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Magical Girl Yokai
Notoriety Criminal
C / ?
Author /u/frustratedFreeboota (capes)
Pronouns she/they
Civilian name Bridget "Burgess" Burgess
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Painbow (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationChanger, Master
Status Active
Other names Magical Girl Humility
Reddit Sheet
Charcutie B | Magical Girl Yokai C?

The Rainbow Paladins were a well-known lighthearted group of so-called "magical girl" heroes in Minneapolis. Things changed on a fateful night in March, when a fight with Jade Omen villains went terribly wrong, resulting in multiple fatalities. The group hasn't surfaced since fleeing the fight---and the authorities.

Of the Paladins, Magical Girl Humility would be remembered for her prim and proper attitude and her fake British accent and her having turned into a rather horrific blob of mouths and tentacles during the team's fight with Jade Omen. TRUE Rainbow Paladins fans would remember a rather public meltdown on the team's social media well before March, with many of the posts deleted or hidden only after a damning amount of screenshots were taken detailing some very personal doubts and discomforts.

Character Sheet


When mimicking herself, Burgess is a 5 foot woman with black eyes and short black hair in a pixie cut. She has a mole on her right cheek near her mouth, and wears a few simple black dot earrings. Her form is flat chested and simplistic, her skin almost flatly colored beneath her blue knee length sleeveless dress. She wears a straw sunhat that resists any efforts to remove it, and a pair of navy blue rubber boots. Her teeth have an unsettling point to them, with more canines than she should have.

When mimicking her costume, Burgess is a 5'5 woman with a small chest, dark green eyes, and messy short black hair and a blue witch's hat and magical girl costume, with a star shaped wand inextricably clutched in her left hand. Cuffed boots and gloves give it a witch in training sort of look, tying it in with the support caster role she'd tried to play in her first attempt at being a cape.

When adopting the Monster Mode version of her normal self or cape self, Burgess is a six foot five woman with homestuck grey skin marred with vivid red scars. Her eyes are a lurid green, and her teeth are shark-like and come in multiple rows, with a long rasp covered tongue darting out between them. She wears big boots with pointed heels and teeth that bite into her knees, and long clawed hands clutch at a massive bladed wand that she drags about like a morningstar.

Equipment and Resources

Yokai relies exclusively on her powers, and has had one too many pieces of equipment get stuck inside her changer form for her to try and carry too much.

Skills and Specializations

Yokai has high school accreditation's for English, Biology, Math, and Statistics. She is an unconfident driver, a confident jogger, an amateur LARPer, and has a certification for Stage Fighting that translates well to Cops and Robbers cape fights but poorly to fights to the death.


Yokai’s demeanor is a shifting and evolving thing, with her power purposefully exaggerating aspects of her own perception of her behavior, typically in ways to make her more outgoing and What started as “Prone to infodumping if you engage with her” became “Monologueing at a moment’s notice”, and other little behaviors like “keeping flowers” and “invading in Dark Souls” expanded into a full blown cultivated backyard and greenhouse and a consistent griefing attitude when playing games with others.

In costume she now adopts a crass and mocking tone, like a fairytale witch with a mischievous laugh. Casting off her current disguise is her favourite part, allowing her an opportunity to drop pretence and begin taunting.0

Yokai’s sexuality and gender have also become increasingly fluid, which she has been scapegoating her powers for. “It's because I’m continually mimicking other people” Yokai might be heard to say, whilst planning out an elaborate cosplay of one of the sillier haired JoJos.

Yokai's tolerance for body horror is somewhat higher than usual (mostly since she's a bit horrible and squirmy herself) but she's very much still squeamish around burns and loud noises. Very much not a fan of sudden and persistent loud noises.


Trigger type: Single Natural Cluster Trigger (Changer Primary)

Monstrosify! (Primary): Yokai is a perma-changer, able to turn into an exaggerated version and any roughly bipedal and humanoid. This includes humans (real or fictional), changer/breaker forms, c53s, master minions, or otherwise. She can take this even further by overcharging that exaggeration and becoming a monstrous and mutated version of her form.

Her body is primarily a form of amorphous muscle tissue, with no bones or organs beyond an orange sized lump of brain matter that floats about where her stomach would be. Slashing and stabbing aren't a huge concern for her unless bits of her are hacked off entirely, or the stab manages to hit her core. Likewise blunt impacts aren't a huge concern unless taken to extremes, with crushing and tearing being more effective at bruising her/removing pieces. She is strong enough to lift and throw a car, and durable enough to survive being hit by one. Damaged body mass will decay and slough off eventually, before being regrown.

