Ultraviolet Knight

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Ultraviolet Knight.jpg
Ultraviolet Knight In Costume
Notoriety Criminal
B /
Author /u/Skelitinor (capes)
Civilian name Nathan Moore
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Minneapolis)
PRT ClassificationMaster
Born (1997-11-09) November 9, 1997 (age 25)
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Bombshell C? | Rockstar AA

Ultraviolet Knight is a moderately well known cape from Saint Paul, Minnesota. He’s been bounced around several cities, before ultimately finding his way to Devilfish. He’s known for his sense of humor, generally well-regarded tactics, and his obnoxiously loud on the eyes costume. His villainous antics typically revolve around holding people “hostage” in a park, minor art theft, pulling practical jokes in a way that isn’t mean-spirited, and generally being a nuisance. To counteract this, he regularly does charity events or crashes birthdays or retirements.

Character Sheet


Ultraviolet Knight out of costume

Out of costume, Cameron is a fairly normal looking guy. He’s about 5’11, standing with lurching shoulders and an odd gait to him- as if he’s not entirely sure how his body is supposed to work. Shaggy brown hair cut in a way often described as, ‘sheepish,’ with unassuming hazel eyes. He’s particularly shy, and goes out of his way to make himself invisible. Never seen without his camera.

In costume it’s a lot different. Ultraviolet Knight stands tall and proud, armor plating hiding the person that’s underneath and bulking him up to look like the peak of physical prowess. He stands tall and proud, chin up and shoulders back. Ready to face the world. His costume is garishly and obnoxiously eye-catching, covered in gold and purple scales that reflect light around him constantly and make him hard to look at when standing in direct light. His helmet completely hides his face, an odd thing that looks reminiscent of an old diving helmet, with strange buttons and protrusions on the side and back. Topping it all off is a black and purple cape. Perfect for any hero or villain to pose on cue.

Equipment and Resources

Stun baton, zip-ties, radio, pepperspray, flip phone, extendable baton, three hidden knives (one in the boot, two on either arm), and a small pepperball pistol.

A car, a small apartment, various cape connections from the Saint Paul area, a decent salary from his YouTube channel where he posts videos about costume design, stage presence, and motivational talks about confidence- all in costume. He’s quite YouTube famous.

Skills and Specializations

Motivational speaking, stage presence. Able to make his cape always billow on demand somehow. Intermediate marksmanship, low intermediate hand to hand skills. Oration. Generally is a likeable enough person, like someone who laughs with you and not at you.


Nathan is generally shy and prefers to stay out of the limelight. He prefers to observe rather than to partake in what he sees around him- often taking pictures of people having conversations or the general scenery around him. Often described as, “mellow,” by those around him, he’s content to just relax and let the world move around him. He regularly listens to a “chill vibes” playlist while he’s editing photos.

Ultraviolet Knight, on the other hand, is completely different. Loud, brash, snarky, and sarcastic. Immediately the center of attention when he walks into the scene- his costume seemingly designed for this purpose. He plays well with others, but still likes to make sure he gets his ample turn in the limelight. He never takes pictures, rather preferring pictures to be taken of himself. If there’s a meeting, he wants to be on the board. If there’s a camera, he’s in front of it. If there’s a picture, he’s in it. After all, the loudest voice is the one that’s heard- and he can be pretty loud when he needs to be.


Fractal Embolism: When his power is activated, Ultraviolet Knight generates up to 9 floating orbs of light around him. The orbs generate a deep, dark, mysterious blue light. He can turn the effect of the generation on or off, or increase or decrease the strength of it. At a maximum, one of the orbs of light generates enough light to fill a space around it with 15 feet of light. He can move these orbs around him to a range of 50 feet, at a speed of 45MPH. It takes 5 seconds for the orbs to reach max speed traveling at the fastest. The orbs of light may or may not have mass depending on if Ultraviolet Knight wants them to. At maximum mass, they weight 50LBS. At minimum, the weight of light.

The light is not meant to be viewed by human eyes. It is a somber, dark, fugue-like deep-ocean blue. Upon viewing the light, blood vessels in the head and eyes crimp and occasionally burst- causing mild headaches and occasional subconjunctival hemorrhaging. (IE: Burst blood vessels in the eyes.) Exposure to the light causes mood swings, which Ultraviolet Knight has control over. He does not control the reactions someone would have under the effects of the light, however. Once someone is exposed to the light, Ultraviolet Knight can force them to experience:

• Ecstatic and Blissful Mania

• Powerful Crushing Apathy

• Somber Depression

The effect begins to set in as soon as one looks at the light, or the light touches their body. It lasts 20 minutes after removal from the light, and as long as there is prolonged exposure to it. Once the effect wears off, there is no lasting effect other than a fuzziness of memory of the time of exposure, and a small inclination to like Ultraviolet Knight more than you already do. However, this effect stacks over time. The inclination to like him is small enough to not notice, only repeat exposures only having any sort of noticeable effect. He is not aware of this.


Moore isn’t exactly from the most stable household. Both of his parents were in and out of different psychiatric care units, and Nathan had to learn to care for himself at a young age. More often than not, he stayed with his maternal grandparents. They understood the plight he was going through. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of of his dealings with violent and aggressive mental illness. He had been in high school when he met Bryan. He seemed like a good guy, if at odd points sometimes. Thinking nothing of it, Nathan became closer and closer friends with him. It wasn’t until he was about to graduate that he learned more about Bryan. Namely, that was a bipolar schizophrenic, and that his parents were promptly kicking him out of the house upon graduation. Doing all that he could to help and finding himself lacking, they eventually grew apart. Graduation came and Nathan found himself applying to colleges, and getting accepted to the somehow-still-functioning University of Minnesota. The city was rebuilding, and he felt it would be useful to assist in any way he could. Years later, he’d nearly forgotten about Bryan until one day, he was out late walking through the subterranean tunnels that made up most of the reconstructed Twin Cities. It was Bryan. Scarred, homeless, and talking to himself. Nathan looked, Bryan looked back. It wasn’t until Bryan started to charge at him that Nathan realized his old friend had no idea who he was, and seemed to be absolutely intent on murdering him. Trigger.