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Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/RelapsingThinker (capes)
Civilian name Cleo Lamar
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Born (2000-08-15) August 15, 2000 (age 22)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Vestige is an independent Hero who has demonstrated the ability to create false images of themselves and go into a breaker state which gives them accelerated speed.

Character Sheet


Cleo is an African American man with buzzcut black hair alongside bright almond brown eyes. His build is that of an athletic leaning more on the side of lean rather than overly muscular. On his left forearm is a tattoo of three intersecting swords that connect at the middle of his arm. Their body is riddled with scars and bruises that are in the final stages of healing. The style of his clothing his that of techwear with his hardly ever been seen without his compact pack.

His cape outfit consists of light brown leather jacket, loose fitting jeans that have white fabric tightly wrapped around the feet and shins, and a white full face Oni mask.

Equipment and Resources

  • Zipties
  • Has a part time job at Chuck's

Skills and Specializations

  • Basic First Aid Training
  • Black Belt in Taekwondo
  • Brown Belt in Kickboxing
  • Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Orange with one blue stripe in Kyokushin
  • Decently versed in Kendo


Cleo comes off as a prideful asshole who thinks they are the only one who can do something. Asking for help is the last thing he wishes to do and rather face easily avoidable conflicts. One of his core beliefs is that hard-work leads to success no matter the situation. If something doesn’t go your way try harder is his motto. This belief leads him come off as leader and role model to some who he has stood up for. A huge aspect of him is his anger which doesn’t explode ,but silently melts. When he is angry, violence is his go to method of getting it out especially if he ticked on in the right places. A few of his ticks are cheaters, liars, and those who do not respect a fight.


Vestige is a Master/Mover/Breaker with a sub Thinker ability. His Master/Mover ability allows for him to project after images of himself around himself and move at accelerated rates between each image. His Thinker ability allows for him full control and understand of his body’s movements.

He can spawn up to seven afterimages at once in spherical space that has a diameter of 20 meters. These after images can spawn in any position that he himself is capable of doing. So he is capable of having one in the air mid kick, another crouched to the ground doing a sweep, or one just doing flip. The afterimages look just like him ,but aren’t solid. The after images have a lifespan of only 30 seconds with any them fading away once time is up. The mechanism of how he moves between each after image is simple with him picking a sequence before he moves. When he is motion from one after image to the other, he appears as a blur which not necessary because of his speed ,but rather a slight breaker element to his power that works to protect him from his speed. The exact speed that he moves at is around 70 meters per second. He only has around 2-3 seconds before he is forced into motion to the next after image.

His Thinker ability allows for him to move his body at a level of control that appears uncanny to anyone else. He can move his fingers individually without causing the others to move, he can contort his body to its maximum ability, and coordinate his body with precision. This ability proves useful in accommodating his accelerated speed/momentum and allowing him to learn martial arts at a much faster rate.


Cleo for the majority of his life has lived in Las Vegas with mother and father. There he also picked up martial arts with Taekwondo being his main focus. Things would of been perfect for if it wasn’t because of his dad who decided to get caught up in the local cape scene. He was henchmen for the low-level villain named Razortooth. This secret life of his was kept secret until the cops showed up at his door asking for his mother. It was soon after that his mother was angry throwing his stuff into the trash and packing their stuff. Their new home became an apartment in three bedroom apartment in Ashton, Washington.

His first days of school at Nashwood weren’t the best for him. His style of clothing alongside with him being the new kid warranted unwanted attention. A lot of the comments called him edgy or potential school shooter. He would normally confront those who dared to call him that within earshot which didn’t help lower the building hostility that was building around him. That hostility reached it overflow when he confronted a bully who had been spewing rumors about his father being involved with lame ass villain. He threw all of his caution out the window and fought the bully who he brutally beat. This gained him a lot of enemies and a friend named Dantae.

Dantae quickly became his first true friend in Ashton. They hung out together, smoked, and Cleo taught him some of his martial art techniques. Things were slowly refitting to how they were back in Vegas. This was all killed when he meet up with Dantae to chill only to find himself surrounded by nine guys equipped with blunt objects. It turned out that Dantae had been pressured/blackmailed by the bully’s click to set up Cleo. He could quickly see that he couldn’t fight off all of these guys on his own ,but he wasn’t going to out without a fight. It only took a few hits from wooden plank to the back before he was looking for a way out. All he got was his ass beaten bloody the guys. Before he was knocked unconscious, he saw Dantae walking with even looking back at him. Thoughts of his dad came alongside the sight ,and he triggered as he lost consciousness.