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Notoriety Criminal
D / -
Author /u/Baka2k10 (capes)
Civilian name Major Moore
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Ashton)
PRT ClassificationBrute (Trump)
Born (2004-02-11) February 11, 2004 (age 19)
Ashton, WA
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

He's on the Nashwood High Football team as a fullback. He's a little slow in conversation and likes to take his time to think about things. Some people think he's not so bright. He's got an older step-brother named Gilbert that he's been on good terms with for a long time. Secretly he has a standing membership with the Enders due to his connection through Gil, but he's not one to call upon them often.

As the new hero Tower, he's fairly unknown but has a general boy scout vibe to him and is even referred to as such on occasion.

Character Sheet


6'1 with an athletic, muscular build. He looks like the type of person who could easily pick someone up and throw them around with ease. In his civilian life he likes to dress fairly plain. Usually a single color hanes t-shirt.

His hero costume is a padded bodysuit with pieces of durable armor to cushion him from melee blows or stray bullets from small arms giving him a sort of modern style platemail armor look of gray, blue, and white with an accompanying visor helm leaving his chin and mouth open

Equipment and Resources

Standard Ward Kit (Zip ties, first aid, etc)

Skills and Specializations

Major was a boy scout for a couple of years growing up. He has some basic survival skills, knows how to tie a knot, perform cpr. He's pretty fast too, prior to joining the wards he was thinking of going pro with his throwing arm and speed. He has a bit of a passion for painting, he's not masterpiece level but he can paint some pretty trees and stuff and get some Bob Ross level stuff going on. He needed an elective for school to round out his curriculum and ended up having more fun than he thought he would.

Secretly, he also is a damn fine barista and can do some nice coffee art too.


He's pretty slow, and a little over protective. He grew up being taught how to be a gentleman. Lessons like "don't let her walk on the side closest to the street" "if it's a place you know, hold the door for her, if it's a place you don't, go in first and then hold the door" and other things to be polite. C53s creep him out a bit, but he tries not to be too judgemental. Mind control people scare him even more.


Tower Shield Projection

Trigger type Grab-Bag

Tower has two abilities that manifest when he uses them. Where as Vigil could lay down walls from a distance made of hardened light, Tower's constructs are centered on himself. He can generate a large wall of force from his body that acts mainly as protection with a minor offense and utility function.

  • The tower shield aspect of his power is extremely durable with an included null aspect. It can stop blaster powers that approach the field, along with preventing striker and super strength from affecting it. It also prevents super senses seeing through it, those who would normally be able to see beyond the shield would simply see a large block of warped light. This does not stop thinker powers, super hearing, etc... just sight based powers.
  • He projects it by extending his hand out and generating the wall. It can be as large as ten by ten feet and five inches thick. He is able to move it as easily as moving his arm.
  • The tower shield is as maneuverable as the environment allows and can be stuck in doorways..or used to blockade them.
  • Tower has the capability of projecting one shield from each hand. If his hand is removed, whatever is left will be able to project it.
  • Tower is able to generate the shield in a variety of shapes and designs, but once projected he would have to dismiss it to alter the design.
  • The Shield stops all kinetic energy. It cannot be grabbed unless Tower projects it with a handle on the outside. If he falls from a significant height he can project the shield from his feet and land safely, causing no injury to the sidewalk or anyone below... though they would be trapped under him and effectively a large flat plane.
  • With both hands, he can project two walls in such a way that he's put up a wedge/corner
  • Since he has to put out his hands and project a wall, a fast enough speedster could get by him

Minor Functions of his power.

  • He is able to project it from his feet as well. If he so wants to, he can use it to run and parkour across the sky, limited by his own mundane speed. He requires a running start as he's basically jumping from projection to projection to get from point A to point B.
  • He can form the shield as a thin club, essentially creating a baseball bat that is hard to break... But due to it absorbing kinetic energy it is not effective as a weapon but can be useful for other things as an inanimate rod... like poking stuff....
  • The walls are translucent and glow brightly, like they were made of light


Him and his brother triggered at the same time, where Gilbert became Vigil of the Enders, he became Tower of the Wards. The death of their younger brother Andy was something that had pained the two of them. A psychopathic murderer took his brother's life. When Gil and him triggered, one got light powers that created walls, and he got walls that created light. Gil, later on taking the name Vigil wanted to go after the bad guys, where Tower wanted to protect those that mattered most. The two went their separate ways, and keep each other's secrets.