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Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/Scipio1516 (capes)
Pronouns they/them
Civilian name Danielle Vaniss
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBrute/Striker
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet


They’re 5’8”, a little bit scrawny, and have short, blonde hair. They look vaguely Slavic, and also kind of pale. Usually, they wear comfortable clothes, like jeans, T-shirts, or dresses, for both civvies and cape capers. In lieu of a costume, they cover themself in fire. Lots of fire. But, they do wear a mask, though it is a really basic domino one, without any fancy designs.

Equipment and Resources

A baseball bat, aluminum

Trail mix.

Bag of pens/pencils.

Skills and Specializations


Good working knowledge of the city, and routes through it.

Pretty good with a baseball bat, and scrappy in a fight in general.

A passable thief, can get through the most basic security.


They’re impulsive and not very careful, preferring improvisation and last minute gambits instead of planning. They’re somewhat ambitious, and work towards being more famous, as a cape. They don’t care much for most people, and are perfectly fine with committing crimes, to get what they want(food, money, notoriety, etc.)


Brute/Striker: Produces blue flames over their entire body(works on their clothes as well), and has limited ability to control these flames at close range(approx. 5 ft.) Spreads over most normal surfaces, and burns normally when they stop controlling it. While they're controlling the fire, the fire nullifies incoming kinetic energy, but more of it dissipates as more force is pitted against them.

Trigger type: Natural trigger


They grew up in Devilfish, and was a serious delinquent. Their parents let them do whatever they wanted, and didn’t really care, so they had basically nobody to stop them from getting into trouble. One thing led to another, until they were caught, and beaten. This didn’t stop them, and they escalated, until finally they were caught again and went through their trigger, where molten metal was poured onto them.