Vigor Mortis

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Vigor Mortis
Vigor Mortis.jpeg
My Rendition of Vigor Mortis
Notoriety Criminal
C / -
Author /u/Magos_Nashoid (capes)
Pronouns she/her
Civilian name Aurora 'Rory' Hayes
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Painbow (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBreaker (Blaster, Mover, Thinker, Brute, Master
Born (2002-09-17) September 17, 2002 (age 20)
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Status Active
Other names Magical Girl Love, Magical Girl Hate
Reddit Sheet
Blu C | Duelist A$ | Packrat D+ | Phalanx A | Vigor C-

The Rainbow Paladins were a well-known lighthearted group of so-called "magical girl" heroes in Minneapolis. Things changed on a fateful night in March, when a fight with Jade Omen villains went terribly wrong, resulting in multiple fatalities. The group hasn't surfaced since fleeing the fight---and the authorities.

Of the Paladins, Magical Girl Love, was a brash young woman, acting as a 'heel' playing up her mean-girl persona when fighting villains, though extremely active on social media where she was more understanding and kind to her fans and followers.

After burning one of the Jade Omen's capes, and several of their gangsters to death, she has taken on the name Vigor Mortis, or Magical Girl Hate if you insist on something formal. She has not discontinued her twitch streams and youtube lets plays, and is simply rebranding on social media and continuing as is, simply playing for the villain team now.

Character Sheet


Her Mask.

Standing at 5 ft 9 inches, Aurora has long black hair, usually tucked into little buns on her head like ears or horns. When in civvies her clothes are of a pastel goth or grunge variety.

When in costume, she wears a blood red magical girl dress that goes down to her mid thighs, with a waist sash featuring a large bow, she wears shorts under neath for modesty, with black elbow length gloves, and black boots going to her mid-calves.

A number of red ribbons hang down from the hem of her dress, the tops of her gloves and boots, and a matching red choker with a another bow.

Equipment and Resources

'Wealth:' 5 Between Patreon, Donations, Ad-revenue, Merch, and the occasional Robberies, she sits comfortably at the lower-middle class lifestyle.

Drives a Yellow 1977 Datsun automobile, and lives in a Rented house in the automobile-dependent suburban sprawl that is west Devilfish (roommates with Zettai Ryoiki)

Has a pet Raccoon named Burt, and a Hedgehog named Peggy, who recognize Vigor and Zettai as their mommies.

  • Cape Phone
  • Pocket Knife/Multi-tool
  • Couple of Zipties
  • Roll of Bandages.
  • Vape pen

Skills and Specializations

  • Boxing: Pretty decent to be honest.
  • Gaming: Top tier gamer-girl, her teammates are her little pogchamps. is a V-tuber.
  • Aiming: Her fake-powers involved firing electrified laser beams, and she's gotten quite good at aiming over the years, which serves her well with her new real-powers.
  • Acting: Good at playing up her personas, and doing so convincingly.
  • Gardening: Flowers, Berries, Herbs, and Veggies.


Wrathful. Aurora is prone to bursts of emotion, namely indignation and anger at what she perceives to be unfair or annoying. She is a bit of an edgy bitch, and her favorite books are Dracula, an Edgar Allen Poe anthology, and Lovecraft's 'At the Mountains of Madness'

She is queer though she doesn't especially care to put a label on it more than necessary. She likes horror, weeb shit, and sci-fi. Aurora became a magical girl because it seemed fun, though she also enjoyed being an Influencer quite a bit.

Aurora is morally a bit of a evil bitch, even when she was a hero, she was quite brash and forceful, though she is not unnecessarily cruel, just petty and mean-spirited.


Trigger type: Single Natural Cluster Trigger


VM's primary power is a flight capable breakerstate, that wreaths herself in a physics-defying plasma, that she calls Fighting (Fire/Lightning), which consists of Fire and Electricity dimensionally overlayed ontop of eachother to form a strange blood-red hued amalgam.

