Who's Hoo

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Who's Hoo
Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/Hopowl (capes)
Civilian name Danielle Autumne
Alignment Rogue
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Status NPC
Residence Downtown, Ashton
Reddit Sheet

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Character Sheet


Danielle's your average middle-aged talent agent with a flair for fashion and an affinity for looking younger. Danielle wears a faded grey jean jacket that rests just below her bust. Six pockets. Two shoulder pockets, two breast pockets, and two pockets below that. Sewn atop each pocket is a fabric patch that Danielle is way too old to pull off. They're mostly obscure bands from the 1980's. Underneath her jacket, Danielle wears a t-shirt. It's standard cotton, depicting the title card of an obscure television show from the late 80's. Entitled Hollywood Stars and Celebrities: What Do They Know? Do They Know Things?? Let's Find Out! in big, bold letters. She also wears a pencil skirt, resting at her knees. Fashioned from a jean-like material, it's a little tight but otherwise very conservative. Much to Danielle's dismay, it accentuates some of the flab she's accumulated over the years that she's too preoccupied to work off. Further emphasizing this flab are a pair of black leggings, each with fish-net cutouts on the side. Additionally, she wears a set of brown felt high heels.

Since she's become parahuman, however, her kindly demeanor has contorted into something inhuman. Her body covered in matted feathers, with a few splotches of skin left unscathed. These "immune" splotches include the palm of each hand and other sensitive areas (excluding the eyes and soles of the feet, which have since mutated). Downy feathers covering the length of her arms and legs are the most simple. They're about a half-inch in diameter, layered tightly. Fundamentally, this makes the feathers harder to pluck. It also makes the parahuman appear more physically imposing than she is in reality. The feathers on her shoulders and back are longer, more ornate than their limb-worn counterparts. These are the types of feathers you'd pluck off the wing of an eagle or falcon. When together, they form a cohesive pattern. This pattern is extraordinarily gorgeous, but it can also be used in certain circumstances to identify the parahuman. The parahuman no longer has feet. Instead, she is forced to walk upon talons. A collection of birdlike tendons and bones that are less durable than feet, but more efficient at piercing and grappling. Arguably, the most inconvenient part of her mutation is her head. It has adopted many aspects of an owl's head. Sitting where her lips used to be is a beak. This beak is approximately the size of the parahuman's lips before her transformation. Although, this beak is rounder and duller than most avian's. Strangely enough, the mutation seems to have made the parahuman's beak softer than their unmutated lips. While it isn't as useful for hunting, it can produce and carry sound as efficiently as a human's pair of lips.

Equipment and Resources

Danielle has all the amenities a woman her age could want. She has a Master's degree in Talent Management. She lives in a suite-style flat by herself. She drives an obnoxiously green minivan, sleek and modern despite giving off serious soccer mom vibes. Danielle even owns a small, well-furnished office in Downtown Ashton. Her company is complete with a well-maintained webpage, hundreds of business cards and online ads, and a water cooler. You can't forget the water cooler.

  • Chemical Mace
  • Empty Syringe
  • A small, palm-sized container filled with multicolored gel capsules. Each capsule has a smiley on it and, when ingested, tastes like rich chocolate-covered cherries. Supposedly a creative drug, these pills release an unparalleled amount of endorphins to surge the consumer with positive energy. Consumers often report seeing colors in brighter hues. Excessive use may result in hallucinations, generally with a positive vibe.

Skills and Specializations

Danielle knows a great deal about entertainment as an industry and, if given an hour, she could lecture you on some of its most intimate inner workings. Thanks to being a classically-trained actress, Danielle's knows how to flaunt her charismatic qualities. From her sweetly, melodic voice to her body. Additionally, Danielle is familiar with a vast amount of literature and the best ways to prepare Earl Grey tea.


The cult drilled competitiveness into Danielle's avian skull, and that drive never left her. Danielle was top of her class in high school and, despite the pitiful state her trigger left her in, she achieved valedictorian status upon graduation. That summer, Danielle applied for several highly academically ambitious schools using obscure mutant minority group grants. se have a look at the getting started, in-text annotation, or inline queries help pages.

She got accepted into a prestigious liberal arts college in Germany, where she pursued her passion for entertainment. Now that she has a Master's in Talent Management, she now returns to a city in Washington to launch what's sure to be an illustrious career as a talent agent. Enter Autumne Parahuman Talent Coaching, a competitive acting agency for parahuman clients. Danielle claims her mission statement is to elicit a positive outlook on capes from the general public. However, like all businesswomen, Danielle possesses ulterior motives that aren't entirely clear.


