Titan (LifeisaRPG)

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Titan in his pilot suit
Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/LifeisaRPG (capes)
Civilian name James Helgarson
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Born (1996-04-27) April 27, 1996 (age 26)
Texas, USA
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet


Equipment and Resources


· Money: 10,000

· Underworld contacts

· Welding equipment

· Mechanic equipment

· A warehouse with basic security cameras

· Access to a small junkyard


· Wrench

· Handgun (9mm, 3 clips of nonlethal rounds, 2 clips of lethal)

· Stun gun

· 5x Smoke grenades

· Knife

. Bulletproof vest (lightweight resist small caliber bullets) IIA

. Tactical belt


Skills and Specializations

· Military training

· Sapper training (Combat Engineer)

· Planning/strategy

· Logistics

· Skilled mechanic

· Welding


James on the outside has a gun-ho attitude towards life, personal goals, and combat. He can often be heard laughing or cracking jokes in the middle of a fight or a very serious situation. On the inside, however, James can be very analytical or paranoid depending on how you look at it. He is also deeply driven to finish his project and take care of his family, to that end he will take almost any job for the right price.


Architect tinker that specializes in making massive power suits, with an assortment of modular upgrades and weapons that have an elemental focus.


James grew up rather poor his dad was a mechanic and his mom worked at the local casino. They worked hard and tried to make end meets but it just seemed as if it was never enough. To help ease the burden and try and support his family James enlisted into the army as soon as he turned 18. As it turned out James had a real knack for the military life and even excelled at it. This, in turn, gained him the attention of his superiors. As James continued to excel and impress his superiors, he was recommended to go to sapper school. It was difficult but James managed to pass it wasn’t too long after that James was deployed overseas. It was during his time there that he got a call that would forever change his life.

Trigger: James’s mom called telling him that his father was sick that he had cancer. After hearing that James put in to return home to be with his family but this request was denied. He tried again even met with his commanding officer but again he was denied. They told him that they felt bad for him, but he would do better here. James couldn’t believe it after everything he did after dedicating himself to his country, they would turn his back on him. He fought for them shed blood for them but now they deny him. It was this act this betrayal that pushed James over the edge and made him believe that his years of dedication meant nothing. All of it made him trigger.

Not long after James left the army but by the time, he got home it was too late his father passed away. In an effort to take care of his mom, use his newfound urge to create, and utilize the skills he learned in the army he became a mercenary. He took any and all jobs he could his priority was to take care of his mom and to begin work on his tech. Currently, James moms live very comfortably in a house in California near relatives and James himself has moved to Ashton dedicating himself to finishing his work.