Trwyth y Cawr

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Trwyth y Cawr (True-weeth EE Cow-rr)
Trwyth y Cawr Art 1.webp
Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/Argerro (capes)
Pronouns He/Him/Welsh
Civilian name Jasiah Lloyd Morgan
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationStriker/Brute/Mover
Born (1944-08-19) August 19, 1944 (age 78)
Llangrannog, Wales
Status NPC
Other names Minnesotan Minotaur
Reddit Sheet

There have been rumors of a dark monster in the woods north of Devilfish. A beast the size of two men roams the woods, singing demented poems and lymerics that only make sense to them in their devilish tongue. Covered in muscle, with claws like death, skin stained red from endless tides of blood, and the horns of an enraged demon. This thing stalks through the brush wielding a giant warhammer, ready to turn any would-be hiker into a quivering pile of bloody meat. So be wary in those woods, for something wicked this way comes.

Character Sheet


Jasiah looks similar to the classic depiction of a minotaur only worse and designed by a psychopath. At 8 feet tall (9.5 with the horns) [2.4, 2.8 meters] he is a hulking mass that towers over most other beings. His skin is a deep dark red, nearly black in some spots. The bottom half of his body is covered in a thick black fur, matted and messy. His entire body seems to ripple with muscle under his thick hide. Each hand has six fingers, taking the shape of a thumb on each side of the palm, each ending in sharp blackened claws an inch long. His legs are digitigrade and end in large claws that look as if they could tear into concrete. His eyes are quite emotive, with large brows that show more than they should, and colored an iridescent gold at the sclera and a piercing blue at the Iris.

His face is somewhere between a bull, grizzly bear, and a particularly ugly human with a large snout, big nostrils, and a mouth housing menacing fangs that can open over ninety degrees.The top of his head houses two large, wickedly pointy horns that go straight up after a slight outward curve. On his forehead, between the horns is the Futhark rune ᛗ etched in what almost looks like gold embedded into the hide. Image depicts a muscular grey Minotaur weilding a large hammer in their left hand. Ther are wearing linen wraps around their midsection with further linens acting as a loincloth. They are wearing a necklace made of multiple fangs.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 2 Trwyth lives in an abandoned mineshaft in the woods a bit North of the Siberian Touchstone Coal Mine with a small encampment at the entrance. He has an old mattress, a cooking pot that might have been a mining helmet, and a few odds and ends. He bathes in Lake Greenwood if he feels the need.

  • An old 5 pound sledgehammer he found
  • A homemade backpack made with a thick burlap sack
  • A few old baseballs
  • An old hunting knife

Skills and Specializations

  • Instinctual understanding of architecture and civil engineering
  • Knows how to use his body correctly, allowing for adept, if untrained, combat
  • Speaks Welsh (Doesn’t know how or why but they slip into it without notice)
  • Talented at poetry in many forms, though it comes out as either dumb as hell or completely flies over his own head while being astonishingly profound.


Trwyth is a brash, kind-hearted, stubborn fool. All he wants to do is help people no matter what, looking to help the little guy. Once he has an idea of an injustice that upsets him he will not stop until he has solved said problem in the only way he knows how, with his power, a hammer, and a smile on his face. Even if it's not actually a problem. Even if his solutions are worse than the problem itself. Even if the people he’s hurting are technically blameless. He will smash until his job is done and not consider for a second that he was wrong.


Trigger Type: Single Coven Trigger (c53)

Trwyth is tougher, stronger and faster than a mundane human, owing this to his thicker, bull-like hide, denser muscles, and longer digitigrade legs. With this he gets an effective armor rating of IIA for gunshots, as well as being stab proof by mundane means as his skin is slightly tougher than bull hide. Slashing weapons would be less effective than usualy though bashing would face little penalities. A sufficiently powerful thrust or cut would still pierce the hide though. When he swings his hammer he can flip a car, and he can get up to 35 mph at his top speed. His hands can crush a human skull between them if he so chose.

His real power, however, is a charge that he can imbue himself or objects he touches with, that appears as a yellow radiant glow emanating from the source in waves that leave trails of the same light behind the movement of whatever is using it (Think the lines from Tron). He can only use his power once a round on exactly one object, himself included, and it takes a round to reset after each use. He is also unable to cancel a charge once it has be started in any way, meaning that he has to commit to his heavy attacks.

The charge is an unstoppable charge forward. When something is imbued with the charge it will move forward until it runs out of energy, breaking anything that stands in its way without harming the charging object. A thrown paper ball would either crumple or smash through a steel wall depending on how brittle the steel is. He has a set amount of energy he puts into each charge, meaning the bigger the object that is taking it, the shorter the distance it can go. He is unable to control the amount of energy put into an object, every charge is the same amount so if he threw the same object twice it would go the exact same distance both times. The largest thing he can imbue is himself, only able to charge 60 ish feet. The farthest he has charged an object is a dart going out a distance of a mid to large sized building. The charge makes anything using it move at a set 80 mph (128.7 km/h).

When he is charging he is unable to control it in any way, he charges forward in a straight line until he stops 60 feet away at the same Z-level as his start (If he charges over a trench he does not fall in, just goes over it.) Objects he has charged can be controlled, somewhat. They still move without stopping, but he can pivot or turn them slightly if he has a steady handle on them. This, in practice, looks like a rocketsledge, and he could theoretically spin in a circle using himself as a pivot. Once released, the item he has charged, now without anything controlling it, will fly outward in a straight line like a thrown charged object.

The amount of energy in a charge only effects distance travelled as the object is completely unstoppable once started. In the case that a charged object hits an impossibly strong barrier via cape means we shall connect to approvers to decide what happens.


Jasiah was a civil engineer for fifty years. Fifty long, beloved, hard-fought years. He had tried…so hard, and for so long to make things better. To improve lives. To fulfill his promises to his late love. So hard…and all for nothing.

His entire career Jasiah has been a fierce proponent of sustainable living and industry, taking the head of massive eco-friendly building projects. He loved his work because he dreamt about saving lives and make the world a little greener. That's the thing about dreams though, isn't it? Sooner or later you have to wake up.

Not to say that he was a complete failure. He built a great many dams, produced efficient and habitable areas for humans en masse, and designed sustainable energy reserves, but…coal is still used, the forests still burn, cities still expand ever outwards, their concrete grip of death like a web ever growing. Whatever difference made wwas undone fifty times over by people with more money and less morals than him.

He is a haggard old man. 50 years of dedicated work. Yet barely a thing to show for it. Things like that start to weigh on someone.

At the age of 77 he got the idea in his head that maybe he went about his dreams and promises all wrong, that, instead of building he should have been tearing down, preventing the ecological disaster that comes one swing of a hammer at a time. With that poisoned thought taking hold over him, he starts researching how to make a difference, how to get stronger. Eventually he is given an offer. All of the strength and youth he needs to make the changes he needs to see in the world. And all it would cost him is his memories and intelligence.

Not like it won him the dreamed future that he needed. Perhaps without the memories of his promises he will find some peace. His easy price to pay. What will fifty more years of hard work bring?