Able to conjure regular lightning, regular fire, Lightning that acts like fire, and fire that acts like lightning, and any combination in-between. Able to tweak the properties of the energy to have whatever combination of properties (or lack thereof) that Flames or Lightning could reasonably have individually in nature. (Max equal to upper ends of naturally observed lightning)

She can snuff out and control the spread and movement of Fightning. And her Manton Protections grants immunity to fire, heat, smoke inhalation and electricity. (In and out of breaker) Can fly at 60mph (in and out of breaker)

Can partially activate her breaker state to only cover parts of her body.

Vigor Mortis can launched via several vectors.

  • Blasts (Think Flaming baseball Range: Throwing Distance.)
  • Bolts (Traditional style Lightning Bolt, Range: Effectively LOS.)
  • Gouts (Flamethrower-like cone Range: 45 meters. )
  • Chains (Sith lightning style chain lightning: Range 50 feet, can jump targets to extend range.)

Maximum Heat is 50,000 farenheit, but heat radiation only extends up to two feet from the flames.

She can Snuff out Regular fire as long as she touches it with her 'Fightning' since it would then be considered an extension of her power to her Shard.

Chain Lightning has a max range of 50ft, and can jump 5 times within that range, and can jump an additional 3 times if it passes a roll on a chance die. (max 7 jumps at best)


Subconscious Thinker Power, automatically chooses which of two options in a binary coin-flip choice results in less harm/most benefit. Only works for binary choices w/ equal odds. Cut the red wire vs. the blue wire. Heads/Tails, etc

SECONDARY POWER (Wardrobify!):

With accompanying sparkles and a wave of your hand, Vigor can Transform her clothes into her costume (or any Outfit that she can picture.)

Though the clothing or armor will be a spoof of what you were intending.

EX: PRT officer uniform may end up with jackboots, a distorted logo, and more intimidating features.

EX: Trying to replicate another capes costume may result in exaggerated features, like more skin-tight spandex, bulkier "power armor", or a much more ostentatious cape and armor gilding.

The clothing has the durability, and physical properties of whatever she WAS wearing before she activated this power (IE it hurts like it was her skin if she was nude beforehand) Even if she's imitating something that would have better properties if it were real. She can imitate things that are 'worn' not 'ridden' as far as the Power armor/mech situation is involved.

EX: If she wore a firefighter uniform or plate mail, and turned into a skintight spandex, it'd have the full protective properties of the firefighter suit or the plates armor.

EX: if she's wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and copies phalanx's power armor it would be as durable as thin layer of denim over a thin layer of cotton. (If she was wearing the same thing + a stab vest) it would be a thin layer of denim/cotton + the thickness of the stab vest.


As a reaction to being struck, the cape can choose to unleash a short-ranged wave that inspires abject despair: tanking morale, destroying self-confidence, and rendering those in the blast radius quite Depressed as a haze of Melancholy overtakes them for a time (1 min / 10 full turn order rotations).

Has quite a long cooldown (1 per fight, unless thread reaches 100 comments) and a lesser version of the effect is applied to themselves when getting forcibly knocked out of their Breaker state by unconsciousness or another power.

The power stacks the Disrepair ontop of whatever else is effecting a person, rather than overwriting anything such as mood-altering substances and/or an ongoing adrenaline rush or other master-effects.


Childhood was reasonable, though Minneapolis was hardly an ideal place to grow up. But they had friends enough to be considered reasonably popular, their family wasn't perfect, but they weren't awful either.

Being dragged into the cape scene by a childhood friend was not what she expected, but she liked her team, and even if she wasn't a real cape, relying on powers-in-a-bottle from their team's one true parahuman, she still did good, and collected a fanbase.

She was always good at interacting with the fans and it was honestly her favorite part of the cape gig.

When their tinker died it was devastating. Prism's Kiss had been one of their childhood friends, and any hope to continue the team relyed on a stockpile of their various custom made serums.

The serums would not hold up to the test of time. spoiling, her laser beams would progressively weaken, taking many shots when before one would have sufficed. her shields were brittle now, Her hovering had fizzled out to little more than a 'slow glide' at best.

And it was getting worse.

The final fight with the Jade Omen's her powers had fizzled out entirely mid-combat, unprotected, unarmed, unable to flee, she ran by foot as she was shot at, corralled with no escape for the amusement of the villains, guided by intentional near-misses.

Crouched behind a car as its riddled in bullets and blasts, she wishes she could fly away, or even to just die fighting, but not like this.