Wild Hunt (PC)

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Wild Hunt
Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/Scrublord_Koish (capes)
Civilian name Justine Desmond
Alignment Villain
Affiliation E.V.I.L. (Ashton)
Born (1998-10-02) October 2, 1998 (age 24)
Somewhere in America, idk.
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Memento E | Natalie Howard D

For our setting's Warrior Entity / Scion equivalent, see Wild Hunt

Character Sheet


She has a rather lithe build, muscles built up from years of hunting gang and dragging it back home. Her black hair is often done into a ponytail for simplicity. She also still fondly wears her worn hunting jacket and has her knife strapped to her thigh.

Equipment and Resources

  • A hunting knife
  • A medkit
  • Survival kit

Skills and Specializations

  • Tracking
  • Skinning
  • Imitating bird calls
  • A little bit of first aid
  • Sneaking and stalking.


Addicted to the thrill of hunting after someone, almost like a need at this point. Seeing someone realize what kind of situation they've landed in never gets old to her.


Can summon a vaguely wolf-like projection four meters in height and six in length.

Physically, this wolf is strong enough to move heavy stuff like cars with effort and moves at a top speed of 35 mph. (The speed of a scottish deerhound, one of the largest dog breeds) It can leap up to ten meters, or three stories high, and climb up surfaces by digging its claws into it as long as it keeps moving before gravity pulls it down. Toughness wise, it is resistant to small arms fire and has no internal organs of any kind.If it takes a hit that would be able to push back a car, it will similarly be pushed back. Three quarters of that to stagger it, half to stop it from moving in a meaningful way, or stagger it if targeting the legs.

Mentally, it has intelligence similar to a smart canine, and is commanded via verbal, whistled or gestured commands. When commanded to attack someone, Wild Hunt can see, it will automatically know who the intended target is. (Pointing at a cape that is somewhat near civs and having the wolf try to vore random civilians would suck.) It also refuses to go beyond 200 meters from Wild Hunt, as it would be leaving the weaker member of its 'pack' behind.

For tracking someone down/searching for them, it can track someone by scent along a trail up to three hours old, and if it already knows someone/has a picture, they can go off of that. (Scent obviously not working with a picture unless separately provided.) Stuff like saying 'get me a guy in a red shirt and blue pants' won't work.

It will attempt to attack with its claws and eat someone, their jaw opening wide enough to be able to swallow pretty large people whole, sending them to a pocket dimension.

Inside this pocket dimension, noone coming from the outside can die, no matter how destroyed or mutilated their bodies become and all blood instead being black goo. All body parts that are destroyed do not hamper entrants in any way. For instance, if both eyes are removed, sight is retained. When someone leaves, their body, but not their mind, is restored to the state that it was in when it originally entered, except for a black marking somewhere on their body.

The first time a mark is applied, it’s easy to hide. Somewhere that you can just put clothes over and it’s fine. The second, it’s in an inconvenient spot, forcing you to adapt to its presence. Wearing long sleeves in summer, no longer wearing that crop top you liked, etc. Third is in an extremely inconvenient spot, nearly impossible to hide, like on the face. Fourth and onward, the pattern repeats. Wild Hunt can make a mark disappear by touching it, resetting the counter as well. Previous marks do not fade in any way outside of Wild Hunt removing it herself. (Think like how you can't alter or get rid of Coven tattoos.)

The 'landscape', if you can call it that, consists out of a large amount of floating platforms and rooms made of an unknown type of rock, some linked to each other via large metallic chains that are large enough for a person to cross over. Should anyone try to breach a wall, they will find the same black goo that replaces blood in this dimension, which will teleport them to a seemingly random location. If one were to fall into the void below, they will fall from the ‘sky’ above the nearby platform.

The 'denizens' of this realm are humanoid, resembling more horrific representations of people, features not quite visible, similar to how some describe people in their dreams. These creatures are also extremely violent, attacking anything that is not another inhabitant of this realm with bladed weapons and firearms, poor as their skills with these weapons may be. Unlike people entering this realm, they can be killed, their bodies physically the same as a normal human's.

Entrants are also hounded by a representative of Wild Hunt herself, which will stalk them around. It can teleport, fly at an unknown maximum velocity, and possesses superhuman strength, all proportional to what is necessary to make the ‘game’ they play keep going.

This representative seems to think of all of this as a game, chasing after people, but never truly going for the kill. It will even give out weaponry to entrants should they not have a 'proper' one, or they think that it would make the ‘game’ more interesting. All weapons that are intended to keep people alive after they are hit (batons, tasers, confoam guns) are not considered proper weapons.

There are three ways to leave Wild Hunt's pocket dimension, causing the wolf to puke the person it has eaten back up.

  1. There is a large red beam shooting out of the void below and into the 'sky'. Moving through this will allow you to get out.
  2. Wild Hunt lets you out willingly, in which case the representative will simply create a portal for you to leave through.
  3. If a person’s head is fully destroyed. (Think watermelon meets concrete floor.)
  4. If the wolf is destroyed or Wild Hunt dies.

Should someone escape through the red beam and be puked up by the wolf, it is weakened by about half for the next ten seconds and is unable to eat someone else for the next thirty. The person being puked up suffers no consequences. (Except mental from having just spent time inside of a conflict/torture dimension and the marks.)


Justine loved hunting.

Her grandfather had been the one to teach her that. Show her how to handle a rifle, set traps, and clean game they caught. When she was young, they would go together, searching for rabbits, foxes, the small stuff.Then as she got older, they started hunting larger game, and she would occasionally go out on her own as well. Oh, the sheer amount of pride on her grandfather's face when she brought home a deer once.

And so, her childhood continued, and she would hone her skills at hunting, until one day while trekking through the forest, checking her traps and looking for tracks, she spotted something. A faint trail of blood near one of the traps that she thought had failed. Interesting.

Of course, the blood trail made it easy to follow, and thus she had found her prey not too long after. And as she raised her rifle into a firing position, she finally recognized what she had been hunting. A human, bandaging himself up after having torn off his shirt for a makeshift bandage.

It was a person, not prey. Although... she wondered what hunting a person would be like. And thus she centered her aim, took a deep breath, then pulled the trigger. Just like grandfather had taught her.