeans, although a dress isn’t entirely out of the question should the situation call for it.

Her cape costume has been described as "pyrokinetic lesbian knight" which is on-brand for what she's going for. There's a conspicuous absence of a mask or other such method of hiding her identity.

Equipment and Resources

  • PRT-issue panic button (issued to her civ identity)
  • Bougie-ass car (GT-R Protectorate Edition) with prismatic navy blue paint scheme.

    The Nissan GT-R Protectorate Edition was a limited-production run in 2015, with 48 cars produced and offered solely to a select few members of the world's largest hero team. Features include reinforced undercarriage, bullet-resistant windows, class III NUCLEUS-certified hardened electronics, and a hermetically-sealed cabin with up to 40 minutes of bottled oxygen supply. PRT property (lights and siren, commlink, tracking beacon, and other classified technology) has been removed.

  • Lives with her father in a p bougie high-rise apartment downtown (GPMC Center).
  • Most of her late mother's assets are held in trust until she turns 18, which will bump her to WL 7
  • Connections™ with the Minneapolis Protectorate/Wards, more-or-less.
  • Dad's a shop teacher at school, and she has a key to the machine shop which she totally doesn't sneak into late at night to do tinkering.


A fucking sword!!!

Appearance: A very sharp-looking longsword with a golden guard and pommel. Its blade is etched with channels that look like a vague cross between PCB traces and magic runes. When charged with energy, these channels have thematically appropriate effects depending on the charge in question.

Abilities: Besides being a slashy/stabby weapon, the sword’s design is primarily used to offensively direct energy into chosen targets. Almost always, this effect is harmful. The first “load” of the combat encounter is free, subsequent shifts to other charge types are full-round actions that may leave CG vulnerable.

💧 Wet Deluge: The target becomes sopping wet from head to toe, and may find movement harder to handle for a short time until they adjust to the weight of the water.
🔥 Hot Cauterize - The blade glows red-hot, causing effects like how you’d expect a red-hot sword stabbing someone.
💨 Gust Shockwave - Swipes or stabs release gusts of wind powerful enough to knock a nearby NIST Standard Reference Man off his feet if not braced.
Dry Consume - Rapidly absorbs all moisture in an area, leaving the air bone-dry within seconds. Can be immersed in liquids to nope them from reality over a longer duration.
Cold Shatter - Flash-cools anything it touches, making it brittle and easily broken. Not as effective on living organic tissue, but extended contact will still cause conventional frostbite.

Meteormancer Armor

Appearance: Fantasy-inspired armor that comprises Cumulus Girl’s costume.

Abilities: Offers level III armor protection on the stupid chart as well as acting as a stab vest. Covered areas offer immunity to standard tasers and stun guns, although dedicated Tinkertech (ex: persephone’s lightning arm) can overcome it.

❄🔥 Cold/Hot Deluge: (Passive) Meteormancer armor automatically adjusts as needed to ensure wearer is comfortable temperature-wise. Works within the entire band of natural temperature ranges, meaning Cumulus Girl could take a portal from Death Valley to Antarctica and not worry about bringing a sweater. For elemental interaction purposes, only one element applies depending on if it is cooling or heating.
Cold Kryos - Automatic system monitors the wearer’s vitals, if lethal injuries are sustained, it will automatically activate, releasing a huge blast of ice that will engulf them in a frozen cocoon. A competent Parahuman healer will hopefully be able to revive the wearer, but if not, you were gonna die anyway right? Under normal conditions the cocoon should last at least 24 hours, or longer if in a cold area.

its a cane why does a cane need a name

Appearance: A perfectly ordinary wooden cane with some fancy carved swooshes and shit.

Abilities: Can be used to help support someone if they, say, suffer from chronic pain due to having their torso turned into swiss cheese. It also contains several touch-sensitive buttons that can be used to discreetly interact with certain tech.

Chemtrail Dispenser

Appearance: A small device the size of a consumer drone. Dozens of near-invisible filaments of wire stretch around it for a hundred feet in each direction.

Abilities: Can be used to control the weather in a localized area, causing a sudden rapid change that persists for a couple hours. It will hover silently on an invisible breeze, up to several hundred feet in the sky, siphoning the energy from the clouds themselves. When the command is received, it rapidly drops to the appropriate height and dumps typhoon levels of rain, wind, and lightning in the area below it. This cannot be moved, canceled, or weakened except by destroying the device. Once it is done with the deluge, it will float back up to recharge and go back to passive stationkeeping.


