Ventus Dracon

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Ventus Dracon
The Wyvern Of Wind Makes Their Appearance In Devilfish
Notoriety Criminal
C /
Author /u/FlashyAmoeba (capes)
Pronouns They/them
Civilian name Gwyn
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Arcanum Magisterium (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBlaster / Mover
Status Active
Other names Wyvern of Wind
Reddit Sheet
Aces High F | Lady Fisto D+ | Ventus Dracon C

Was part of a team briefly in Minneapolis before being sent to Devilfish to start a B team for the corporation. Corporation released a profile on them as part of PR. Their fame is somewhat inflated due to their distinct appearance making them easy to remember.

Character Sheet


Standing 215cm tall and weighing 150kg Gwyn is easy to pick out of a crowd. They are completely hairless and with light blue skin. They often wear thick, long cloak to hide their body’s mutations. Taking it off reveals their forelimbs have mutated into wings with a stretched membrane covering them. The limb does end in a hand with two claws plus a thumb. The hands can grasp and manipulate objects but it is often awkward. They won’t be building clocks anytime soon, but they can open doors fine. The membrane is flexible enough to allow Gwyn to wear the coat without worrying about damaging the membrane. Gwyn has a long spiny tail about as long as their body and as thick as one of their legs. The tail is prehensile, able to grasp and manipulate objects.

Equipment and Resources

Resources Corporate provided home, small and one bedroom, but open concept to support their size and altered physiology.

  • Hands free headset for receiving calls.

Skills and Specializations

  • Doctorate level knowledge of Old Kingdom Egypt archeology.
  • Encyclopedia knowledge of their corporation’s gamelines.
  • Conversational level grasp of modern Arabic
  • Basic understanding of Spanish
  • Oddly comprehensive knowledge of wilderness survival and navigating by stars.
  • Tarot reading They have no idea where they learned all this.
  • The skills are there, but no memories to go along with them.


Rather jovial and at ease most of the time. They view the cape life as the cops and robbers game and treat it as such. Enjoys drama, but isn’t looking for grudges or life or death battles. Can be a little corny while on patrol or fighting crime, intentionally playing it up for their personal enjoyment. Flamboyant as needed for the chance to be the most interesting person in the room.


Gwyn can fly, using their wings to lift themselves off the ground. They can fly up to 250mph, taking about 10 seconds to reach that speed. They have a turn diameter of 35 feet, think like a car doing a u turn. They are able to reach such speeds only by using aerokenesis that they also use for their blast attack. The fly speed is a mix of aerokinesis and their wings. They do need their wings to get off the ground, and such, but they use their autokinesis to fly at such high speed. So if their wings were bound they would not be able to fly. And if a null Trump canceled their powers they could still fly, but at a tenth the speed.

Gwyn has the ability to shoot concentrated balls of air out of their mouth. Their throat swelling outward like a frog as they prepare to fire the ball. The ball has a faint blue glow and is about the size of a basketball. It shoots out of Gwyn’s mouth at about the speed of a baseball thrown by a professional pitcher. It explodes when it hits the ground or a solid object. Anyone or anything unsecured within 20 feet of the blast will be sent flying. A normal person would be lifted clear off their feet, ragdolling them as they hit the ground and are sent rolling. The force of the blast is not terribly damaging, impact from hitting the ground more likely to hurt someone. Think like you hit a group of enemies with a max Fus Ro Dah from Skyrim. The balls will continue flying in a straight line until they hit something solid, Gwyn can’t cancel them or affect their trajectory after firing them. Gwyn shoots the balls simply where they are looking, otherwise unable to aim it, they rely on just hitting withing 20 feet of their enemy.

Gwyn has a second breath attack, able to shoot lightning out of their mouths. The lightning bolt fires out in a 30 foot line about 5 feet wide. Getting hit will cause electrical burns and Lichtenberg scars at the contact site. The average man will find himself blown off his feet by the impact. The bolt fires about as fast as a lightning bolt, but Gwyn’s entire body crackles and glows with electricity before firing so it is quite obvious when they are about to use the attack.

While not exactly powers, using their altered physiology grants them several advantages in combat. They have powerful knees that allow them to absorb the shock of landing on the ground. This also allows them to land on their enemies, stomping them. They can also use their tail as a bludgeon, spinning around to strike someone with it. But this does have the downside of forcing them to turn their back to an enemy.


Gwyn / Ventus Dracon, the Wyvern of Wind was once upon a time a professor of archeology at a middling university. Their field of study in the Old Kingdom of Egyptian Archeology. They were a boring and rather unremarkable academic of little note or renown. More time spent explaining to freshmen how little archeological record there was for the story of Exodus than actual study. As they entered their twilight years they found themselves dissatisfied with the arc of their life, no family, no accomplishments, no legacy. A career path that while engaging left them surrounded by hobbyists and amateurs. When the chance came to give it all up for a chance at real excitement and power, offered by a mysterious woman who visited him during office hours, there was barely any hesitation.