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Atlas Faceclaim.jpg
Notoriety Criminal
E / ?
Author Alice (Mothbed) (capes)
Pronouns She/They
Civilian name Alexandria "Alex" Laskaris
Alignment Mercenary/Rogue
Affiliation None (Denver)
Age 20
Status Active
Nationality Greek
Approver Leah
Trigger Type Single Standard Trigger

Publicly Available Information

Atlas is a changer who has been observed to turn her entire or parts of her body into different materials (metal, water, gasoline, wood, silk, etc). She has been found operating all around the city, and while she isn't malicious like a supervillain, she's still rude. Discretion advised if spotted.

Atlas is publicly a mercenary and bounty hunter, and has been spotted going after small-time criminals who have bounties on their heads.

PRT / Government Information

Costume Appearance

Alex doesn't have much need for a costume proper. When she goes out in costume, she's adorned in camo cargo pants, a tank top, and she covers her face in a soft metal and sculpts it to look like a decorated demon mask, sometimes with silver and gold livery.

Civilian Appearance

She is 6'3", with long, black hair. She's skinny, but athletic. Her body is covered in tattoos of various different things, usually occult in nature, however she gets tattoos of "whatever looks cool".

Her clothing is generally simple, preferring shirts with various band logos on them, and running shorts, but it isn't uncommon for her to ditch the shirt in favor of a sports bra- it's more comfortable to her.

She isn't without formalwear, but even in her most formal attire, she's going to be unbuttoning her shirts and vests, intentionally messing up her hair, looking slightly unkempt, or all of the above.


Deep down, Alex is generally scared and depressed, and copes by putting up a mask of being a toxic asshole to everyone around her, including people she might consider a friend. She also indulges in unsafe hedonism, latching onto whatever will distract her from what she feels is a cruel, unfair, and unjust world. She has a great deal of pride, and practically never takes accountability for her actions.

She craves companionship, but masks her feelings with anger and resentment, aimed at the world and the people around her. Paired with her downright phobia of saying the wrong things and making people hate her, she resorts to only saying the wrong things, for some semblance of control and predictability in her life.

She can't be hurt by people who say they love her if there's nobody to love her to begin with. This, of course, clashes with her desperation for attention, which only entrenches her deeper into her loneliness and self-loathing. She has an intense phobia of drowning and deep water, given the nature of her trigger.

Skills & Training

  • Greek is her first language. Turkish is her second. English is her third (her least proficient)
  • Car and motorcycle mechanic
  • Unarmed combat training
  • College-level knowledge in chemistry
  • Metalworking
  • First-aid training
  • Proficient in guitars
  • Wrestling
  • Deception/lying
  • Streetwise

Resources & Wealth

She lives in a slightly run-down car repair shop on the edge of town that she bought with her mercenary money from her years in London. She likes the general freedom she's afforded. She will occasionally take commissions to fix up vehicles when she isn't busy. She works at a fancy 4-star hotel called Beacon Inn.

  • A cruiser motorcycle she works on herself. It's her pride and joy.
  • A 24-karat gold necklace. It's a family heirloom.
  • A stash of $650,000 in an off-shore account she racked up over time in London. Saving it for a rainy day.

Equipment & Gear

These materials cataloged: wood, steel, gold, rubber, water, gasoline, silk, concrete, brick, copper, wool, ice, plastic, feather keratin, paper, leather, marble, andesite, obsidian, limestone, nickel, iron, lead, tin, zinc, platinum, vinegar, bleach

  • 24-karat gold necklace she keeps bundled up
  • Stun baton
  • 7 steel marbles
  • 2 sets of handcuffs
  • Three burner phones
  • Canteen of bleach
  • Ripped-off piece of fabric from a silk scarf
  • Canteen of water
  • Handheld radio

Parahuman Power

Alex can touch any object to 'catalog' the material of that object, storing it somewhere in her power. At any point she can 'spend' a material, converting some or all of her body into the cataloged material. She can also mix-and-match materials to convert specific parts of her bodies- for instance changing her whole body into steel, while coating the skin layer of her hands into rubber to soften her blows. Each time a material is cataloged, it's always exactly the amount of material needed to convert her entire body to it- no more, no less. She can 'ration' her materials, using up only bits at a time until she runs out of it, such as only converting her forearms into metal and shaping them into blades.

She can only catalog materials to either refill or refresh her resources while her change form isn't in use.

The speed of transformation is loosely dependent on how heavy the material is. Silk is incredibly light, so she can change body parts to silk near instantaneously. However gold is a very heavy material, so it will take her about ~5 seconds for a full-body transformation. Her total weight and density changes proportional to the materials she adopts as well, becoming lighter and almost floaty as silk, but can shatter the ground beneath her as gold.

She has the capacity of spending metal and rock materials inside herself, and crushing them inside her body with enough pressure like a crucible to produce magma.

She can catalog and form into liquids. If a limb is cut off while in changer form, then she will regain that limb when she dismisses her changer form.

