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Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/flashyamoeba (capes)
Civilian name Alexander Spartan
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Vanguard (Ashton)
PRT ClassificationTinker
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Aces High F | Lady Fisto D+ | Ventus Dracon C

No public information about Warrant being a very new identity. Warrant Officer Alexander Spartan is rather well known for being the only survivor of the USS Connecticut Ohio Class Nuclear Submarine. There were several interviews with him several months ago and testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee as part of the investigation into what happened. Was cleared of all wrongdoing.

Character Sheet


picture shown above

Equipment and Resources

Health care from the VA. One bedroom apartment. Sweet Mustang

Handcuffs, plastic ties, Flash bangs, k bar knife,

Skills and Specializations

Maintaining a nuclear reactor, Basic Military Training, firefighting on a submarine, VBSS training, flight deck training, anti terrorism training, crane operating, electrical safety


Stoic and Glib. Always tried to be the toughest guy in the room. Perfectly willing to walk away from a bad situation to ambush his target later.


Trigger type: All Natural Single Trigger

Ironclad tinker, focused on finding and tracking targets. Slow and steady pursuit predation. Equipment had a trump edge to it, capable of piercing through Stranger powers, tinker tech meant to conceal, or similar powers.


Warrant Officer Spartan liked his time in the navy well enough. That was until he found himself ten thousand leagues under the sea, trapped in a submarine with a Stranger, all his crew members dead. A month ago there had been 155 crew members aboard the USS Connecticut. Now there was only Spartan and the Stranger. He didn't know and probably never know would know how the Stranger got aboard the sub.

The first thing that went out were the communications system. At first it was assumed to be a particularly bad glitch in the system. Then all 15 officers were killed in one night without the alarm being raised. Things rapidly went downhill from there. Anytime the crew tried to organize countermeasures or form watch teams they became a target. One group did manage to disable the manage to disable the weapons systems so no matter what the Stranger won't get access to the 24 Trident Nuclear missiles on the sub. They were all found dead shortly afterward. Eventually it became clear the safest way to stay alive was to be alone and not draw attention to yourself. Spartan did this most of his time hiding out by the reactor. He knew that part of the ship better than anyone, and no one really wanted to hang around there, even the Stranger it seemed. It had been a week since he saw anyone alive, all that was left was him and the Stranger. Sometime in the past week he had triggered. He wasn't really sure want he could do, he had built something he thought would finally let him find this Stranger. The prototype for what would later be the motion sensors in his suit. That and his side arm was all he had. It was over in an instant. The scanner showed someone behind him, he turned, and he shot. He just kept firing until the magazine was empty. The Stranger lay dead in the on the ground. Unfortunately this was when the explosives the Stranger had rigged started to go off. Spartan dug through the Stranger's pockets and found a key to a life raft/escape pod the Stranger had stolen. Using it Spartan managed to escape the exploding submarine. He was picked up 2 days later by the US Navy who were combing the ocean, searching for any sign of the missing submarine