Calvin Ball

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Calvin Ball (Samantha Hobbes)
Notoriety Criminal
F / -
Author Dee (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Yet!) (Denver)
Status Active

(( IC Information that can be found by searching "Samantha Hobbes" online. Calvin Ball currently has not debuted.))

Samantha Hobbes is the only daughter of Governor Newton Hobbes and Curie Hobbes, the latter of which runs one of the most successful advertisement companies in North America. She is seldom seen by the public outside of events and rallies, showing that the Governor is quite the family man to his supporters. Recently, after an attack by a gang known as the Hellfire Bikers, Samantha and her mother have moved to Denver while her father stays in Washington State to prove to villains that he is not to be intimidated!

[Link to Governor Hobbes' campaign.]

The site contains a very strong anti-cape sentiment. Calling for tighter restrictions of Parahumans by the non-powered and harsher punishments for villains.

PRT Information

There is currently no file on the cape known as "Calvin Ball."