Truc “Chuu” Folger

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Truc “Chuu” Folger
Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/Ok-Phase5885 (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Truc “Chuu” Folger
Alignment Unknown
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationStriker
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Nothing is really known about Chuu’s caping identity as she mostly shows up to disrupt her brother’s activities. She does not have a cape name, and her powers are largely unknown except for throwing some tagging equipment into the air and not letting it come down.

Character Sheet


Chuu is a small and diminutive woman. She has brown hair that reaches to her midback. She suffers from a limp.

While she has superpowers, Chuu doesn’t have a cape identity. When she is ‘caping’, she is wearing street clothes that are concealing and darker in color, usually a hoodie with the hood up.

Equipment and Resources

  • Mobility aid cane
  • Costume and mask

Skills and Specializations

  • Navigating the world as a mobility-impaired person
  • Intel gathering


Before her trigger, Chuu was a carefree woman, often looking out for parties and opportunities to have a good time. Her favorite pastime was taking her adoptive parent’s car for a joyride.

After her trigger, Chuu feels guilty about the incident that took her brother’s arm. On Kiss days, she actively wants to protect them from danger, wanting to help them. On Kill days, Chuu’s guilt takes a violent approach, wanting to actively destroy things that brother loves and enjoys to make him slow down in his cape life, specifically his graffiti gear.


  • Trigger type:* Cluster Natural Trigger (Primary: Striker, Secondary: Shaker)

Chuu is in a Cluster with her brother.

Primary Power: Chuu is capable of manipulating the gravitational force equivalent of things around her through touch. She is able to increase or lower the effect of gravity, causing a variety of effects. She is also able to remove the effect of her power at any time. Her power is on a ten second cooldown after using it.

Her power lets her reach G-Force of 6 at the highest, which causes severe compression of the body which makes it hard to walk and could be lethal if used repeatedly. The lowest G-Force she can achieve is .16 G, or equivalent to the Moon’s gravity.

Secondary Power: Chuu can thicken the air around her as a bubble up to 15’. Whenever someone or something is caught in the bubble, they are slowed down and any actions become increasingly harder such as breathing or moving. It is largely comparable to being underwater. The effect isn’t lethal.

Chuu isn’t affected by the bubble through Manton-resistance.


One day, Damien and his adoptive sister Chuu were taking their parents' car for a joyride. Sadly, but not unsurprisingly as neither of them knew how to drive all that well, they crashed. The car flipped off the road and landed on a train track, with a train incoming in less than a minute.

Chuu was trapped in the car, incapable of moving as the incoming train threatened to tear her apart.

After triggering, she suffered from extensive nerve damage and was incapable of moving for quite some time. Now, she’s picking up the slack and hunting down her brother because oh my god, what is he doing with a bunch of groupies.