Trigger Type: Natural Single Trigger

Danielle is an attribute-theft Thinker. Her power allows her to exchange information between a target (or targets) and herself. The subject of her theft is nebulous, although it usually falls under one of the schools listed below.

Personal Attributes These are things that are intrinsic to the subject's personality and everyday life. They're facts and preferences that are so ingrained into one's routine that they fade into the background. More often than not, the subject doesn't give these things a second thought, as they're so commonplace that they become invisible to the mind's eye. (Examples: Name, birthday, daily agenda, memories, etc.)
Skills and Dexterous Feats These are physical things that require a degree of conditioning to pull off. The body and mind are both trained to fulfill these tasks. While Danielle cannot rob anything physical from her targets, she can take the degree of experience they've accumulated around the subject. It's important to note that, given that Danielle is a thirty-year-old woman on the brink of a heart attack, she might not be as effective at using her body as others are. Although, the rudimentary knowledge she imparts while using her power may hamper the abilities of her subject as well. (Examples: Gunslinging, lockpicking, martial arts, dancing, etc.)
Book Smarts This is lecture hall knowledge. The type you'd get with five-thousand dollars and three credit hours of work. We're talking about conjectures, data, philosophies, and anything else you might pull from a textbook. It's worth noting that these subjects do not have a physical application and anything that requires physical conditioning goes under Skills and Dexterous Feats instead. (Examples: Mathematics, technology, history, politics, etc.)
Shard Affinity* the somatic component of his shots. A tinker has to determine which materials they require to create their machines. As long as the parahuman recognizes this information, either consciously or subconsciously, it's free game for Danielle to steal.
  • Note: Stealing one's understanding of their superhuman skills doesn't mean the subject cannot use them. It only brings them back, albeit temporarily, to square one. It forces them to take a moment and reconnect with their memories using the ability and their shard. Any intuitive sense a parahuman would have with their power, such as a Changer knowing how to change, would remain intact. Although, the applications each parahuman learns from years and years of using their power must be rediscovered. Think of this facet of Danielle's shard as a RESET button!

Knowledge has no inherent value. Theories, skills, or habits acquired via this ability do not have to be equivalent or fair. Although some information, however trite or arbitrary, must be withdrawn from Danielle's mind for the power to function. This information can be elementary-grade level, so long as she's aware of the concept she's "stealing" in some capacity. For instance, if Danielle has never heard of a single card game in her life, she cannot steal someone's ability to play poker. On the other hand, if she performed a presentation in the third grade, she has enough familiarity with the subject to steal the speaking skills of a frontline politician.

To steal, Danielle must first make a connection with her target. She does this through eye contact. Eye contact must be extended and mutually recognized by both parties. Naturally, this must happen when both the subject and Danielle are in proximity to one another. Danielle can safely maintain a connection with three individuals. She may connect to more, but she risks becoming disoriented or developing memory problems at this point. When a bond comprises of two people or more, Danielle can freely swap stolen attributes between her subjects. Whether it's information that she's acquired or knowledge that she generated herself. (Note: Danielle cannot share multiples of an attribute among the chain. Only one copy of each trait can exist in the relationship at one point.) Additionally, it's important to note that Danielle can only attempt to steal one mental attribute per a connection. A clunky hitch that often proves to be problematic, as Danielle often finds herself squandering these attempts by probing her subject's mind for information they don't have. Ultimately, Danielle targets her aspects based on guesswork, which is spotty at best. A failed attempt makes for a spent connection, which means that Danielle will have to re-attain eye contact to try again.

There is one flaw. Once Danielle takes an attribute into her mind, it starts to deteriorate. Slowly, approximately 3% of the idea depreciating within the day. The longer Danielle keeps the information to herself, the more it decays. It is possible that a trait, depending on the experience of the original owner, could disappear entirely. When Danielle severs her connection (This can be done on a whim and is often a reflexive action), she exchanges the information she stole the same way she took it. Maintaining the corruption its endured since Danielle first seized it. Any subject prey to Danielle's theft leaves the exchange with less information than they started. This information can be learned again. Although, this is a time-consuming process that could leave the parahuman exhausted.