Calvin Ball

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Calvin Ball
Notoriety Criminal
F / -
Author Queen Dee (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Samantha Hobbes
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Denver)
Age 15
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver LizzyB1t
Trigger Type Single Standard Trigger

Publicly Available Information (Civilian ID)

Samantha Hobbes is the only daughter of Governor Newton Hobbes and Curie Hobbes, the latter of which runs one of the most successful advertisement companies in North America. She is seldom seen by the public outside of events and rallies, showing that the Governor is quite the family man to his supporters.

Recently, after an attack by a gang known as the Hellfire Bikers, Samantha and her mother have moved to Denver while her father stays in Washington State to prove to villains that he is not to be intimidated!

[Link to Governor Hobbes' campaign.] The site contains a very strong anti-cape sentiment. Calling for tighter restrictions of Parahumans by the non-powered and harsher punishments for villains.

Publicly Available Information (CapeID)

Has not publicly Debuted

PRT / Government Information

Has not publicly Debuted

Costume Appearance

Costume consists of home designed padding and goggles with a blue, white, and black color scheme. Also wearing greasepaint on her cheeks and the bridge of her nose to hide her freckles.

The costume helps mitigate some damage but is pretty bog standard “from the store” material. Almost heroic cosplay in comparison to a real protective outfit.

The goggles are emotive, something she learned how to do after watching tutorials online. Allowing her a pretty wide range of expression on an otherwise mostly covered face.

Civilian Appearance

Samantha is 5’8” with a somewhat stocky build. Her hair is red, her eyes are green, and her pale cheeks are splashed with freckles. Typically while out of costume she tends to wear what feels comfortable on the day, tending towards button up shirts and shorts if weather permits. Her clothing is always top of the line due to her parents being so wealthy. Though she doesn’t have a problem wearing more “casual” clothes.


Samantha’s upbringing left her either in the hands of tutors, teachers, trainers, or babysitters. Her parents leaving her alone for upwards of weeks at a time, tended to by her caretakers. None of which were ever particularly close to her. With this lack of family ties she developed an obsession with the Cape scene. Following the careers of heroes and the exploits of villains with a single minded focus.

After getting powers, this focus became a drive. To be one of the heroes who truly did good and changed the world for the better. Believing that she could, if she tried hard enough, save the world. This drive has manifested as a reckless lack of self preservation (facilitated by her power in a way), as well as a distinct distaste for those who waste their powers on selfish desires.

Skills & Training

  • Horsemanship
  • Archery
  • Piano
  • Cross Country
  • Speed Swimming (Breaststroke)
  • Ballet
  • First Aid
  • Ballroom Dance
  • Golfing
  • Volleyball
  • Skiing

Resources & Wealth

Samantha lives with her parents. Her father is a successful politician, her mother head of a wide reaching advertisement company. This has left her without the want for funds provided she doesn’t go too crazy with it. Her family being able to afford multiple overseas vacations a year, or owning properties that allow them to “snowbird” in various locations. Samantha herself has a generous allowance, and doesn’t really understand the value of money except when she sees just a few too many zeroes on a price.

Equipment & Gear

  • Home-Made Costume and Goggles
  • Zip Ties
  • Bandages
  • Burn Cream
  • A Collapsible Baton

Parahuman Power

Calvin Ball’s power, while complex on the outside, has two simple inner workings that govern her ability. Making nearly uncontrolled explosives, then surviving those explosions.

She can create solid red spheres in her from her body, these spheres can be manipulated by her but explode on contact with any other surface. Through her year and a half of pretty extensive duty back home she’s found different ways to manipulate the spheres, such as splitting a sphere up into a handful of marble sized spheres that contain much less powerful versions of the main interior explosive. Or by compressing and forcing more energy into a ball she can supercharge a sphere, making it more violent and unstable (usually leaving her hands looking pretty messed up until she heals.)

It takes about seven seconds for her to create a full strength sphere, which typically explodes with the force of a hand grenade.

The explosions within these spheres are intense, sudden bursts that Samantha has categorized into their own groupings through extensive power testing. (Blowing up stuff and writing down what blew it up.) The materials contained within are unexpected and have almost never been repeated. Upon impact on any surface they will burst or break. Sometimes this results in duds or much more dangerous materials than expected.

