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Wasp Armor.jpg
Her first and currently only suit of armor
Notoriety Criminal
F / ?
Author /u/fire209 (capes)
Civilian name Elizabeth Bates
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker
Born (2002-06-05) June 5, 2002 (age 20)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Status NPC
Residence Small apartment in Devilfish
Reddit Sheet
Fabula E | The Grey Lady D$

Public Information

A recent arrival to devilfish and she's laying relatively low, though she has come out as a hero named 'Wasp' in her Wasp form.

Physical Appearance

She's 5'6" and is often seen wearing jogging clothes or a hoodie while in civvies in the Human state. In costume her appearance varies form by form but her current and only form at the moment is a highly advanced costume that looks to be similar to a wasp.

Outside of her tech she is horrifically injured, heavily burned and scarred skin, missing both her eyes and both her arms and her left leg are gone, her right leg ending at the knee. She can't see, and can barely eat liquid foods, her mouth deformed and missing teeth and tongue. She can't talk in her normal state.


Elizabeth is heavily traumatized by her trigger and puts a high importance on maintaining her appearance and hiding the events of her past. She's essentially always in one of her changer forms, essentially never without use of her powers. She has a tendency to lie about herself, mitigating or playing up portions of her past to make her seem better. She also has a tendency to steal and integrate small pieces of technology when she can. almost like a compulsion.

She becomes defensive and denies it when confronted, refusing to give a proper explanation.

Resources and Equipment

Wealth Level: 4 A small apartment in devilfish where she stays. A small workshop in the basement where tools are kept and she uses them to maintain and upgrade her tech.

A moped she uses to get around.

(Tinkertech Below)

Lives in the Found Family house, has a cell phone and a decent budget allotted to him for tinkering.


Good at video games, enjoys playing them.

Decent athlete, as per training to be a hero.

good knowledge of the local cape scene, has done a lot of research online.


Elizabeth is a Theme tinker, who designs Power Armor and Prosthetics based around the Animal Kingdom. This works best when Elizabeth has had the chance to study the creature, either first hand or via comprehensive second-hand info. Sub-specialty in tech to help her sync up her body to her tech.

The natural capabilities of mimicked animals are loosely replicated into a high-tech tinker tech equivalent, such as insect wings with panel-based anti-gravity generators, or a stinger plasma lance, though usually the first iterations of an suit based on a given animal are simpler, growing more advanced and complex with successive iterations and trial-and-error.

Elizabeth can collaborate with other tinkers as normal assuming their specialties are similar enough to mesh, and she can potentially glean inspiration for her tech from other tinkers and capes. (For instance studying Black Doves Hammer space might be useful for a Kangaroo pouch, or Buckler's brute power may provide inspiration on improving the hard-light scales of a Crocodile suit)

Trigger type: Single Natural Tinker

General Tech

Tech for Others

Old Tech


Wasp angles the plates, gently landing on the rooftop with a crouch, the matte yellow and black shining in the afternoon sun as she looks down at the man holding up the 7-11 with a shotgun. Power surges through the anti-grav generator, and angling the wings backwards at an angle causes her to launch forward, through the store window tackling the man to the ground. Pinning his hand to the ground with one of her hands, she takes the shotgun in the other and tosses it across the store as the antigrav lessened to least a bit more of her weight on the man - enough to keep him pinned.

She keeps him like that until the cops arrive, taking him away.


Elizabeth always wanted to be a cape. A hero, mostly, though she did ponder what villainous activities she would do. It was only natural after all, her father was a public hero, a tinker who build implants that both helped people with injuries, and helped him fight crime. Living up to that.. it was hard. Pestered constantly with questions at school, especially by her friends.

Her father of course, would never give her a lick of attention. Always too busy with his work. Well, tinkers just built stuff, right? How hard could it be, her grades were decent enough. So she dug through his notes and studied them fervently and... well, she didn't get far. But what she did learn was that there were some loose trinkets in his workshop, things that with her study of his notes she knew how to cause to do some stuff. He'd probably get mad at her if he knew what she did but.. it was no harm if she put it back after, right?

So she took some of the trinkets to school, and showed them off to her friends, 'confiding' in them that she was another, smaller time local heroine. At first they didn't believe her, but with the showing off of some small gadgets, evidently some kind of tinker tech, the lie grew. This continued on for months, the bragging and showing off, taking more and more. Her father was confused about the missing pieces, but they were inconsequential enough, and always seemed to turn up later so he didn't become too suspicious.

That was, until she and her class were on a field trip, one visiting the local jail (You know the kind, scare the kids into behaving kind of deal), when an explosion happened, concrete firing from one of the external walls throughout the jail. A piece struck Elizabeth in the head with a glancing blow, knocking her to the ground and cutting open her head a bit.

Stunned and bleeding, she could only collapse as the villain used their explosive fire abilities to set the place ablaze, the rest of the class cornered and her friends looked at her with a mixture of fear and expectation, thinking she'd be a hero to save them, and then realizing that she couldn't. Fire encroaches, but all she can think of is how she failed, and how she wasn't really a hero- just a fraud.


They were eventually rescued by heroes, but not before 3 of her classmates and one of her friends died from the fire, and she was horrifically injured and horrendously burned. They needed to amputate both of her arms, one leg and the other up to her knee, and her face was unrecoverable. She.. adjusted. Her power let her build herself a body, crude at first but later more refined to regain function. During this time she also develops her first power armor, stealing tech and money from her father to build the Wasp and some of the parts of her Human Cybernetics.

She decided she needed to go away. She packed her things and headed off to a nearby town that apparently had a lot of capes- Devilfish.