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Notoriety Criminal
E / -
Author /u/ALargeHairyDerp (capes)
Civilian name Samantha Alastair Sokolovsky
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationChanger/Brute
Born (2002-08-04) August 4, 2002 (age 20)
Delphi, Indiana
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Ammonite C | Cruach D- | Phix C*

Reports of sliced up animals, marks on trees, and generally strange tracks in the woods around a specific area have surfaced. Vandalism marked by being etched into concrete as opposed to spray painted on has begun to crop up. This pattern has been attributed to a specific cape, of which little footage exists. A file exists, with minimal information, and the cape has been dubbed ‘Wraith’.

Character Sheet


Samantha stands at about 5’9”, with red hair, freckles, and blue eyes. A general description of her demeanor and appearance would be ‘tomboy’, short hair, decently muscled, and generally dirty. There’s a slightly manic look to her eyes, and she seems perpetually restless, always shifting her weight or moving in some way. She has a Hagalaz rune on her left forearm.

For a costume, Samantha wears a domino mask and surgical mask to cover her face, and cheap t-shirts and shorts. This is because her clothes don’t change with her, and usually end up getting shredded or destroyed in some other manner.

In her changer form, but out of combat, she favors a mirror of her human form, though covered in bone plates. The Hagalaz rune is present on the surface of her core.

Equipment and Resources


  • A home set up in the mouth of an small cave in the woods, complete with a garden and areas to work on hobbies or prepare food.
  • A few sets of cheap ratty clothing, including a few coats and boots for the winter.
  • A number of stolen campfire starters


  • None aside from her costume.

Wealth Level: 2

Skills and Specializations

  • Wilderness survival (including hunting and tracking)
  • Grappling and scrappy fighting
  • Ballet
  • Engraving
  • Hiding her emotions


An adrenaline junky at heart, she disrespects authority on principle, and revels in her own independence. She doesn’t like or want to hurt people in general, but will if they come after her or try to get her to do things she’s very much opposed to. She does her best to have fun with everything she does, and is successful most of the time. Power induced sleep deprivation has made her more than a little paranoid, and she sometimes sees things that aren't there. She also appears perpetually active, unable to sit still. Her mind is similarly hyperactive, always taking in information, going down different tangents, etc.


Wraith is a changer, capable of becoming a roiling mass of extremely thin white threads reminiscent of garotte wire, and bone plates. Going from human to changer form takes about 3 seconds, in which her normal form condenses into a ‘core’ about the size of a tennis ball, and the rest of her human form is replaced by the materials specified earlier. Subsequently, she can generate more of these materials at a rate of one cubic meter every six seconds up to a maximum volume of 30 cubic meters total. She may also reduce her volume at the same rate, to a minimum of one fifth of a cubic meter. She may convert only parts of her body as well, though this takes more focus, it ultimately takes less time.

Wraith may, instead of adding more volume, choose to arrange herself in a specific way instead, taking on a specific shape, or altering the proportions of each aspect to achieve some specialization. (threads, as the supporting structure, are always present in some capacity; but she may become completely threads, mostly plates, or some other mix)

Wraith’s core is malleable, able to slide through small spaces, and can be moved around inside her changer form at will. If it is damaged, she is immediately forced back into her human form, and would be at least delirious for a while, if not heavily injured, or dead: the severity of the damage to her human form is proportional to the damage to her core. Damage does not transfer between forms.

The threads of Wraith’s changer form are roughly the strength of steel, very sharp on all sides (think garotte wire or razor blades in terms of damage), and act as the ‘base’ of her changer form. They act similar to muscles, each thread able to contract and flex, and in so doing facilitating the movement of the changer form. They also facilitate the majority of her sensory input while in her changer form, able to feel, and detect motion and vibrations in the air. This gives the changer form excellent hearing, to the point it's basically echolocation, and precision feeling, but leaves such senses as smell, taste, and sight absent. She may vibrate the threads to make noise, and can speak after a fashion, though it has taken practice to get it right.

The bone plates of Wraith’s changer form act as ablative armor. They are composed of very dense bone, and have the durability to match. When struck, they are liable to splinter or break instead of transferring the force to Wraith herself. They do not regenerate automatically, and Wraith must focus to generate more, or to get rid of them.

Her power comes with a very high conflict drive, and while active induces a state similar to an adrenaline high, doubly so when in combat.

Of note, the threads have replaced her muscles in her usual form. This doesn’t confer any extra strength, but means she doesn’t bleed as much, and if sliced the interior will appear white or pinkish as opposed to red.

Wraith is a pseudo Noctis cape. Her shard won't let her relax enough to sleep, but doesn't provide any ability to stave off the negative effects of going without. As such, a compromise has bee reached, in which wraith maintains consciousness for six days straight, and then is rendered totally unconscious for 24-48 hours. Normal methods of achieving unconsciousness, such as blunt force trauma and sedatives, are still effective.

Trigger type: Coven Trigger


Samantha grew up as an only child, the sole focus of her parents attention, when they were around. This wasn’t a problem while she was younger, but as she grew older and started to develop her own interests and lean away from their conceptions of how she should behave and present herself, they cracked down hard. They limited her contact with her friends, took away entertainment and forbade her from doing the things she enjoyed. She was trapped, unwilling to cave fully to their demands on principle, but tempted all the same. Her only respite was her grandfather, with whom she felt she could be more herself. As time passed, they spent more time together, hunting, fishing, and generally exploring the outdoors.

One afternoon he was supposed to pick her up, but he didn’t arrive. She waited, growing ever more nervous, as the hours passed. Eventually, there was a call from the hospital. Her grandfather had passed away, a heart attack, nothing they could do.

The realization was crushing, not only the loss of a close family member, but of her only real escape from her parents' control. She realized things would get worse, but buckled down and stuck with it.

As time passed, her parents became even more strict, and she became even more rebellious, to the point they would lock her in the house. After a particularly difficult incident, she realized that the situation was untenable, that she would never be what they wanted of her, she wished she had the power to stand up to them, truly, but even as she packed her bags to run, she knew it was impossible, that she would be caught.

There was a knock on her bedroom door. Impossible, her parents never knocked, and they wouldn’t be home for another half hour! She hesitantly opened it to behold a woman, tall and serene, holding a strange stick with a rune. She offered power, for a price, and Samantha accepted, figuring that if she asked too many questions the opportunity would be taken from her. She gave up her ability to relax, to rest, for that power, and when the woman left and she broke the rune stone, she felt something change.

With her newfound power, she made good on her plan to run, covering ground constantly and putting as much distance as she could between her and her parents, eventually she decided to stay at the outskirts of Devilfish, hoping that the booming cape population and rumors of things in the woods would serve both her own desires, and aid in her ability to avoid scrutiny and potentially be found.