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Her in costume, though her costume will typically include a helmet with a visor to block her face.
Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/fire209 (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Samantha Rockerson
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationStriker/Changer(Shaker)
Born (2005-10-06) October 6, 2005 (age 17)
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
The Grey Lady D$ | Touchstone E

Character Sheet


She looks like she does in her in costume picture. In civvies she usually wears casual clothing, favoring a blue blouse and jeans.

Equipment and Resources

  • A compactable baton
  • Customized armor, which serves as IIIa level armor. Doesn't really impede her mobility. Has a small tinkertech solid-air storage device akin to a scuba tank fitted in the back plates, allows her air for up to an hour. Useful for her power for when she needs to dive into liquids she creates.
  • Handheld Taser
  • Brute-Rated Handcuffs (Heavy Manacles made of a sturdy alloy, typically useful for most low-mid tier brutes)
  • PRT-Issued Phone

She lives in the Devilfish Protectorate Dormitories.

Skills and Specializations

  • Moderately skilled Grappler, especially with use of her power.
  • Basic hand-to-hand combat training.
  • Basic First-aid training.
  • Minor skill at sleight of hand and card tricks, especially good when it comes to pick-pocketing.
  • Knows how to use a knife for various utility tasks, like removing nails.


Overall she's fairly bright and bubbly, has a good head on her shoulders and is generally happy, confident, and focused when she needs to be. Due to the incident of her trigger and events surrounding it, she's a bit on the low right now, but will return to it eventually. She likes to have a bit of fun, and enjoys a harmless prank or two, especially since her power has given her lots of opportunity in this regard.


Touchstone has the ability to turn any matter she touches into a liquid or into a solid without Manton Limit. When she touches something, a 'radius of control' will spread at 1 foot per second until it reaches up to 20 feet from her or the object is entirely encompassed, after which it stops. She can turn anything within this radius into a liquid or a solid selectively. Losing contact with the object resets this entirely.

Attacks that hit her are also liquefied automatically, effectively turning the attack into a blunt one. Bullets that hit her turn into powerful paint balls, striking her with a sword turns the edge into liquid. It's most effective against piercing / cutting attacks, and doesn't do much to blunt force ones (Though it can damage the weapon). It has no effect against immaterial / energy attacks like fire or lightning.

She does have control over the specific viscosity of liquified objects (Making them goopy like mayonnaise or runny like water), and can control when solidifying something to make it like a gelatin or Jello, or hard like crystal or epoxy.

Her power has slightly different effects on living and nonliving things.


Objects changed remain that way essentially forever. Liquefied solids can be made solid again from anywhere so long as she is aware they're liquid, and she can choose to either Reconstruct it or Solidify it.

Reconstructed, the liquefied solids return to their original forms, liquids that are separated disintegrating into dust and regrowing from the object, from the largest piece. (I.E. if you liquefy a car and separate the liquid that makes up the door, Reconstructing it entirely makes the door-liquid disintegrate into dust and regrow on the car over the course of a second)

Solidified, the example car would turn into a solid mass of paint, plastic, and metal in the shape of the puddle it was. She can use reconstruction and solidification partially or wholly, for example she could partially reconstruct the car and leave the rest a melted puddle.

Liquids can be solidified this way, the solids will float in the liquid, and if left alone in the liquid for a day will dissolve back into it. She can use this to "Walk on water" by turning the water under her feet into a buoyant, solid platform.

She can affect the ground, though needs to not walk, remaining still or shuffling around to retain the connection.


Living things (Specifically animals, normal plants like trees are treated as nonliving) can be liquefied, though they cannot be Solidified, only Reconstructed. Separated parts do not Reconstruct separately when attempting to fully Reconstruct, instead the liquid vanishes, and the parts regrow on the body over the course of a second. Reconstruction always happens from the head, meaning if she liquefies someone's neck and takes their head with her, their body will regrow from their head.

Separated parts function as if they were still connected, and as if the liquefied parts still function. For example she could liquefy someone's shoulder and their arm could move around on the ground. She could liquefy someone's neck and their head would still be able to see and speak, and their body could stumble around.

She can choose to automatically Reconstruct anybody like she could objects, but on their own people will automatically Reconstruct within 1 hour of her using her power on them, though if she remains in contact with a part of them she can maintain the effect.

Powers still function while liquefied (For example a flying brute could fly around in liquid form, though they'd probably not have a very good time of it), and she can use her power on herself. Separated parts of her still count for contact with an object.

Unlike others, she can choose what part of her she reforms from. An object has to be the minimum size of a hand for her to reform from it, though pieces as small as a finger can allow her to use her power on objects. Separated pieces of her only work for up to an hour before they disintegrate and reform on her.

Trigger type: Bud Striker/Changer(Shaker)


Samantha was born into poverty. Her parents were neglectful, and she often needed to resort to stealing to actually eat. And she got pretty good, got involved with a few of her peers and she became a pickpocket, stealing wallets for their cash and phones to resell. Small time gang, but they were making enough for her to eat and not be hungry all the time.

Not a good living, but it sure as shit was better than what she had before.

On a typical day she spots a normal mark, tourist type man, seems to be unfamiliar with the area and a touch.. naive? Not quite the right word. Maybe not the most aware of his surroundings. When he asks her for directions, she pulls the whole song and dance, telling him about the city and the location, and she manages to snag a phone-looking thing from his pocket. A successful theft.

Thinking nothing of it, she tosses it in the bag with the other few phones she'd stolen that day and headed back to the small place her and her small group of friends shared to dump the loot.

Early the next morning, when she'd just barely got up, a full PRT Asset Re-acquisition team bursts into the apartment, joined by Retcon. Turns out, that easy mark yesterday? A tinker for Swordfish, and she'd stolen an important asset, a tinkertech device containing blueprints for some very important tech.

She was in deep shit, and was brought in. Refusing to cooperate, things eventually escalated until she was sat in a private trial, Each of the officers recounting their story. Retcon takes the stand with her testimony, and things begin to sink in.

This was a black-ops government trial. She was going to be disappeared to some kind of prison in Siberia, or just executed. In trying to better her life, she's ruined it forever.


Immediately after her trigger she collapses into a puddle in her seat from an accidental power activation. After a short investigation and discovering what happened, she was offered a deal. Join the Protectorate as a Ward, and sign a non disclosure agreement, and they would not press charges.

It didn't take much thought for her to agree. She was brought to the Devilfish Protectorate in light of the recent vacancy, and so Retcon could keep an eye on her.