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Titan Costume.jpg
Like this but with a bone helmet, gauntlets, elbows, knees and feet.
Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/fire209 (capes)
Civilian name Elizabeth Walters
Alignment Mercenary
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBrute, Mover, Thinker
Born (1986-04-05) April 5, 1986 (age 36)
Philadelphia, PA
Status Deceased
Reddit Sheet
Fabula E | The Grey Lady D$

Public Information

Part of a team of mercenaries, all seem rather skilled despite showing up fairly recently, Titan is known for rapidly shifting between a giant state and normal size, having some weird bone armor as she does so.

Fought Famine 3 and did not survive, deceased.


Elizabeth Walters

178 cm tall woman with a lean runner’s build. Black hair and dark skinned. Arched eyebrows, with green-brown eyes, and a thin nose. A sharp pointed chin. Usually has a neutral expression.


Elizibaeth values her ability to be professional at all times. Understanding tradition and order, utilizing their understanding of what is right, wrong and socially acceptable to get ahead when doing business in mercenary world. Gives clear advice and guidance, and they happily lead the way through a difficult job or a fire fight. Personally she would describe her strengths as always takes the lead, hard worker, strong-willed, practical, passionate, an excellent strong woman of the team, determined, goal-oriented and thrives under criticism. But people who know her would acknowledge she can also be hot-tempered, rude, rebellious, can be cruel, stubborn, harsh, bossy, expects complete devotion, insensitive, often condescending, workaholic, and vindictive.

More recently she has been prone to lashing out and in a bit of a depressive rut due to the incident and being barred from seeing 'her' family and not necessarily being more or less the leader of the group.

Resources and Equipment

Wealth Level: 4 Small rented apartment in Devilfish Proper

Rolodex of contacts from soldier and mercenary days.

A few pistols and small miscellaneous weaponry stored at the apartment.


  • A basic grasp of programming can handle complicated searches and can find and interpret files that were hidden or encrypted by the average (unskilled) user.
  • Very good at putting details together to form a larger picture, investigative talent equal to a crime lab attendant.
  • Perform first aid and stabilize injured people, identify common diseases, and care for serious (but non-critical) injuries.
  • Athletic Parkour Enthusiast, could probably make a fair bit of money posting stunts on YouTube.
  • Working knowledge of self-defense, good situational awareness, and enough experience to get her through many violent situations.
  • Knows a great deal about guns, and is an excellent shot. She has shot someone in an actual fight, more than once.
  • She can crack safes, get past high-end security systems, and gain entrance to buildings with active security, and can follow someone without tipping them off or sneak pasta sentry.
  • Knows exactly when to bluster and when to shut up and let the silence work for her. People back off when she is angry, and she can scare most people into doing what she wants.
  • Can gracefully blend into just about any social situation.
  • Knows her neighborhood very well, and knows who to go to get the information she needs, knows where to ditch a hot car and who might be able to handle a specific minor favor.
  • Excellent poker face, and rarely reveals what she is thinking.


Primary Power: Gigantism Brute/Breaker

In her normal size she weighs roughly 3 times the weight of a normal person her size, and her skin, musculature and bones are all roughly 3 times as tough, though this is more evident in muscles and bones. This wouldn't bee to much by itself, mainly some help against blunt forces and bludgeoning attacks, but where it comes in handy is her ability to grow in size.

She's capable of rapidly growing to a size of 15 feet tall over a couple seconds. Her strength and durability also fairly scale, with the increased size this comes out to roughly IIA on the armor scale for softer tissues and II for bones, and being able to lift a smallish car.

Gear she wears (But not carries, her Shard doesn't grow weapons or the like alongside her) also grows, growing in defensive ability a bit but not hugely, mostly because of there being more to go through.

She's capable at stopping her growth at a lesser size to mitigate these issues, and can return to normal size rapidly. Notably, the transition between normal and 15 feet tall and large back to normal size can carry a decent amount of force, allowing for things like growth-uppercuts or launching herself by jumping to 15 feet and then snapping back to normal size, sending her flying with the momentum, a roughly 30 foot leap.

Secondary Power: Teleportation Mover

She can teleport a short distance, roughly 6 feet and withi or so at maximum with a fairly short cooldown, only 3 seconds. She's capable of repositioning herself during this teleportation, going from sitting down to standing up, prone to in a crouch, in a grapple to running position, etc. She can also choose to retain her speed from before the teleport or reset to a 'stand-still'.

