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Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/Skelitinor (capes)
Civilian name Zoë Fortin
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Tribunal of Hounds
Status Deceased
Other names Zoologist
Height 5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Reddit Sheet
Bombshell C? | Rockstar AA

Character Sheet


Standing at about 5’10 with long blonde curls. Zoë is someone that frequently gets double-takes from passing by strangers. She’s rather lithe, with the body of a runner. Her eyes are a dark blue, and she has full lips that betray her québécois heritage. Patches of her skin appear rough and abrasive, almost like grit sandpaper. Other patches of skin are slightly discolored in greens and yellows, with a waxy appearance. A single green vein runs from her chest, up to halfway into her neck, then fading out. Occasionally, a spark will connect from her body to nearby metal. Sections of her joints appear to have thin lines on them, circles at detach points. Along her spine is a messy line of freckles. Upon closer examination, the freckles are noted to be pores made out of some sort of hard cartilage. There is a thin strip of silvery material running along her skull, above her hairline.

Equipment and Resources

Zoë uses whatever resources and materials she can get her hands on, often scrapping them in other to fuel her tinkering sessions.



  • Appearance: Zoologist’s left arm only barely retains the vernier of humanity. In reality, the entire arm has been stuffed full of tech all the way up to the shoulder. Small seams run up and down the arm, masked by her rough skin and the green/yellow splotches of color. There are several possible protrusions, but they are all hidden within her arm. From the round of her shoulder extends three 7-inch horns. The horns are modeled after that of an antelope. Next, her arm can protrude small thorns out of the entirety of the arm. They resemble the thorns of a rose. Each one is about an inch in length. At the end of her hand, there are seams between every finger that go all the way up to her elbow. When activated, her hand splits open and the fingers create webbing between them to create a funnel. Finally, her fingers can all attach to one another and harden, turning her arm into a blade up to the elbow. Around the wrist, there is a series of very small pores, covered in thin lines.
  • Abilities: The horns are hidden within her entire shoulder, at a command they shoot out of her shoulder and lock into place. The horns are tempered, designed specifically to ram into things. They’re strong enough to shatter reinforced glass, or dent metal. The thorns are her arm are hollow, designed to break off and stick into an enemy like a burr. Once stuck, they deliver an inflammatory toxin designed to slow movement. When the arm opens up, she creates a hand cannon. She has inserted a chemical generator inside of her elbow, which creates Bombardier spray, two charges of kudzu bombs, pepper spray, and finally can also be used to shoot the thorns out of her arm with the same pressure as an airgun. The blade has the same strength as metal when created, but takes about 5 seconds to trigger the hardening or softening process. Finally, the wrist device is specially configured to explode her hand out, shattering handcuffs and shooting a special liquid onto anyone that is within a foot of her. This liquid is an enzyme designed to dissolve dead tissue, and clothing fabrics. The enzyme will eat until it reaches a “new” layer of skin- and then stop. This new layer will be extremely sensitive to heat, cold, and other sensations until it has been properly exposed. It takes 0.5 seconds to activate this, and 30 seconds to reset her hand afterwards.
  • Duration: Until upgraded or removed.
  • Notes: This is apart of Zoologist’s changes, her tinkering starting to focus more on herself than on armor.

Upgraded Limb/Torso system

  • Appearance: Unable to be seen until used. When used, muscles and bone strain against skin- like a caricature of some jungle beast attacking prey.
  • Abilities: Gives Zoologist the ability to toggle pain on and off, in addition to contorting her entire body in extreme ways. Her bones, muscles, sinews, etc have been strengthened and reinforced; allowing for a snake-like grappling of her enemies no matter her positioning. This has increased her strength as well, to the point of being near to an athletic and fully grown man. All of her limbs are able to be bent backwards, or any other direction. Certain bones have been altered to have joints in specific spaces, triggered by a specific torsion against them. Due to this, Zoologist can ragdoll her body, use limbs with broken bones, and shift her organs around inside of her body to better grapple an enemy, and withstand injury. Secondary changes of her able to control her breathing, body positioning, and facial expressions perfectly.
  • Duration: Forever, with upgrades plausible.

Skills and Specializations

Knowledgeable about biology and the scientific method in general. Your average scholar. In addition to that, can make a really good coffee.

Upon a dream she had where she got her ass kicked by a hero, she’s started taking Krav Maga lessons.


Passionate. Driven. Willing to do whatever it is that needs to happen in order for her to achieve her goals. Zoë finds herself often at an impasse, play the hero and make the world a better place- or be pragmatic, and do what she has to in order to safe herself and those she cares about.

Upon her joining of the Hounds, and her delving into tech, Zoologist renounced her civilian name, seeing herself as a cape first, a human second. She felt the desire to change herself completely. Humanity was not for her. She is unstable, needing to change her body to grow, and finding society distasteful.


Zoologist is a tinker focused on biomimicry. If it exists in flora, fungi, or fauna, she can reproduce it biologically or mechanically, as well as scale it up, down, or apply the affect to something completely different. She has an innate understanding of biology, whether it be plant, animal, fungi, etc.

She has abandoned her precious tinker-focus in a fit of mania- adopting a completely different style. Her primary approach is self-modification. This will be how she feels the most comfortable in her tinkering. With that, Zoologist is able to complete mundane surgeries and examinations with an unnatural skill. Her secondary approach is creating or altering others, as in creating minions, or applying her powers to augment others. This will be used 2/3rds as often, or half as often- if I had to assign a value to it. Finally, her tertiary approach is considered to be the Architect category. Described as working with megaprojects- “massive, time-consuming constructions.” This will be used 2/3rds or half as often as the secondary approach. (Or for things like Endbringer battles or large events- if it makes sense.)

Zoologist’s power has eaten away at her sense of self and body image. She’s paranoid, tense, and can resort to explosive violence at the blink of an eye. Upon her return to Ashton, she has renamed herself Tiamat. Shedding both her old practice, and her old name.