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Samuel Hayes.jpeg
Samuel in his civilian identity
Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/unknownmercury (capes)
Civilian name Samuel Hayes
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Found Family (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBlaster, Mover, Breaker
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
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One of the Found Family, Samuel is known to be the jokester of the group. In an interview with a small time magazine, he revealed his hobbies include baseball, baking, and playing trading card games. He was adopted by Wulfric Sigmond following his trigger event at age 13.

Character Sheet


Tall and fairly good looking, Samuel has short sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, and a boyish face. He usually sports a smile with dimples to die for, and is fairly fit.

In costume, he wears a vibrant blue bodysuit with a scale-like pattern stitched into it, a split half-cape that’s shaped like bat-like wings, and a lower-face mask molded to look like a lizard’s mouth and nose.

In his breaker state, he is a being of blue fire in the shape of a human, with a more dragon-like appearance to his face.

Equipment and Resources

  • Padded suit to protect from some blows
  • First aid kit including antiseptic, burn cream, and bandages


Name: Energy Draw Harness (VULKAN_ARMOR_MK_0.5)

Character: Vulkan (Made my Sentinel)

Appearance: What looks to be a harness with tubing all around it and a glowing core in the center of the chest, glowing a deep blue, matching Vulkan's flames.

Abilities: Draws energy straight from the experimental suit, 'refreshing' the cooldown on Vulkan's breaker state by providing it energy. Needs to be within 10 feet for roughly 10 seconds to refresh it back to full charge and allow Vulkan to remain fighting for an hour.

In addition, blunts the force of breaking from the breaker state. If Vulkan is kicked from the breaker state after an hour, they are simply extremely sore rather than unconscious.

Duration: Experimental, Sentinel had not planned this for use yet. Can last up to a week before it starts degrading under use due to the experimental means of it, generally will need to be retrofitted after the event.

Skills and Specializations

  • Strong eye for detail
  • Good artist
  • Very outgoing and personable
  • Fairly athletic
  • Good at throwing things accurately


Samuel is a goofy, confident type who enjoys joking around and slacking off where he can. He is notorious for cracking jokes in serious situations and generally not taking things seriously. Despite this, nobody can say that he's not a good guy with strong morals.


Mover: Samuel is capable of unassisted flight, with a top speed of 80 MPH. He obeys the laws of inertia while flying, so has to slow down to make tight turns. He accelerates quickly, going from 0 to 80 in a little over five seconds.

Blaster: He is able to form blue fireballs in the palms of his hands. He can throw these at speeds equivalent to a professional baseball pitcher throwing a fastball. The flame acts like standard fire, lighting combustible things, burning skin and hair, etc. The fire is also slightly radioactive; it’s not bad enough to cause problems in humans, but it does cause problems for electronics that require a remote signal such as radio, GPS, or cell phones.

Breaker: He enters a breaker state where he becomes largely intangible, made of blue fire, with a humanoid shape, but unable to speak. He can stay in this form for as long as he likes, but after leaving it he needs to eat a large number of calories to renew his energy. The number of calories he needs to eat is proportionate to how long he’s stayed in the state. Thirty minutes in the state causes him to faint for an hour after returning. After an hour, he is forcibly ejected from the state and will be unconscious for several hours.

In this shape, he is extremely susceptible to water or other fire suppression, and he can be forced back into his human form if the fire is killed.

In this state, his other powers change slightly in the following ways:

Breaker/Mover: He still flies, but he does it by propelling himself through the air via jets of fire. He is much faster in this state, reaching top speeds of 120 MPH, but much less maneuverable, and he runs the risk of burning or setting things on fire while doing this.

Breaker/Blaster: Instead of balls of fire, he now shoots jets of flame from his hand. These jets burn much hotter and are more radioactive, capable of interfering with electronic displays and cause bursts of static from audio devices in the vicinity. In this state, his fire is more like napalm, spreading out in a given area and continuing to burn without a fuel source for a few minutes.

He also gains the Striker classification because, y’know, he’s made of fire and can hit people with that.


Samuel was a second-generation trigger, the son of Star Heart, a third-rate hero with fire powers. Her arch-nemesis discovered her secret identity and decided to kidnap and drug Samuel to lure his mother into a trap.

Samuel was only semi-lucid for the ensuing fight as his mother fought with everything she had against the mad villain. The drugs messed with his perception, and he sometimes saw Star Heart as an impossibly-large multi-headed dragon creature while she used her powers.

During the fight, the ground was torn up, and a gas main unknowingly was busted, leaking the gas into the chamber where Star Heart fought. Samuel saw it, but was unable to piece words together to warn her. As she used her fire power, he saw the dragon take form once more and knew it was about to kill them all. In that moment of revelation, he triggered, becoming fire in its purest form as the explosion overtook the building.

Now an orphan, he was taken in by the state, and then was quickly adopted by Wulfric Sigmond who had a knack for collecting second-generation capes and turning them into heroes.