Appearance: A metal bracelet etched in traces/runes, with thin wires leading to the wearer’s fingers.

Abilities: Allows Cumulus Girl to manifest a handheld, concentrated blob of a particular Element. Very influenced by other active tech on her person, which can be a pain but also allows for very versatile combinations. Examples include fireballs on demand (Hot), ice touch (cold), handheld ball lightning (Storm = cold+hot), and mild telekinesis (Gust). Generally less lethal than stabbing people with a fukken sword, and because of this, its also easier to change elements than a fukken sword.

🔥 Hot Fireballs on demand
💨 Gust Mind telekinesis
❄🔥 Cold/Hot Handheld ball lightning
Cold Ice touch
💨🔥 Gust/Hot Whip made of fire

Big Weather Succ Machine

Appearance: While each one is slightly different, they all in effect look like tinkertech pipe bombs built out of a thermos.

Abilities: When placed in a location, each BWSM attunes to the general Vibe of the area, and builds up charge within itself. Effectively it becomes a giant elemental battery that Cumulus Girl can use to power her tech. It takes about a week to charge one up, at which time she must stop by wherever it is to transfer charge to her shit.

Meta-wise it’s assumed as long as her BWSMs arent disturbed and she can get to them, she has enough weather juice to power her stuff for the average fight (counting bullets isnt fun).

It is not advised to try and fiddle with BWSMs for your safety. It is especially not advised to try and puncture the thermos bit, as that will cause a very large explosion.

Current BWSMs

Each has been relatively well hidden such that a casual observer wouldn’t be able to find them. However someone combing the area or using Tech would likely have better luck.

  • GPMC Center Rooftop (Gust)
  • USS Devilfish Museum (Cold)
  • Devil’s Kettle, Kettle Park (Wet)
  • Devilfish Railroad Terminal (Dry)
  • Giant tarred roof, Eagle Mountain High School (Hot)

The Forecaster

Note: This is Blur's Light Projector, taken and modified following the villain's arrest.

Appearance: A thin and angular rifle, with a pair of barrels that rotate. Big ol scope on top. It's clearly been modified from it's original design, with traces of wire-runes running over it and a couple spots where bits of the original have been cut out to make room for other components. In normal (mono-elemental) usage, only one barrel is used, when a hybrid element happens (ie Cold+Hot=Storm) both barrels swing into action.

Abilities: Adapting the light-tinker's tech wasn't easy, but Cumulus Girl (ugh) has managed to get something usable out of it. The rifle operates on the basis that its original function (laser gun) is just a light collimator. So she just adapts it to do stuff besides light:

💧 Wet Needle - Ordered, functional water is just ice with extra steps. In Wet mode, the gun shoots crystalline shards that can punch through armor if you're not careful.
🔥 Hot Beam - Literally just a laser.
💨 Gust Uplift - A "beam" of wind is pretty handy, but you know what's handier? Pointing it at the ground and letting Newton's third law rocket jump her around. Only really works when pointed at solid surfaces, so not for flying around unless she wants to pogo everywhere.
Cold Extinguish - Heat is entropy, cold is order. A lance of absolute zero, stilling everything in its path. Even if it's only for a moment before ambient air warms it back up, the damage will be done.

imagine what a tinkertech battery does if you short the terminals

Note: The batteries from Blur's Light projector.

Appearance: The now-unneeded battery packs for Blur's Light projector. There's some wires soldered to it along with a circuit board, as well as some ball-bearings and metal shavings hot-glued to the outside. 100% looks like something Thesea would leave inside a mailbox.

Duration: Two have been "made" (originally three, but one was almost-depleted and so was used for testing)

Abilities: The batteries have been rigged to explode, and can be activated either by time delay, impact, or remote-detonation. Basically a grenade.

Skills and Specializations

  • Mad skills at forecasting the weather
  • Has passed PRT qualifications for self-defence training
  • Talented pianist


Sophie wasn’t ever the most talkative person, and being shot several times by some yahoo with an assault rifle and spending every day since in some form of pain didn’t exactly help with things. She’s always looking for hidden details or tells, almost to the point of rudeness. When she’s struck with a problem, her go-to is to sit down, look it over, and think out an answer. When she can’t do that, well, who knows what she’ll do.


