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Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/SirSureal (capes)
Civilian name Alex Dumont
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Burnouts (Ashton)
PRT ClassificationTrump (Brute, Mover, Stranger)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Weird clown cape named Whimsy. Has some kinda weird super strength and speed. Likes to make chaos and seems to get a kick out of humiliating heroes that take themselves to seriously.

Character Sheet


Out of costume he looks rather plain. Light tan skin, loose short curls of dark brown hair, and light brown eyes that seem a little to wide. A skinny muscular frame that stands 6 foot 1 inch. Incredibly flexible although not quite contortionist levels. A big broad mouth that matches with the large eyes. Finally a simple average sized nose that hooks slightly downwards.


Whimsical and lighthearted both in and out of costume. He likes being a cape and doesn't really care as much about the money as the game. He really doesn't like things to get to serious and thinks a little mayhem is needed in the world. The money isn't bad either, but as mentioned already, it totally isn't about the money. Speaking of money, it really helps and he likes the stuff.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 4

An apartment, an old car, a bike for when the car isn't working, an unicycle, some savings.

His costume which has armor comparable to hockey gear except that it doesn't protect the head nearly as well. Two bowie knives, zip ties, metal juggling clubs, phone, two dollars in quarters, and a very well stocked make up kit. He also keeps some basic first aid stuff like bandages, disinfectant wipes, and (mild) pain killers.

Skills and Specializations

Juggling, acting, four years of gymnastics training, two years of boxing, balloon animals (dog, octopus, snake, giraffe, cat, and human), sprinting, telling jokes, first aid, swimming, decent at cooking, and face painting/make up art.


Trigger type Natural Trigger

Alex has a pool of power points. These points can be spent to do a variety of incredible feats. The pool has a maximum of five points that regenerate at one per 30 minutes per one he already has in the pool. So no points makes it take 30 minutes, one point is an hour, two is an hour and a half, three is two hours, and four is two and a half hours. To go from zero too five would be seven and a half hours. The recharge time for a point can be changed as more points get spent altering the total in the pool. for example, if one point is in the pool and 45 minutes have gone by charging up the next point and then Alex spends the last point which would lower the charge time to 30 minutes causing the point to instantly recharge and 15 minutes to be functionally wasted. Only one point can be gained from this since they each charge seperately in sequence.

Now for what the points can do! By spending a point Whimsy can enhance his physical abilities dramatically while simultaniously changing how physics interacts with him.

Some general things:

Increased strength, able to lift four tons, jump up to 40 feet straight up or 80 feet horizontally, and run 90 miles per hour.

Increased durability, Can withstand hitting the ground at terminal velocity, able to tank anything below a 50. cal, and can withstand heats up to 248F.

Altered physics abilities, can make perfect 90 degree turns mid sprint with no loss of speed, Able to curve thrown projectiles in improbable ways (Bouncing off things in crazy ways, curving one direction then the other, cork screw curve ball that comes from a finger flick), Bouncing off of things like a rubber ball, and generating half as much noise or twice as much noise as usual.

When a point is spent Whimsy gets some combination of the above powers as necessary to achieve the desired action being attempted. The powers can't last more than four seconds. When Whimsy attempts an incredible feat like flipping a car he would spend a power point to gain the necessary combinations of above powers to achieve flipping a car. This would probably be super strength and maybe making the car flip in improbable ways so that it rolls a little more than usual. The powers are locked in upon the point being spent. There is no upper limit on how many things he can benefit from but the power doesn't give more power than the specific action requires based on Whimsy's own understanding of the action.