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Transmission faceclaim.jpg
Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/Scrublord_Koish (capes)
Civilian name Brianna Hood
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationMaster, Mover, Stranger
Born (2002-09-16) September 16, 2002 (age 20)
Pineland Colony, Minnesota
Status NPC
Other names RadioTuning
Reddit Sheet
Memento E | Natalie Howard D

As Transmission, they haven't done much at all as of yet. Being a recent arrival to Devilfish.

As RadioTuning they are a streamer with a rapidly growing fanbase that seems to be erring on the fanatical side of things. She plays music covers on stream and takes requests either ahead of time for a stream or on the spot in exchange for a small donation. The covers seem to consistently be of high quality.

Character Sheet


Brianna is, for lack of better words, plain. Brown hair kept at shoulder length and framing a thin face. She's not particularly attractive or well endowed. Having a bit of muscle on her that she usually hides via an assortment of hoodies and other loose clothing.

When streaming as RadioTuning, she's altered her appearance on camera. Bright clothes that show off a better figure than she has any right to have and dark hair framing a face not hers, the hair kept somewhat away from her face by a pair of headphones.

Equipment and Resources

  • A shitty apartment
  • A small computer setup with microphone and webcam
  • Phones. Mostly cheap burner ones.
  • A radio.
  • A baton for self defense
  • Pepper spray

Skills and Specializations

  • Pretty decent singer
  • An excellent guitarist
  • Knows how to weave clothing.


Brianna is an egoist and rebellious to a fault. Responding to anything not fitting to her view of how the world works with more resistance the more one pushes. The fame she's gotten by using her powers on an online audience has also rapidly gotten to her head. Enlarging her ego even further.


Transmission is a limited technopath, capable of influencing devices that output, record or transmit sight and sound, able to influence them to either glitch or otherwise change what they are outputting or recording. Recordings remain altered, even when Transmission's power is no longer influencing the device.

These replacement sounds and noises feel very pleasant and satisfying when perceived in any way and are highly addictive, potentially leading to a dependency with enough exposure. This addiction is comparable to an addiction to alcohol. Having similar withdrawal symptoms as well.

To actually affect a device, Transmission must be able to see it or have it be within 10 meters, in which case they are immediately aware of its existence as well. Transmission can affect a device up to ten minutes after she last affected the device.

The cape can also, after a few seconds of touching an object, move into electronics capable of emitting or recording sound or visuals that they are touching, hopping to other devices under their effects and leaving by physically pushing themselves out of its surface device. The larger a device is, the faster the cape can push themselves out. (So they could technically push themselves out of a phone, but it would take a good while longer than, say, a TV.) Hopping from device to device does not need the device to be in LoS/within 10 meters. As long as they are still under the effects of Transmission's power, she can hop to them.

They can also force themselves to be ejected out right away, which breaks both devices entirely.

Transmission's power is capable of affecting tinkertech, but only the parts capable of outputting or recording sight and sound can be affected. Transmission also cannot force themselves through immediately to break pieces of tinkertech.


Brianna was born on the Pineland Colony to a sadly very strict pair of parents. That didn't mean that they didn't love her, but they had some very dated views on technology.

Sure. They had a landline phone for emergencies, but that was it. And she wasn't allowed to use it.

So instead, she put herself towards music. That, and sneaking along with friends whose homes did have a television. Mainly music though. And she often sang along to or simply sang the songs her friends had let her listen to while playing the accompanying music on a guitar.

After a while, a friend offered to put videos of her playing and singing covers on the internet, and she agreed eagerly. Happy to share her hobby with more people.

Except someone snitched. And one day when she came home from school, she was practically blown away by the sheer anger her parents were displaying, having found out about the videos of her on the internet.

Something broke inside of her as she stood there and her would-be punishments were listed off.

Dejected, she went to bed that night. Only for her anger to flare up after a while of being unable to sleep. She was done with being walked all over. Done with all this shit.

Pulling most of the things she cared about into a bag, she snuck out of the window that night. Making her way to Devilfish to see about making something of her life without constantly being told what to do.

And hey, Gretchen lived in Devilfish now, didn't she? She could go for a visit.