Trigger type: Single, second-generation natural trigger

Cumulus Girl (:v) is a Tinker with the ability to collect, harness, and control weather phenomena. She can use tech to skim aspects of local weather into pseudo-batteries that can then be used as charges for more conventional tinkertech to give it certain properties. This skimming process does not create easily-observable changes in weather patterns, but specific Thinkers may be able to track down minuscule anomalies to her tech.

Notably, she must be careful, as interference from multiple weather "types" can cause unintended interactions. As an abstract example, having, say, a Hot device running while a Cold device is fired could result in it firing Storm (Hot+Cold) instead. This may or may not be intentional. Due to the vast number of possible interactions, this is mostly determined on the fly, and in the event of a dispute an Approver should arbitrate the power interaction.


Welcome to Parahumans Online

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Thread Title: I miss you so much

Posted in: Boards > Misc > Vent Corner

I never thought it was weird, not at first. Mom and Dad always told me I couldn't talk about Mom's job, no matter how much I wanted to. I thought to myself, of course I can keep the family secret, just like all the other girls at school kept their family secret quiet. Until, of course, I realized I was the only one who had that secret.

My mom was a hero. Not just any hero, one of the first. Before the Protectorate was a thing, she was striking down villains with bolts of lightning and turning gun runners into human popsicles. That was why most people called her a hero. But that wasn't why she was my hero.

She'd come home, late at night, after Dad had tucked me into bed, still in her costume. I was supposed to be asleep, of course, but I never was; I always stayed up to make sure I wouldn't miss her. I'd beg for her to tell me how many bad guys she'd gotten, and she'd smile, and give me a number, and I'd beg to hear how. And sometimes she'd tell me a wild story. But sometimes she'd promise to tell me later, a later that never came. When I got older, I understood why, but as a kid, I was always disappointed.

Instead, on those bad days, she'd tell me about what it was like before capes, before the Exclusion Zone, before everything I'd known. She'd talk about how our home used to be like other homes in other cities. She'd talk about going to the mall without having to carry a taser, about walking through a park without checking a dosimeter, that kind of thing. It's a life I've never known, and none of my classmates knew, but all the grown-ups held on to like life preservers.

I get it now.

She did everything she could to prepare me. Told me up front that one day, I'd become something like her. I'd get powers, and I'd get to be a hero too. I asked how she got her powers. She told me, and I wasn't so sure anymore. But it would happen, it always happens to cape kids. So she helped me prepare. She taught me how to save a life, she taught me how to cope with ending one. How to give myself a second face, a second persona, how to make sure that nobody would ever figure out who I was behind the mask I would one day wear.

Of course, I hated her for it. I think part of me still does, despite everything. Most kids dreamed of being a superhero, and I just dreamed of being normal. hashtag notlikeothergirls, I know. But it was true. She'd come home from a patrol, if she was lucky the sun was still up, and she'd spend the rest of that night putting me through my paces, and then I'd go to bed exhausted and try to ignore her and Dad yelling. He'd scream about how she was a piece of shit who loved wearing a cape more than her family, which was funny because he was the one who left, but whatever.

I think that was when it changed, for both of us. We found ways to spend more time together, one way or another. I'd ride along on patrols, doing my homework in the passenger seat talking about whatever, and then the radio would buzz and I'd get to watch through bulletproof glass while she beat the shit out of a rapist. Then we'd go back to chatting like nothing changed.

I was there when it happened. We'd stopped by a checkpoint to have lunch with this indie hero who she'd been seeing (ugh) and... suddenly I'm in pain, and she's laying there, and... And that was that. Gone in an instant.

I was in a coma during the funeral. Saw it on Youtube afterwards. I wish I could've said goodbye. I'm still not sure what I would have said, I keep thinking about it and the words keep fizzling out halfway through. Just staring at a notebook and four hours later it's crumpled up balls of paper on the ground.

She should still be here. We should be at home on her day off, inhaling takeout Chinese and hatewatching terrible movies. I should be making disgusted noises when she mentions her "friend" (UGH) would be staying the night. Instead, I'm sitting in an empty house wondering how I'm going to do this. How I'm going to be the daughter she raised me to be, when I don't feel even remotely ready despite everything.

But I know she'd want me to try.