Her body itself, built to survive explosions, has a consistency similar to that of a shock absorbing putty that can knit itself back together. Unless outright killed Samantha’s body will heal over time, returning her to a functional state. Possessing the ability to regrow limbs over the course of a few months or, if she’s still conscious, hold the severed limb in place for a few hours to reattach it.

Sammy’s Listing of Material types is below:

  • Energy - No physical matter contained within the sphere. Creates quickly fading elemental affects such as bursts of fire, lightning, and intense cold.
  • Shrapnel - Contains tightly compressed physical matter that varies entirely in size, shape, and material. This matter explodes outwards and riddles the area with dangerous particulates.
  • Solid - The sphere is made of a solid matter. Often metal or stone, though other materials have been observed.
  • Liquid - The sphere contains highly pressurized liquid matter. The liquids vary in their composition and range in acidity / toxicity.
  • Plasma - These spheres are similar to Energy, but they have a physical lingering component. Usually manifesting as clouds of lingering dangerous effect.

Background & Trigger

Sammy wasn't worried when she'd watched the news with her parents, someone had trashed her dad's office and left a stupid message written in red paint on the wall. The jerks couldn't even spell "dead" right, the cops would catch them and the villains in the city wouldn't be a problem anymore.

She wasn't worried when Longstride started to spend time around the house, usually keeping an eye out on the front gate and always radioing the other Protectorate heroes whenever a neighbor would walk by with their dog. He turned out to be a really nice guy, a Tinker who specialized in making things that made stuff happen really fast. Always quick with a story, or to ask how Sammy's day had gone. Really he just seemed bored.

She wasn't even worried the night of the bombing, her father's car had exploded when he'd hit the auto start before heading out for the evening. A few people on the street had been hurt but the villains hadn't even been smart enough to check and see if his car even needed the keys to turn on! They would be caught in no time.

Of course she was startled when she heard her door open, early in the morning. Her blurry eyes checked the alarm clock to see it was just past 3 AM, but it was just her mother telling her they were going for a quick car ride to a hotel. Just for a couple days. It was weird, sure, but she was so tired after her track meet that she grabbed a few outfits and her backpack and followed her mother out to the car.

It was only when she was settled in that she noticed the figures standing by the gate, it looked weird, bent. But by the porch light she recognized Longstride and Stormsong, her favorite heroes.. actually, it was the whole Protectorate team, she was pretty sure of it. Though it was hard to tell as her father quickly pulled past them, two stayed by a dark figure that lay on the sidewalk and the others moved to escort her family. They kept pace with the car with Longstride's help and in her sleepy mind she sort of enjoyed watching Stormsong fly, it was beautiful the way her power glowed, it lit up her face to show off her confident smile.

Ten minutes later Sammy awoke again with a jostle. Her seat belt kept her in her seat as she tried to fight off her tiredness, catching the last few words her father spoke.

"... stay in your seat, they found us."

Sammy's fear found her there and she turned to the window. Longstride and two of his team members were still there... but Stormsong was gone.

She saw the light this time, a streak of dark crimson flames and a name came to mind, Hellfire. Sammy watched as a hero moved to intercept it and was engulfed in the flames that only seemed to grow darker as they ignited, the man's scream piercing through the thick glass even as they raced along the dark highway. She watched him blink and the flames vanished, something about his power, he rewound himself. He'd be okay! But that left two heroes to defend them as she saw them.

Five villains on twisted motorcycles, roaring towards them with Hellfire leading the pack. The engines screamed like the man who had been burned, and it made her head hurt to listen. She felt her father slam his foot on the gas and the whole car lurch forward as the world around them turned to chaos.

Like glimpses of nightmares each flash of flame or bright blue energy illuminated minions of roiling black ink and a mutated man who was cobbled into his motorcycle like a monstrous centaur. Hellfire himself a demon of leather and metal spikes The heroes fought, and they were winning! But the numbers just weren't on their side.

Another crash, a tire popping and both her parents screamed. There was a sickening crunch, a bone jarring impact, and the whole world was a tumble of smashing metal, shattering glass, and the rush of wind. Sammy could still see the lights of the battle as the car careened down the hill.

The movement stopped with a grinding of reinforced steel against stone, her seatbelt biting into her chest as she looked around, the world upside-down. Disoriented she barely heard her mother's panicked screaming, her father's pained groans. Something had caught her eye, a sound that didn't belong. Heavy boots walking slowly. Hellfire was coming.. her parents were going to die. She.. she was going to die. Something in her mind flicked as she triggered.

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