Her body is also malleable and changeable, the ease and speed of this malleability is directly dependent on the material in question. Water is incredibly easy to mold, and gives her plenty of freedom, but steel is much harder, and takes significantly longer to mold a steel body. But she could morph her arms into physical melee weapons

She is susceptible to elements she adopts. In a metal body, she's significantly more susceptible to electricity, but in a wooden body, she might be immune to electricity, but she's much more susceptible to being lit on fire.

While experiencing fear in combat, she can layer materials over each other, able to add her base body weight worth of materials to her form, increasing her size and weight drastically into a chimera of mix-matched materials. Her body gets significantly less human as she does this- her maximum size is up to x20. One noted example was in London, where she transformed into a house-sized monster of metal and stone, vomiting streams of magma and molten gold.

She doesn't need to breathe while in her changer state.

Background & Trigger

Alex Laskaris was born in the poorest neighborhood of Athens, Greece, and was where she was raised for all her life. With an absentee father who fled to the States when she was barely old enough to talk, and an overworked, over-stressed, and alcoholic mother, she struggled to survive, but she did survive.

Despite her and her family's hardships, she kept an almost optimistic outlook on the world around her, learning to appreciate what she did have, while she had it. She often spent time with her grandfather, helping him work on motor vehicles like bikes and cars, and was where she picked up her skill and love for motorbikes.

For her entire life, she kept her head low. It wasn't until sometime in high school when she began developing feelings for a girl her age in her neighborhood. Living in such a close-minded community, she was terrified of her feelings, of how her friends and family would react. The more time she spends time with this girl, the more confident she gets, slowly by slowly, until the two finally get together in secrecy.

The other girl urges for them to run away togeter, and live somewhere safer, but Alex feels stuck to her family, trapped by connections.

Shortly after, Alex comes out to her family and friend circle, and the reaction isn't good. She's berated and hurt by the people she thought she could trust, and word spreads quick to her school, and the rest of her community. Some are sympathetic, but she's immediately alone and hated.

It comes to a head a few nights later, when the other girl's father hears word, and hired local gangsters to kidnap Alex and attempt to drown her by chaining her ankle to a cinder block and throwing her off the pier. As she's falling deeper into the water, slowly drowning, her last thoughts on how none of this would have happened if she just kept her mouth shut- and she triggers.

After triggering, disoriented, she takes the nearest bus to the furthest place, and continues until she eventually leaves the country, finding herself in London, where she decides to settle for a while. She falls into the crime scene, offering her newfound powers for whoever will hire her. Nothing major, however about a year in London, she ended up killing two people- she says they deserved it.

Early into her adulthood, she ended up finding enough money to run away to America- maybe in some subconscious desperate to somehow find her absentee father, and hope she has at least some family who won't hate her guts

She has been living in Denver for about 1 month [as of this character sheet]- she has a steady job, and she's staying low in the cape scene as a mercenary, and not nearly long enough to have caused a splash in the cape scene yet.

(Optional) Misc Lore Snippets

Parahuman Intelligence Report

Note: The following information has been transcluded from the PRT Online Information Services SAGA Database. For more information, please see your PRT-InB point of contact.


Parahuman Intelligence Report
DEN-2023-717a 2023-06-02

  • Subject ID: Atlas
  • Classification: Changer/Striker

Atlas is capable of shifting her entire molecular structure into different nonbiological materials, notably metals and liquids, which she can then shape.
Subject is reported to exclusively utilize close-ranged combat in the form of turning her arms into weapons. Containment personnel is advised to attack from as long a distance as possible for maximum efficiency. In circumstance of high-risk containment being necessary, containment personnel are required to read DEN-2019-717b and to prepare accordingly.
Subject is known to grow larger and gain the ability to regurgitate molten metal from her mouth under yet-unknown circumstances.


Parahuman Intelligence Report

Note: The following information has been transcluded from the PRT Online Information Services SAGA Database. For more information, please see your PRT-InB point of contact.


Background Report
DEN-2019-717b 2023-06-03

Subject was born in and experienced a trigger event at an unknown date in the Hellenic Republic. Her first appearance as a cape was in Hammersmith and Fulham, London, England, on 2020-07-10. She has operated as a mercenary for various different villain and corporate groups outside of England for roughly 3 years. Her first reappearance outside of England was in Denver in 2023-05-20.

On 2021-09-29, subject became a large (approximated ~20.4 feet tall) creature comprised of seemingly chaotic placements of metals, liquids, and assorted other elements. Eye-witness reports likened its physical shape to have the upper torso of a four-armed bear, a lower-half like that of a snake, and a crocodilian head. She produced several tons worth of molten magma from her mouth and demolished 3 residential buildings, damaged 4 more, and caused significant damage to the road. London heroes eventually stopped her by luring her into the River Thames. The circumstances of this form is yet unknown, and has reportedly been unable to replicate this form.

This information has been coopted in cooperation with INTERPOL. Requires further information in collaboration with the United Kingdom and Greek embassies.