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Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/EldritchEldrazi (capes)
Civilian name Not Applicable
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
Status NPC
Other names You!
Reddit Sheet

You makes no secret of their past, having operated as an indie cape down in New zealand, under the name “Twin”. Public records and/or a quick google search of the cape name “Twin” or “Twin Cape” or “Twin NZ” comes up with reports of a changer cape who rapidly switches forms within their environment, seemingly at random, mostly tangling with other changer/breaker capes in a serious of low-stakes altercations.

Character Sheet


Equipment and Resources

Skills and Specializations

Carpentry, Mimicry, Remembering Details, Fond of Codes, Puzzles under Pressure


You is mentally around the age of 17-19

You can’t stand not knowing. It’s a question of identity. It’s gone through missing person records from several years back, trying to find who it was. It hates touching people it doesn’t know, because not recognising its own face in the mirror is inherently horrifying to them. A side effect of this is that it tends to wear the faces of those it trusts, the people it can feel safe around.

It’s maintained a particular, chaos-gremlin persona where it tries to confuse people, trying to exert any semblance of control over the chaos it thinks it’s life has become. It’s prone to sudden life swerves, like the one that brought it to devilfish, the other side of the world from what they called home.

You! Has a “better to do it now than have to wait” mindset.


Upon Touching any person, You copies their Voice and Physical Body. This process is involuntary.

If it touches a person who has parahuman abilities associated with their form, You also copies those abilities. EG, Touching someone in a changer/breaker state with perpetually active powers will grant You those powers until You touches someone new, as would touching someone who has wings grant it flight. You DOES NOT copy any ability that is not inherently tied to the physical form, or, in the case of a breaker/changer, active (You Cannot assume a breaker state while in the form of an out-of-state breaker, and cannot assume that breakers’s normal form while in their breaker state)

You always has the form of the person who was most recently in physical contact with it.

You copies the current form, perfectly. This includes any and all physical damage the person touched has taken, and heals all damage You Has taken. (As an out of character note, if this aspect of the power is problematic, then I am perfectly willing to change it, it’s here so i don’t have to figure out how a C53 biology translates to normal human biology and vice versa)

This change takes about two seconds at most.


Name unknown was a student at an unknown high school in an unknown country, dealing with Abusive parent. Getting out, getting a fresh start, getting free was all something they desperately wanted, and when coven came knocking, they made the deal in a heartbeat.

An unknown amount of time distant from the deal, they showed up in Tauranga, New Zealand, and operated as a street-level Indie hero, under the name of Twin, staying around the bay of plenty area for roughly five years, before suddenly leaving, ghosting all the people they’d grown to know in the local area, and taking a flight to america, soon finding itself in devilfish, in the present day.