Her forms all come with sets of 'clothing' that are similarly exaggerated. These count as part of her as far as other powers are concerned. They are no more durable than the rest of her.

Yokai has no true form, and turning back into herself is a matter of turning into an exaggerated version of the person she was pre-trigger.

Human Forms take aspects of the person they are emulating's appearance and clothing and push them to the point of parody, whether this be by enlarging their hair, exaggerating their height, or making distinguishing features more or less noticeable, it ultimately achieves the same effect. Verbally she sounds like what she 'thinks' the person sounds like, and is able to make apt impressions of their mannerisms. (With familiarity increasing accuracy) She can mimic any physical aspect of the person's appearance, but any additional limbs/heads etc are simply limp approximations. Changing into a Human Form is very quick, accompanied by a little poof of purplish smoke. Monster Modes take this caricature aspect further, arming Yokai with thematically appropriate weapons and a series of animated mouths and jaws. Changing into a Monster Mode is slower than changing into a human form, and shows the Human Form distorting and stretching as it grows monstrous features it didn't otherwise possess. This form is usually much larger and heavier, and results in a roughly 50% increase to her strength and durability.

Propagate! (Secondary from Vigor): Capable of spending a few seconds to sprout up to three unique golf-ball sized eyes from her palms. The eyes can then be thrown away to form the 'core' for three unique master-minions, growing to a height of 5'8 in a few seconds. These minions are humanoid and other than the eye in their head, are featureless. Each minion is about as strong as a fit male human.

Their flesh has a Modelling Clay texture, but is more like tough meat in durability. They are slain only when the eye is destroyed or all limbs are detached from one another. Once a minion is slain the eye cannot be remade for an hour. Yokai can shape their appearance manually with her hands like clay.

They follow verbal orders competently and can improvise to a limited degree to follow their given orders. They maintain memories between instances. Can be dismissed by either destruction, or by reabsorbing the eye into Yokai's palm.

The minions start to dissolve if they move more than 100 feet away from Yokai. When used in conjunction with Yokai's primary power, the minions manifest bits of clothing and/or accessories to match Yokai's current form since the shard considers them to be attached. Typically defaulting to a pair of cat ears and a collar to compliment her more witchy magical girl aesthetic. These differences are cosmetic, and cannot be used to give the minions extra limbs/weapons/armour.

Blaze Baddie: Growing from a red eye and forming a red body, the Blaze baddie is a toasty 130 f. to the touch and can shoot shoot jets of oven/stove hot flame up to ten feet.

Cryo Creep: The Cryo Creep grows from a blue eye and has a blue body. Its body is a cold 40 degrees f., and it can create sharpened icicles and solid balls of hail to throw at people.

Steam Steward: The grey eye forms a lukewarm 72 degree f. Body, grey in color. It can blow gusts of room temp steam with enough force to propel small objects or shove people around.

Ferocity! (Secondary from Mania): Establishing eye contact or physical contact allows Yokai to fire brief pulses of light from her eyes, inspiring brief adrenaline surges and instinctive primal "fight or flight" responses. Usage increasingly causes Yokai to feel the selfsame effects.

Phantom Strikes! (Secondary from Zettai): While attacking a single target in melee range, Yokai's attacks are paired with a fake attack from an illusory Yokai, with the illusion splitting from Yokai as her attack begins and vanishing once Yokai hits/misses. Outside observers will only see one Yokai, while the target is unable to discern the reality of either Yokai, even if the two are overlapping with each other.


Poorly socialised through elementary and middle school, Yokai had started making a lot more effort to fit in for high school, but still managed to earn an unwanted reputation as a stick in the mud, obsessed with rules and regulations, never turning her homework in late, always waiting at the door five minutes before class started. It took her a while to make her first friend, and even then it was only because she’d been the only other girl who showed up to Botany Club. When the Rainbow Paladins formed Yokai doubled down again on trying to make herself presentable, with Magical Girl Humility winding up the prim and proper and posh Magical Girl.

Bridget finally got herself set up on social media so she could join in on promoting the Rainbow Paladins, in what would prove to be a bad mood. The fight to mask herself in both her public and private identities would end up being the force that finally drove her to trigger, even in the midst of her bloodied and broken team. Now she’s even better at pretending to be someone she’s not!