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Vex Art.jpg
Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/Much_Howl (capes)
Civilian name Adrienne Bellamy
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationMaster
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet


More detailed picture of Vex's Mask

Adrienne has fine and beautiful features, that are further accentuated by black hair, jade-green eyes, and a slender 'hourglass' physique. Put simply, she's drop dead gorgeous, and being as vain and prideful as she is, she doesn't hide that she knows it.

In her cape persona as Vex, Adrienne wears a demonic mask as well as a form-fitting and very flattering black dress.

Vex's Dress


Confident, prideful, obsessive, impulsive, and incredibly vain, Vex is manipulative hedonist and sadomasochist. Seemingly on a whim, she takes a fervent interest in other persons (especially capes), and stalks them. Sometimes her attention is harmless or playful, but more often than not she will torment them or attempt to lure and/or bait the individual into an ambush before torturing them. Likes expensive things, especially wine

Equipment and Resources

Vex carries a USP 45 with a tactical light strapped to her upper thigh, a whistle, a taser, a small can of pepper spray, smelling salts, a lighter, a set of torturer's tools, zip-ties and/or handcuffs, a karambit, and a cat o' nine tails.

USP 45 With tactical Light

Skills and Specializations

Speaks English, French, a little German, lies like a pro and spots them just as easily. She’s very perceptive, allowing her to be good at reading people and situations, knows how to escape cuffs and zip-ties, familiar with the human anatomy - especially pressure points, has some limited training with a karambit. Lastly, she’s a skilled violinist.


Vex is a noctis cape can target one person through sight up to a max range of 25m and cause their senses to become up to 10x more sensitive to her. (For reference, a dog's hearing is about 4x that of a human's.) Vex's power doesn't actually amplify the sensations she causes, but instead amplifies the perception of the sensation. So she could make a gunshot deafeningly loud, but she wouldn't actually cause any damage to someone's hearing and deafen them unless it normally would. Vex is able to selectively target specific senses to enhance and line of sight doesn't need to be maintained for the power to work after she chooses a target.