As she grows the distance she can teleport also grows, but so does the cooldown. At 15 feet tall she can teleport 12 feet but with a cooldown of 6 seconds.

She has to have line of sight to her destination to teleport there.

Secondary Power: Bone Gauntlet Changer

She can cause bone-like growths to exude from her skin, bursting from her flesh from the bone,around the fists and forearm like a gauntlet, around the elbows, knees, and feet, and around the head. These bony growths don't typically affect her dexterity, but offer protection in those areas equivalent to what her bones normally would give (Scaling with size like her bones). She can also shape these growths a bit, forming claws, wolverine claws, normal gauntlets, etc. They serve as effective weapons, and upon landing blows, induce mild sensations of nausea in her foes, as well as increasing the force of them a small amount.

The bones themselves make for fairly ablative armor, able to fall or be ripped off and regrow with some amount of ease, the basic armor able to regrow in roughly 10-20 seconds in full while things like the bone claws take a minute or so to regrow.

The sub power also grants overall a level of minor regeneration, causing the flesh that is removed from the process of bone growth to heal over the course of a day, and to prevent that process from killing her from infection or leading to much blood loss.

Secondary Power: Force Thinker

In a 30 foot radius of herself she has a clairvoyant thinker ability to detect motion and force. While she can somewhat get a vague sense for things that are mostly still due to air flow, this takes a lot of concentration and is very imprecise, easily missing details. However movement, especially faster movement lights up in her awareness. The radius of this increases as she grows, going to 40 feet at 15 feet tall. She works best with discrete points or objects, large crowds tend to overwhelm her if she tries to focus on them, giving her headaches.

Trigger type: Natural Multitrigger


A simple job, in and out. breach the building, grab the guy, and leg it. She analyzed the door from the rooftop, Some kind of metal affair, the guy had bunkered himself in. A bit of a headache from last day's blackout drunk still remained, but slowly evaporating as her power worked at it passively.

At least this power didn't require subtlety, her powerset really didn't suit itself to that too well. Feeling out with her senses she's able to get a vague impression of the insides, and can feel a human-sized thing moving around in one of the back rooms. perfect.

Stepping off the building roof she plummets towards the ground like a stone, and in the last second seems to flicker down to just above the ground, motionless for just a moment before she drops again, but with none of the former momentum.

Striding up to the door, helmet of bone already in place and bone gauntlets growing in after, she grows in size a bit- enough to do what she needed, and punched forwards in a boxer's stance, the growth in strength and the enhanced froce from her gauntlets tearing through the fairly thin metal of the door, and then she whips it back, tearing the door off it's hinges and down the street.

striding in she feels the human-sized blob of motion freeze for a bit at the noise and then seemingly begin rushing for something. Growling, she says, "Oh no you don't." And rips through the apartment after him, flickering forwards a few feet in front of him when she gets there. grabbing the panicking man and hefting him over her shoulder with practised ease, she strides from the apartment and steps out onto the street, slowly growing until she reaches a full size of roughly 15 feet and running down the street, making her way away.


Elizabeth was always a good, hardworking girl in her youth, being born in Philadelphia and working hard in school, but her father's history in the armed forces inspired her to join as well after she graduated university.

She had a fairly decorated career, and did well with herself. In the army She met Darren, and quickly fell in love with the man. Soon after they left the army to raise a family together, having 3 children.

During this time she joined a Private military Company, and eventually left it to become a mercenary and general Fixer. And that was when the incident happened.

It was a fairly normal job, though not without it's quirks. Some sort of teleportation tinker needed a rival villain taken out, and was going to teleport them right to their base with their tech.

A flash, a moment of nausea quickly suppressed and Elizabeth was there, along with the others. Firefight erupted as expected as they clashed with the goons on location, thankfully they had come in with guns loaded.

Penetrating deeper into the facility, Elizabeth suddenly hears one of her fellow mercenaries scream out in pain, and she turns around to see the mercenary on the floor, suit folding in on itself as something happens to them. Screaming turns to gurgling, fluid leaking on the ground, rotten meat and chunks of bone. The screaming stops, something pops as they explode into a shower of gore.

Pausing in horror, she suddenly feels somewhat queasy, and bloated. Her arm bulges and begins rotting , on the point of bursting as she realizes she's about to meet the same fate as her unfortunate friend. Right as the pain hits her, her burgeoning flesh on the verge of sloughing off and exploding into a cloud of gore, she Triggers.