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Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/the4bestgame (capes)
Pronouns She/They
Civilian name Chloe Lakeflower
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBreaker, Striker, Brute, Master, Thinker
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Blast Off C$ | Dunemere C* | Galacterian Knight C | Queen Bonk C+ | Voitarus E

Voitarus is a very new member of the Protectorate, joining practically right after she escaped the hospital she was kept in after triggering

Character Sheet

Physical Appearance

Chole is a tall Caucasian girl that normally has long straight platinum blond hair down to her mid back with cool brown eyes. As she enters devilfish however that hair has all been cut off, leaving her almost completely bald. She typically wears dresses and took great pride in her hair before she lost it.

Her costume is a skin-tight black and purple bodysuit with swirls and orbs melding together in a trippy pattern.

She has a Breaker state as part of her power that turns her into a construct of white crystal shards that seem to bend and twist even when perfectly still. The breaker state is vaguely familiar to most capes, and whilst they may not remember it, it resembles a smaller form of an entity.


Chloe is an angry and simmering girl, after her trigger event she is determined to never miss anything and spends her time not as a cape in hedonistic activities. She suffers from insomnia, claustrophobia, or fear in general of anything that would limit her senses.


Wealth Level: 6


  • Large 30 Volt rechargeable battery
  • Several small 60 Volt batteries
  • Car
  • Costume
  • Zip ties.


  • Driving
  • Economics
  • Dancing
  • Fighting


Trigger type: Breaker (Striker-Master/Thinker) Brute

Voitarus is a breaker and a cluster cape, she needs to enter her breaker form in order to access any of her powers besides her brute power. Whilst in her breaker form she looses access to 4 of her core senses (Smell, Sight, Touch, Taste) as well as pain, and can instead sense electrical impulses 50 feet around her. She can use this to detect even the electrical signals of peoples nerves.

Her main power from the cluster is being able to mess with the senses of herself and others. By Touching someone, she can designate them as either a ‘Node’ or a ‘Core’ for up to 24 hours, marking someone like this doesn’t require her breaker state. There can only be one Core at a time.

Once they have marked both a Core and at least one Node, they can disable any of the senses of the Core and replace them with that same sense from every node. This is not limited to the classical view of senses (Smell, Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste) but is anything that can be reasonably considered a sense. (perception of time, balance, body position, pain ect.)

The core can be linked to any number of nodes at once, but only Voitarus has a thinker ability to properly sort all of the data, so for most people they need training to pay attention to more than one or two sets of senses.

Voitarus can only Create Nodes and Cores out of mammalian creatures, and despite the Master rating given that she can control senses, she has no ability to control the actions people take.

(Voitarus can mark people via touch. She can make one Core that she can force to use the senses of all Nodes she has marked instead of their own senses. She can’t swap different senses, Sight is swapped with sight, Hearing with hearing, ect. A core can still gain senses from nodes even if they don’t possess an equivalent. Voitarus has a Thinker power to let her take in all the information from her Nodes, but if she makes someone else the core they don’t get that.)

Voitarus has other powers as part of being a cluster, She can create a rotting crumbling duplicate of anything she’s touching, though it will likely last less than an hour before becoming dust.

These replicas look just like the original, but do not display any greater function than simply being there. Simple melee weapons or structures can still have use, swords cut, walls stand, but anything complex like guns or god forbid tinker tech will fail completely. She can’t copy anything larger than a 15x15 cube. any attempt to do so will only copy the closest 15x15 foot chunk to what she’s touching.

(Voitarus can make basic copies of anything non living that she’s touching, but they quickly fall apart, becoming nothing but rubble in no less than half an hour, and turning to dust in no less than a full hour. Despite their decay they are still just as strong or sharp as a normal object, until the decay itself reaches a point where they become too fragile. These copies appear at her hands.)

Voitarus also comes with the power to take a snapshot of reality, overlaying it around herself. For those outside the snapshot everything looks the exact same as when the snapshot was taken, bar all living beings vanishing. Inside the snapshot reality continues as normal, but Voitarus can end the snapshot at any point, at which any damage done to non living things. (Walls, Weapons ect) Will be suddenly undone, though she can’t change the state of anything being worn or carried. Should someone be standing within an area that would be taken up by a fixed snapshot, they will find themselves painfully but non lethally encased within. The zone can be as small as 10 feet and as wide as 100 feet, it can be offset from her, but she has to be inside it, as long as this ability is in use Voitarus has a sense of where every non living thing that isn’t being worn or carried by someone else is within her snapshot.

(Voitarus can make a zone that varies in size with herself inside. Anything that happens inside that zone that isn’t a living being will be reset to the state it was in when the snapshot was created when she ends the effect. If a reset object would overlap with a living being, it instead resets around them, which is painful but non lethal, and may cause them to be trapped.)

Finally, Voitarus can gain a level of brute powers. Increased strength and durability, so long as they are part of an active electrical circuit. The more energy running through them the stronger her brute powers become. This is the only power she can use outside of her breaker form.

A one time shock of electricity isn’t enough to activate this power, it has to be a constant flow. She has a slight resistance to electrical effects that ramps up alongside her brute level.

