Watcher in the Dark

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Watcher in the Dark
Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/Shimme (capes)
Civilian name Randall Copland
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Ashton)
PRT ClassificationBreaker 6, Shaker 4 Mover 3 Brute 2 / Master 2 Thinker 4
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Chicane F | Shredshot B$

Character Sheet


His human form isn’t so impressive. A tall man, he stands at 6’3”, and is lanky in a way that says he doesn’t eat enough, his arms jutting down slightly-too-long with a few fingers on his left hand never managing to close. A fetching, confident grin always plastered on his face.

His face in particular isn’t pretty. Several scars from surgeries go across his left cheek, which has a depression in the sinus cavity under his eye. His nose doesn’t so much have a bend as it does a roundabout, stitches were put in his skull at one point, and one ear was apparently almost torn off going by the healed stitches there as well.. His eyes are ruined, one is missing, and one is blinded. He does have a strong jawline that’s cleft in the middle, and his hair is a lovely reddish brown, kept in a short crew cut. Close inspection show that several of his teeth are implants.

His breaker state primarily is an idealized form of his natural body, transforming Randall’s slightly above average height and lanky build into an Adonis. He stands at 6’6” bare chested with trim muscular body, his eyes literally glowing robin’s egg blue. His features are healed and become sharper and more defined, classically masculine. If you put a picture of his form’s features next to the real Randall you could say ‘Oh I see the resemblance’, but when he’s Watcher in the Dark, it’s like someone took the idea of his features and placed them into a Ancient Greek Statue.

Moreover, he gains large pitch-black feathered wings, their wingspan twice that of his arms, and his veins glow with a brilliant white light.

At the same time as the transformation, splotches of liquid black as tar starts to bubble out of his skin and wings as if his body was a fountainhead for it. It quickly will cover his body entirely, occasional shimmers of light escaping from the pitch.


Randall is easygoing on the surface, but also ambitious, resentful, and doesn’t easily forgive or forget slights. He’s confrontational when he can be, good at sucking up when he has to, and overall has a bit of a domineering, weasley personality. He’d get a laugh out of kicking someone he dislikes when they’re down, justifying it with a thought like ‘Fuck’em, they had it coming anyways.’

Generally an amiable guy, outgoing and charming. He’d be the one to throw a superbowl party for the office. When he’s playing nice, people find it easy to be friends with him, even if he can be a bit rough around the edges.

Comfortable with using his fists to make a point, a bit chauvinistic.

Equipment and Resources

His only equipment is a matte black ceramic mask without any features besides a nose, irregular triangles forming a sort of modern art aesthetic.

Skills and Specializations

Essentially a salesperson, controlling costs, packaging, sharp eye for people who don’t fit in or are acting strangely, haggling. Creative making of stashes and hide-a-ways. How do I say he’s made a living out of selling drugs without just saying it? Can ride a motorcycle.


Upon transitioning into their breaker state, they gain access to several benefits.

They enjoy a slight enhancement to their strength, enough that a full punch could reliably crack ribs and that any weight routines done would be ‘impressive.’ There’s a slight increase in bone density, tendon strength, improvements to the cardiovascular system and other minor physical enhancements. His body won’t stop a knife, but things like tight turns and high G-Forces, hard landings, etc, are less of a concern. Comic book ‘average human ‘gets in a car wreck and walks away with a limp and cuts/bruises’ durability.

He can fly, with a wingspan of 14 feet, and a cruising speed of about 30 miles an hour, although with extra effort this could be a bit higher. In a long dive, there horizontal speed can approach ninety miles an hour. His wings always act as ‘inked’ surfaces should something touch them, providing a defensive tool for him. Things that go through the wings will always appear directly underneath him if he is above the ink, or to the nearest available ink if he is not. They can lose this portal property if kept under particularly bright lights fora long period of time or if he's on fire.

Watcher begins to drip an inky black liquid from their body, which spreads to cover the ground. Those who walk on it would find themself continuously being gradually sucked down into it, like it was soft mud or quicksand. Staying still for several seconds can lead to it becoming difficult to leave, and even running around on it is far more difficult as it sucks and clings to your feet.

If someone were to become engulfed in it they would find themselves trapped in an alternate dimension, looking up to the outside world with a hazy barrier between them, watching the rest of the world as if on the see through side of a one-way window that extends out to the area that is covered by the ink. Comparable to a second, identically laid out floor underneath a building, missing any furniture or doors with a glass ceiling. Tunnels in the dark.

He can enter this parallel dimension too by touching the ink (his wings don’t count for this), able to do so quite quickly, and the ceiling is permeable for him, unlike other people.

This ink is photosensitive. Exposed to daylight, it will gradually ‘burn’ away, while when exposed to direct contact with fire or focused beams of light it does so much faster. Those inside the field when it’s being burned away will perceive the walls as collapsing or compacting.

People are not in danger while in here. They can breathe, they won’t get tired, the ground is soft. When the ink splotch they are in is destroyed, they will find themselves in the real world again a moment later, dazed and confused for a second or two with no memory of moving there. Ink spots that are not connected serve as separate tunnels.

Secondary - Their own shadow is their minion. While within typical 'loud conversation' hearing range it whispers to them in a voice that only they can hear. These whispers are interpreted in their mind and 'visualized' in the way you might envision a landscape described in a book, and are good enough to be almost a replacement for sight, although there is a slight delay. Driving would be dangerous for them, but they could fake sight well enough to have a conversation with someone and not have them realize that they are blind.

This shadow isn’t attached to their body. It holds roughly human level intelligence towards the mental commands he would give it. It doesn’t truly have any range limits, but once outside of earshot they won’t provide him with any information, and will have to return to relay said information. It can ‘run’ at the speed of a normal human, although it doesn’t tire. It can exist in direct sunlight, although it will appear as a human sized and shaped shadow that isn’t connected to anything. It’s vision is unhampered by light level.

It can utilize all standard human senses, making it an excellent wallflower.

They have an enhanced ability to visualize things that were described to them. Someone who was described in some amount of detail would be able to be visualized as exactly what a person with sight would see. A generic description of hair and eye color, height etc gives them a slightly better idea of what someone looks like, but describings things such as lip or chin shape, skin health or nail length etc gets them to a perfect visualization. This extends to general environments as well, descriptions of a clearing in a rainforest that focus on things like the humidity, the smells and the animal sounds would give him the same exact visualization of the area being described.

This works in conjunction with their Minion Master power.