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Tulpa costume.png
Totally a normal person in the crowd.
Notoriety Criminal
D / ?
Author /u/Scrublord_Koish (capes)
Pronouns She
Civilian name Cienna Emery
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBreaker, Stranger
Born (2003-07-03) July 3, 2003 (age 19)
München, Germany
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Memento E | Natalie Howard D

A person has been spotted sitting on the metal scaffolds high up and looking over Rockstar's concerts. Food vendors and the concerts in question repeatedly coming up confused at their wares disappearing when they look away.

Tulpa is far from a public figure though. Showing up in the background, or not at all. Easily overlooked in a crowd, and forgotten about moments later. At least until you look at her directly. Then she's just another girl. Or a ghost, depending.

Character Sheet


Cienna is a somewhat mousy person, and clearly trying to emulate someone with significantly more confidence in the way they dress. Bright colors and clothing that would be flattering on a more confident person. Blonde hair coming down to her shoulders and flowing freely.

In costume, Tulpa attempts to look the exact opposite. Unassuming. Hoodies and somewhat baggy clothes that hides her frame. A hard plastic mask protecting her identity. The mask having had a thin strike drawn across its surface for a mouth of sorts. Looking impassive.

Equipment and Resources

  • Wealth level 2
  • Anti psychotic meds (Stole someone else's. She does not have a prescription)
  • Wetstones and other maintenance equipment
  • German passport
  • Small plush toy birb to soothe herself.
  • Worrying assortment of knives.
  • Small flashlight.
  • Comfortable messenger bag for out of costume.
  • Small backpack for in costume.
  • Phone.
  • Lighter.
  • Swiss army knife.

Skills and Specializations

  • Can speak fluent German and just enough French to ask for very simple things.
  • Knows far too much about birds.
  • Has a pretty good memory, and is observant enough to learn pretty well by watching people.
  • Pretty adept at both the maintenance and usage of knives knives
  • Enough self awareness to realise that staring is in fact creepy.
  • Knows how to speak to somewhat deal with religious nuts.
  • Can judge distances pretty well.
  • Can do power assisted climbing.
  • Mediocre at card counting.
  • Can somewhat draw a coherent picture when asked to draw or paint.


Cienna is awkward, but loyal. Comfortable in not being the center of attention and ending up rather clingy to the people who treat her well. She also has a rather bad time with isolation. Her impulse control, morals and sanity rapidly going down the longer she is alone. Becoming giggly and oddly cheerful at seemingly nothing. Proximity to the people she trusts helping her back to a stable state.


Tulpa is a breaker/stranger who normally does not always exist properly. Being able to make parts of their body phase through matter as if it was just air, and being able to lower the effects of gravity on themselves to pretty much nothing. This effect also has her not appear to any sort of electronics and sensors. Though people looking at her and thinker powers can to some degree recognise that there is a person there, if not much more. This effect feels less like a gap in information, and more like seeing a person in a crowd and forgetting about them two seconds later.

Tulpa's breaker effect is always active.

Tulpa can only interact with inanimate objects via a striker effect that temporarily makes objects able to interact with her. Making them unable to be touched by other creatures and people. Though if the object is larger than 2 cubic meters (such as a building or car), this effect will instead extend about half a meter from wherever Tulpa is touching it.

When a person's attention is on Tulpa, they become more 'real' to them. Being able to be seen properly, and be able to affect eachother to a minor degree. The phasing being akin to wading through water. And any power effects having a fraction of their usual effects, if any at all.

When a person's attention is on Tulpa, they can now also use their striker effect on the individual. Making Tulpa able to affect them, and them able to affect her. With any powers the individual may have had and items they were carrying now having full effects, though they now phase through people and can only minorly affect them aside from Tulpa and others who are affected by them.

Items and people Tulpa is holding onto can be made to phase with her as long as they maintain physical contact.

This effect ends should the individual leave a 50 meter radius from Tulpa, or if neither their attention is on the other anymore for a dozen seconds.

Tulpa still needs to eat and drink, and breathe.


Cienna was born the youngest child of three, and as such was always kind of just... overlooked. She had siblings who were doing well in school and were well liked in the community, so why would anyone look at the runt of the trio?

To some degree, this was fine. She had her own friends, and her grades were okay. Though it did grind a bit when her elder brother got cake to celebrate the seventh near perfect grade he'd earned that school year, or when he got a new expensive phone as a reward.

Still, it was all fine. Her friends were cooler than theirs anyway. Fuck if she didn't want some recognition though. Was having a hug from her mother every once in a while too much to ask?

She miiight have started acting out to get attention at some point, too. Because she had to keep up with some rising star siblings for attention somehow, right?

However, blurting out that she'd done some rather passionate kissing with another girl as an 'aha' over her at the time still single siblings was a bad move. And having permanent house arrest until she had 'prayed the homosexuality out of her soul'. And what would the neighbours think? They went on about it over and over. Until Cienna finally broke under the isolation and fearmongering. Having hammered how she was condemned to hell forever into her skull until she just broke.

Then she had a moment of rage filled clarity, packed her bags, then walked through the wall. And then hitched a ride with a cargo trucker in the morning. Though it was less hitching a ride, more phasing into his truck and hiding in there. And she'd steal food by hiding inside the shelves of grocery and convenience stores.

Eventually though, she heard about some celebrity cape going by 'Rockstar' coming to the town she was in at the time on tour, and she thought 'why not?' Finding herself a premier spot on top of the steel scaffolding on the stage. Tagging along with the cape in secret. Trying to absorb some of the confidence by proximity, even if they didn't interact for months after.