The scaling on her brute powers goes roughly like this. It works as a smooth line not a flat set of jumps but maxes out at 150 volts

Level Strength
Base 150psi striking - 0 volts
Plus one 300psi striking - 30 volts
Plus two 600psi striking - 60 volts
Plus three 1200psi striking - 90 volts
Plus four 2400psi striking - 120 volts
Plus five 4800psi striking - 150 volts
Level Durability
Base Human - 0 volts
Plus one Hard-wood (Red oak) - 30 volts
Plus two Rock - 60 volts
Plus three Concrete - 90 volts
Plus four Steel - 120 volts
Plus five Titanium - 150 volts


Voitarus scowled as she saw another crime in progress. Some cape was creating blasts of fire and magma, swirling and burning the houses. She knew she had a perfect power to deal with this, but it wasn’t her Brute power, and that meant dipped back down into the void. Where even darkness couldn’t exist.

There was no time to waste panicking about that though, she she grabbed a small double a battery from her pocket and jumped off the roof into the way of the lava cape. The world shutting off all of a sudden as their breaker form activated the void consuming her.

It took a few seconds to her the panic under control as she unleashed her Snapshot and the world lit up again. Not with sight or sound or colour, but true understanding of the world around her. The nervous system of the cape spewing flames lit up like the city around him.

She still had charge left in her battery so she just ran at the cape. She just needed a touch and she’d be able to SEE again. She sensed the capes arms moving, ready to swing at her, but she could tell the length of his arm as easily as she could sense her own. It wouldn’t hit.

It was a moment later as the arm stopped, A foot from her chest, that she realised something had gone wrong. The capes head was thrown back and he was shaking for some reason, but it didn’t seem like fear.

Only then did their power tell her helpfully that a liquid (blood) was suddenly dripping onto the ground next to her. She called her copying power and felt a spear made of volcanic glass appear on her hand, already falling apart.

She didn’t need it to last long though, before the cape could pull the spear out of her she created another, tossing both at his centre of mass. She sensed him move a hand to block and ducked. Getting lucky when her power told her that a pool of magma was suddenly occupying the space behind her.

She leaped forward as he was busy with that attack, flickering snapshot off for a moment to reset the damage, she created decaying copy of the ground she was standing on putting a hand behind the cape to block him in with the rotting wall.

Snapshot flickered back on and he tried to back up, only managing to knock some of the asphalt from the newly summoned wall loose as her first impacted his face.

All of a sudden they could SEE. It was in third person but she could see and hear again. Voitarus left the other senses off so she couldn’t feel herself punching him, but sight let her judge how bad the spear wound was.

Luckily a super hot spear cauterised its own wound, and as her double A battery died they saw it was already healing nicely. She watched through his own eyes and the electrical sense as he created another fiery weapon. Volcanic glass glowing with heat shaped into a gauntlet on his fist.

Another flicker of snapshot and the small damage done to the wall behind him is fixed. The gauntlet is being worn though, so that stays. In between flickers she waited for him to swing the gauntlet, creating a 5 foot cube of road in the way of his fist and starting a snapshot after the cube is created.

The attack breaks apart the flimsy copy, but it bleeds off the momentum, and with their breaker form she can watch the arm even through the dust and debris from destroying the cube. She knows he can’t see where the arm is because she can see his vision, and as soon as its overlaid in the centre of where the cube was, she ends the snapshot.

All of a sudden his vision flips to the sky, looking straight up. Nerves firing panicked signal after signal, screaming in pain as the cube painfully tries to exist where his arm already is.

She drops the breaker state, breathing in hot air but its enough to make her feel alive again.

“Give up you little shit, or I’ll have to put your other arm in a cube as well.” She sneered.

Wisely, the man continued to howl in pain, no longer wanting to fight.


“Things happened, once.

I know that. I can remember that. There was a world that made sense, then a world that made less sense, but even in the second world I had been taken too THINGS happened. There was ground, a sky, fighting. So much fighting. I thought that being forced to fight was the worst it could get, I cursed the fact that I had agreed to help the stupid techy test this stupid VR system. That stupid flyer. I begged and cursed for any way out.

I wish I could go back to that Fake world now. Instead of being covered, Smothered by this oppressive not-darkness. Darkness is something you can see, that black of shadows covering everything. But here there was NOTHING. I couldn’t see any darkness covering my vision because I didn’t HAVE vision. I couldn’t feel anything because I didn’t have hands. I couldn’t move because I had no balance, no body. I was nothing. Trapped. A bundle of thoughts smoothed by the Not-Darkness. A sensation I couldn’t fathom, couldn’t describe, because it wasn’t a sensation.

I wanted to whimper, to cry, to scream, to rage. But there was no space to do that in the nothingness covering me.

I bargained with myself, pretended I was being freed. Pretended I had never been free. Pretended I was dreaming, I was dead.

I spent years, I spent seconds. I couldn’t tell the passing of time because even that would of been a sense I could rely on.

I gave up, then I didn’t. They happened at the same time, over and over in a loop. Until all at once I saw and I felt and I KNEW something, I saw the stars above cry out in joy and terror and I felt it be stripped away but I had nothing else and then I forgot it all as if I never remembered, and then I woke up.”

Chloe was a basic collage student, trying to get by with a part time job to get a degree in business when she saw the flyer promising cash for beta testing some new VR experience.

It was frankly more money than any part time job could offer her, and for what sounded like far less work. So she signed up, and days latter she was strapping some strange looking helmet onto her head as she grabbed the controllers.

In truth, this was all a ploy by some madman, and Chloe found herself trapped inside a VR world, competing with the others to impress their overlord. Forever promising escape for whichever one did the best. Win this race, kill the others, survive the monsters.

Eventually the world broke, but whilst the others where released when they triggered, Chloe was stuck trapped inside her mind reliving the trigger over and over, without even a sense of time to judge by. Only recently has she awoken from her coma, stepping out into the world once more, her body weak and anemic, hair burnt off from the VR headset.